From Brookland to Brecon Revised~ Adopted~ 23 FINAL CHAPTER!

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It was a gray rainy day when the small group gathered in the graveyard by the open ground. K unit shifted nervously around the headstone, refusing to look at the name. They just couldn't believe Tom was the one who had suggested they had buried him in this graveyard. They had rather thrown the ashes off a cliff into the wind, letting him be free in death, but no Tom had agreed with Jack in letting the teen be buried. The pastor set about the usual prayers and remorse for the dead teen and the small group was silent and offered up no words at the end. Jack had her arm around Tom and Ben had managed to hold her hand, yes those 2 had started to date and so far it was going excellent, he in fact was moving into the house in a few days time. Soon the service was complete and the small group started to move away from the now filled in grave, they looked up and Wolf spotted a blonde haired teen sitting by 3 headstones.

"How are you holding up?" Wolf asked, placing a hand on the teen's shoulder.

"I hate graveyards, but he deserved peace." Alex Rider said as he stared at his family members headstones.

"I understand where you are coming from Cub, we should leave soon. Too long in a graveyard will turn you gray." Wolf tried for a joke.

"Then Blunt must live here." Alex joked back as he stood up, brushing the dirt off his knees. His wound stung a bit but he ignored it like per usual as he looked back at the headstone that simply read 'Ansgar'. The teen might have been part of SCORPIA but he still deserved a final resting place. Alex had to give Tom credit there for that idea.

"Good point, come on tomorrow is your 1st day back at Brookland." Wolf grinned as they joined the small group to walk out of the graveyard.

"Oh the joy never stops." Alex fake cheered.

"Look on the bright side Al, at least the students will respect you and stop bugging you." Tom piped up as they all rambled down the street towards the Rider house.

"Oh how I'm looking forward to that. OI Ben you staying over tonight?" Alex changed the subject and called over to the man who was holding hands with Jack who was snuggled up to his side.

"Yes he is." Jack answered with a smile that made Ben blush.

"Oh lord, not this again. Hey Wolf can I spend the night?" Alex asked.

"Sure, why not add another teenager to my apartment." Wolf said sarcastically.

"Tom you're parents are fighting again?" Alex asked and Tom nodded. "Sorry man, well lets act like its one of our sleepovers and everything will be fine. Maybe we can torture Wolf here."

"Fox you need to stop staying over." Wolf informed the MI6 agent deadly serious. Ben just laughed as Jack unlocked the doors of the house.

"Looks like he will be moving into your place then Wolf when I move in here." Ben smirked and Jack blushed, whacking her boyfriend on the chest.

"Way too much information!" Alex cried covering his ears.

"Oh god no!" Wolf moaned feeling Alex's pain.

-Next day Brookland-

"Are you ready for this Al?" Tom asked his best friend.

"Not really, I forget do they know I'm alive?" Alex asked, he wasn't exactly sure if they had been told who died and who survived during the battles at BB.

"Well they told us that shots were exchanged and they saw some body bags leaving the training camp. So I have no idea, ready to find out? I'm thinking a dramatic double door entrance." Tom rambled as they locked up their bikes and walked towards the double doors that lead into the school.

"Do we really need to make this dramatic? Can't we just sneak in the back door?" Alex asked starting towards the side doors but Tom yanked him back.

"Let's walk in like we own the school." Tom grinned.

"… Alright let's get this over with." Alex grumbled before adjusting his backpack on his shoulder and straightened his shoulders.

"That's my boy." Tom clapped him on the shoulder before pushing open the doors and they walked down the hall dramatically. Some of the kids moved out of the way just from the sheer confidence radiating from the two teenaged boys. They opened the doors to their 1st class with all the students who went to BB. Tom went first and Alex waltzed in, he gave a little jaunty wave at the teens and settled into his seat beside Tom. He then started to get poked, over and over again.

"Yes James I am real." Alex looked over at his friend who grinned and put the blonde into a headlock.

"Oh man, we all for sure thought you were in a body bag. I'm SO glad you weren't." James rambled as Katie pulled Alex from the headlock and hugged him tightly, he was passed around the Insane 5 and other random students patted him on the back or shoulder saying things about how they were glad he wasn't dead, etc.


"OI Rider, what was your latest disease to explain your whereabouts?" A year eleven jock asked Alex who was leaning against a wall waiting for Tom and the others to get to the cafeteria for lunch.

"Not that it's any of your business but I was with my class at a training camp." Alex responded truthfully for once. The jock was flanked by two of his muscle bound friends, but Alex didn't feel scare or the need to run away. After everything he had been through high school bullies weren't very high on his threat list.

"You at a training camp? Yeah, right. Now where were you really while the big boys were buffing up?" The jock sneered.

"No really I was there." Alex snapped back.

"Like we believe that."

"Well you should because he was the best one there." A new voice joined the conversation.

"Nick?" Alex asked confused, why was Nick coming to his rescue?

"Hi Alex, sorry about well everything. I respect you now… Friends?" Nick held out his hand and after a moment Alex took it and they exchanged smiles.

"Well that's sweet but we still don't believe you." The jock interrupted.

"It's true, in fact his guardian is dating one of our instructors and his uncle is an agent for an agency we can't disclose the name of." Tom spoke up as the Insane 5 walked in and flanked the 2 boys. "In fact they could stop by after school and show you a thing or two they taught us there. You will have some bruises but nothing worse than a sprain." Tom went on rambling.

"I think you are full of BS." The jock sounded less sure.

"I could show you what made me the best at the camp, lets go by the bike rack. It won't take long for me to kick your ass." Alex said calmly.

"Just go easy on him, he does need to have later today." Nick spoke up smirking.

"Alright if I must." Alex sighed like it was big lost.

"Just leave it dude, I think they are serious about Rider." One of his lackeys stated reading the look in Alex's eyes.

"Fine, let's just go." The jock gave in and the 3 bustled out of the cafeteria.

"That is how we roll." Sam cheered and the group high fived.

That situation signified to Alex that everything was going to be even better than it was before. Maybe his year going to BB wasn't the worst thing that could happen, he was slightly upset he didn't finish the prank list but hey they still had the rest of the year, the thought of that made a grin appear on his lips as he and the Insane 5 joined Nick at his table with the some other students who were at the camp with them and they all easily fell into a friendship with each other. Everything was falling into place and Alex knew that not even MI6 could destroy this for him.

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