From Brookland to Brecon Revised~ Adopted~

Fallenqueen2: So a huge thanks to Agentcherub for letting me adopt this story and repost it with a few tweaks and going on with it my way :)

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I am not the amazing Anthony Horowitz so i don't own Alex Rider and all his skill.

Chapter One

Brookland School. Friday registration.

"Right class settle down, settle down. I have an announcement to make." The students continued talking as if the teacher didn't say a word, well with all the noise the students were making some of them probably didn't even hear him.

"QUIET" screamed the teacher.

Silence quickly followed that yelled order from the now red faced, panting teacher.

"That's better thank you." He straightened his tie and smoothed down what was left of his hair.

"Now as I was saying, in two weeks time all year 10 students will be spending a month at the SAS training camp near Wales. Letters have been sent home with all the details and a complete inventory of what you will need. Class dismissed."

Suddenly, like a spell had been broken, everyone began to chatter excitedly. Through the babble of voices almost unnoticeable was one serious eyed boy who was trying to calm his friend down and fighting off the urge to go jump off a bridge all at the same time, neither were a easy task. Unfortunately for Alex nothing he said that whole day would calm Tom down even when he describe the assault course and hell he even made up things but it seemed like it went in one of Tom's ear and straight out the other.

As they were walking their bikes out of the school gates at the end of the day Tom was still hyper, then Alex's mobile started to ring with horror music emitting from the small device he had gotten a while ago from Smithers, Alex sighed knowing who he had assigned that ringtone to. The bank. He answered and a few moments later his face suddenly turned grave with a edge of anger.

"Fine. I'll be there." He then proceeded to slam his phone shut. "Sorry Tom, I've got to go." He jumped on his bike and raced off, faintly hearing Tom yell after him 'Don't ride off a bridge!" Alex had to chuckle at how well Tom knew him.

At the Bank.

Alex entered the dull cream coloured office many floors above the also dull looking lobby to be greeted by Alan Blunt and Mrs Jones who were earnestly discussing a file open on the desk. They looked up as Alex shut the door, Blunt flipped the folder top down, signalling the end of that conversation to Mrs Jones.

"Sit down" Blunt ordered. Alex walked over to the desk and stood, Alan Blunt sighed not very surprised since this happened every time he asked the young spy to sit down.

"What's this about?" queried Alex.

"Your school trip to the SAS."

"You don't think it's a good idea." Alex suggested hopefully.

"On the contrary" interrupted Mrs Jones, "we think it's an excellent idea.

"But what about my cover?" protested Alex, in one final attempt to get out of the trip that didn't involve running to the nearest bridge or off to america with Jack or even taking Brooke up on his offer of a Permanent visa in Australia that was extended to him after the Snakehead mission with the ASIS and MI6.

"We think it's best you don't have to think about that," stated Blunt.

"How…?" started Alex, confused, but Blunt held up a hand to silence him.

"You will be rejoining K-unit. All will be revealed when you get there." He said answering the confused look on Alex's face. "Agent Daniels will be driving you there on Monday." A small glimmer of Hope sprung up when he heard Ben would be joining him in hell, K-unit had no idea what was coming to them in a week from now.

"Your school has been told you won't be there next week and that you will be meeting them at the training camp the following week." Interjected Mrs Jones before Alex could protest any further.

"As I was saying," continued Blunt sending a slightly annoyed look at Mrs Jones who just sucked her peppermint like she hadn't said a word.

"Agent Daniels will drive you there, on Monday, which is a week prior to your school arriving, so you can both get used to working with your unit again. That will be all."

With that very abrupt and offhand dismissal Alex turned and left the room. The two heads of MI6 already deep in discussion about something that Alex was sure would concern him in the future, so he pedalled like his life was depending on it.