Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of JAG. They belong to CBS, and to Donald Bellisario. I'm just borrowing them. However the Character of SpecialAgent Jack Chegwidden are mine..

A/N: I decided to make this a crossover with NCIS, in my story, Gibbs is Jack's training agent, and partner.

Chapter 1:

Special Agent Jack Chegwidden scanned the bustling streets of Baku Azerbaijan, as he lit a cigarette, and waited for his target, a Dr. Anton Arlovsky. He exhaled a bluish cloud of smoke, as his phone began to ring. He grabbed it from the dashboard, and growled, " Chegwidden."

Agent Clayton Webb said, " Ghost I've spotted the target."

Jack replied, " I've got him, how would you like to proceed?"

Webb replied, " Terminate him."

Jack replied before he severed the connection, " Copy that, see you on the Stennis."

And with Jack climbed out of the dented gray cargo van, slipped the suppressed .22 Smith&Wesson MRK22 from his waistband, and slowly approached the target. Once he was right behind Arlovsky, he raised his arm, and calmly put two rounds in the back of Arlovsky's head. The he calmly walked to a dumpster dropped the stripped peices of the pistol inside, and made his way to the embassy where he caught a helo to the USS Stennis. Once aboard he was greeted by Webb, and his SAC Whitney Sharpe Jack looked at Sharpe, and said, " Whitney the OP was success, no Murphy factor whatsoever."

Sharpe replied, " Glad to hear it Jack, you have new orders."

Jack asked, " What are they Whitney?"

Sharpe replied, " You are to report back to the Navy Yard, get cleaned up, and report to JAG HQ in Falls Church Virginia. Even though you're NCIS, you're being assigned as a special investigator, answerable only to Admiral AJ Chegwidden."

Jack replied as he held out his hand, " Alright Whitney, it's been a pleasure, and honor serving with you."

Sharpe accepted his offered hand, and gave it a hearty shake as he said Likewise, good luck Ghost."

Jack nodded his thanks, and left. 12 hours later, he was in his small apartment in Norfolk. He took a quick showered. As he was applying aftershave he studied himself in the mirror. He was a tall powerfully built man standing at 6'4" tall, and weighing 265#. He had a deep olive complexion thanks to his mother. flashing liquid hazel eyes, thick wavy shoulder lenth black hair that he kept in a low ponytail, a short black beard, broad shoulders, and a narrow waist. He had a SEAL Trident tattoo on his right forearm, a frog skeleton tattoo on his right shoulder blade, and a blood red Celtic cross on his left shoulder. He also had a black tatanium MTM SEAL Commando watch on his left wrist, and stainless steel dog tags around his neck. He wore tight faded blue Levis, Black Cherry Royal Calf Lucchese Knox cowboy boots, and a black t-shirt. He put his black .45 Springfelied Armory 1911 TRP Operator in a tan Galco Dual Position Phoenix BELT HOLSTER on his right hip, his highly encrypted IPhone was on the left side of his belt, his .357 Simth & Wesson Model 60 snub nosed revolver was strapped to his left ankle and his black Microtech Halo 5 S/E OTF Automatic Knife was in his right hip pocket, he put his battered dark brown leather navy flight jacket on, and slid his silver RAY-BAN mirrored Aviator sunglasses on. Then he walked out to his black 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Manta Ray and drove to JAG

Again I hope y'all enjoy this story.