He was standing over me like a predator stalking its prey. I felt completely helpless; there was nothing I could do. He's been suffocating me and the more I try to pull away, the more he keeps hanging on. "Shannon, I saw you with him. You're cheating on me with him aren't you?" "No Craig, you're wrong. He's just a friend-""LIAR!" He slapped me hard across my face which knocked me to the ground. "You're a dirty cheating slut." I listened to him shout at me while kicking me in the stomach. I tried to crawl away but he only dragged me back by my hair and started punching my arms and slapping me some more. Finally when I was too weak to defend myself he pulled me up so I was staring straight into his eyes. "Well if I can't have you, then no one can." I saw him pull a butcher's knife out of the kitchen drawer and raised it high over my head. Before he could plunge it into me I kicked him in his groin which caused him to release both me and the knife simultaneously. With my chance I grabbed the knife and plunged it into his shoulder and once more near his chest. "You can never have me." I called the cops to report how he attempted to murder me, which was a big mistake because my dear old Craig pinned everything on me. You'd think my scars and bruises would be enough for me to plead my innocents, but karma's a bitch as they say.

CHP.1 Camp no lake

I was given a very generous offer from the judge, 18 months Camp Green Lake or three years in jail. Of course my family never wanted me to go to jail, and with all of those dangerous people in jail I had to choose camp. My mom, who always knew I was innocent, told me to think of it like an extended summer camp, I always hated summer camp.

The bus ride was long and uncomfortably hot. It didn't help that the cop had handcuffed me to the seat either. So to ease my boredom I just stared out the window and all of the amazing desert rocks. And when I say amazing I mean incredibly boring. "Are we there yet?" "Ask me one more time and see what happens?" I laughed to myself; I asked the cop this question at least twenty times per hour or an estimated hour. "Are we there yet?" The cop gave me a dirty look before coming over to me and slapping me hard across the face. Great more battle scars to join the ranks. "What the hell was that for? You can't touch me I'm a girl." The cop snickered before returning to his seat at the front of the bus. "Get used to it girly, for the next eighteen months you're gonna get abused or harassed." "What do you mean harassed? Harassed by whom?" "Why don't you take a look out your window?" I slowly looked out my window to see an old rundown camp with a lot of boys in orange jumpsuits walking around. A lot of boys come to think of it, I didn't see one girl. "Where are the girls?" "This is a boys camp girly, so they're the ones who's gonna be harassing you. Welcome to hell."