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Prompt: Two years after Mission City Barricade is found by Bumblebee and Sam.

Bumblebee sat out amongst a collection of rocks and a lake that he'd found awhile back; a nice little spot to escape to when base became too much for either him or Sam. He had a bad processor ache, and instead of recharge he was looking for something to occupy his mind. He knew that he hadn't emptied his subspace compartment out in quite some time, so he began to do so.

The first thing he pulled out was a small pin that Mikaela had gotten Sam as a joke; one of a Bumblebee, and the teen had worn it for about two days before placing it in Bumblebee's glove box. Both he and his Charge had forgotten about it after that. The next thing was a picture that had been taken on a camping excursion. His holoform had a lap full of his Charge, and he could remember quite clearly why Sam was red in the face and teary eyed, desperately looking as if he wanted to get away. The Scout had been tickling him quite ruthlessly, a laughing Mikaela stood just behind him with her arms wrapped around his neck as she watched him torture her boyfriend.

"Bee, everyone's going to worry about you being out here." A teasing voice admonished, Sam appearing from behind the rock outcropping. "The Decepticons attacked not that long ago, and you know how Ratch gets when he's still afraid for his mechs."

Bumblebee laughed, dumping the rest of the contents out of his subspace. Sam's graduation certificate, college acceptance letters, lip-gloss, an empty Fritos bag, an empty mason jar, a comb, two black pens, a red pen, three pencils, a sharpie. That was half of the junk in there, nothing of much significance anymore. Two years after Mission City and stuff had just seemed to collect without him noticing.

The Scout picked up the mason jar, holding it up to his faceplates and examining it closely. It held no hint of how it had been previously used, but Bumblebee knew. It had once been a home for fireflies. He could still clearly remember that first summer with Sam, and how the teen had captured them all just to show the Scout how much light they could give off when together. That night Sam had eaten dinner with Bumblebee outside, and afterwards the two had released all of the fireflies together. They'd ended the night by stargazing.

The Scout shuttered his optics and put the mason jar back down, opening them again to find Sam rummaging through the pile of items, looking at whatever he found interesting. The teen paused on a picture, turning it so Bumblebee could see it. Like the previous one, it had been another camping excursion with Will and Epps, but neither soldiers had bothered to check the weather report. They had all been huddled around the fire together, Bumblebee holding Sam close to his side as the poor teen shivered. In the picture both he and Sam were asleep.

"I was so mad at them for that," Sam put the picture back down in its' original spot, "They made me freeze my ass off! But at least good ol' Ratchet got them once I caught that cold, yeah?"

The Scout watched his Charge pick up a sketch book, and leaned in closer to watch as he turned the pages. Doodles of random things, cartoons of Sam and himself saving the world. They'd sat together side by side whenever Sam had particularly bad bouts of insomnia and would do nothing but doodle inside of the sketchbook. They had even scanned and touched up some of the better works on the computer, before putting the comics around base. They'd all been a big hit.

Bumblebee laughed when Sam flipped to the image of Ratchet walking red and yellow toasters on leashes, "That was Ratchet's favorite. You should do more of these, it's been awhile."

Sam just shook his head, carefully placing the sketch book back from where he'd picked it up. He rifled through some of the items; job applications that had never been turned in were brushed aside in favor of a palm sized metal gray pin. Bumblebee's optics narrowed in on the pin even though he already knew what it was.

When Sam had first bought Bumblebee, Ron had given it to him, an angel that held a sign that said 'never drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly'. It had eventually became quite the joke among the son and father because the Scout had literally became Sam's Guardian, and the first Decepticon attack after Mission City that had taken them all by surprise the older Witwicky had made his son swear by it.

Sam had never been good at keeping promises, Bumblebee thought bitterly. The thought shocked him, and so did the emotion behind it, because he could quite place a time where he'd ever been disappointed in his Charge. The Scout tried to think of a time where Sam had broken a promise and it had been a bad outcome, but his processor ache was getting worse.

Instead he looked to his Charge, surprised to see his image crack. Bits and pieces fell away, like a grotesque china doll whose paint was chipped and fading; Bumblebee reached out a desperate servo to try and do something, but Sam was already gone. Just like that the teen was gone, and the Scout stared at his empty servo in horror. His servo was covered in blood, dripping with the stuff, and he cried out in shock, desperately trying to use the desert floor to wipe it off on, but unbidden images came to his mind.

Not long ago, they had found Barricade. Not long ago, Sam had been whole. But the Decepticon hadn't left much of anything of his Charge, nothing more than a few broken masses of flesh and the blood stains. Bumblebee had tried to put him back together, had tried to get Ratchet to help, but what could have been done?

The Scout gave a broken warble, letting his face fall into his servos and shuttering his optics tight. Nothing was the way it should be anymore. It couldn't be true that Sam had died, that Bumblebee had failed him. That they all had failed him. On the base everything was the same as it had been before the incident, and it sickened the Scout. He couldn't understand how it could be, why it could be, and he had eventually just given up. He'd never understand how the others could write his Charge down as just another casualty of war.

The Scout's systems were getting too heated, and he took deep intakes of air as he forced himself to calm down. His processor hurt so badly, it felt like it was splitting in two, and warning pings on his HUD were telling him he was going to go into a self-induced recharge so his system could try and fix whatever was wrong.

As Bumblebee slipped into nothingness he decided that when he woke up in the morning he'd take Sam to the beach like he had been promising to for so long.