Chapter 11:

Jack walked back into the courtroom, and asked Harm, " Could you call a sidebar or something?"

Harm asked, " Why?"

Jack replied, " I've got to get Stateside immediately."

Harm nodded as he stood up, and said, " Sidebar your Honor."

The judge nodded as Harm, Singer, Mac, and Bud walked up to the bench. The judge asked, " What is it CMDR. Rabb?"

Harm said, " I'm not sure Your Honor, Special Agent Chegwidden asked me to call the sidebar."

The judge signaled for Jack to approach, and asked, " What's this about Special Agent Chegwidden?"

Jack said, " I'm needed back in the States immediately sir."

The judge asked, " Why Agent Chegwidden?"

Jack replied, " It's Classified."

The judge fixed him with a stern look as he hissed, " Don't pull that classified bullshit with me mister, I want a reason."

Jack just looked the judge right in the eye as he replied, " It's classified, that's all you're getting, now if you'll excuse me I gotta go."

And with that he left the courtroom, and the building, hopped into a Humvee, drove to the airfield, and boarded the waiting Cesnaa Citation X, and was asleep as soon as the plane was airborne.

Next chapter we find out what the mission is.