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Prime Number

It had taken Sam awhile to work up the courage to tell his best friend about the Autobots.

Miles had been there for Sam since Kindergarten, long before Mikaela had ever shown up in the picture, and after he finally got the girl he realized what he had done to his friend at the lake hadn't exactly been very… friendly. But Miles was willing to forgive him, always forgave him even when Sam tended to hold a grudge. He didn't even ask why Sam had a brand new car or why he suddenly looked like he had gone ten rounds with a pro boxer and lost.

The day that he told his friend had only been because of how easily he seemed to know things. Miles had spent the night after a long day of helping his parents fix their garden, and that morning he made Sam and Mikaela, who had just come over, breakfast. In the background the TV had been on the news, and a report about Mission City ran. Miles had stared at the TV for a minute, then looked at Sam as he sat against Mikaela, arm wrapped around her.

"Well," Miles had said finally, "I'm just happy you're both safe."

Sam was silent for one long moment, and then he had just blurted out the truth to the blonde he had known forever and a day, Mikaela snorting by his side as he went blue in the face trying to get everything out. Like with everything else, Miles had been surprisingly accepting, and had inconspicuously guilted Sam until he agreed to take his friend to meet everyone.

And now Miles was at the Autobot base, surrounded by Bumblebee, Ratchet, Ironhide, and Optimus Prime. Sam and Mikaela stood beside him, enjoying watching their friend's reactions to all of the 'bots, and Will stood just a few feet away, arms crossed in amusement. It was funny to watch someone else be in awe of the Autobots, especially when you never got to see your own face.

"And who are you?" Miles asked, head tilted back to look at the towering form of Optimus Prime.

The Prime had allowed the other members of his faction to trade introductions with the teen first, and naturally Bumblebee had been the first of all of them. Then he was introduced to Ratchet, and then Ironhide. And this time he made sure to keep an optic on his Medic to make sure he didn't say anything that would be embarrassing for the teen, and an optic on his Weapons Specialist to make sure the mech didn't scare the poor organic with his cannons.

"This is Optimus," Sam answered for the Prime. "He's their Prime."

"Well I could have told you that."

Sam and Mikaela blinked at him in confusion, even Will raising an eyebrow. Ratchet vented, trying to cover up a snort, while Ironhide let his engine rumble in confusion.

"How could you have possibly known that?" Ironhide asked.

Miles grinned, "Optimus is seven letters. Seven is a prime number."

Sam stared at his friend slack jawed, Mikaela's and Will's expression mirroring his own. None of them should have been as amazed by that as they were. It didn't help that they all could have realized this even without Miles. But Miles, someone who had only met the Autobots five minutes ago, was the one to point it out, more than amused by it, too.

The three already in the know had an eerily similar thought, going along the lines of: freaky alien robots and their freaky coincidences…