Chapter 8:

Mac sprang to her feet, and whirled around, and asked as Jack came striding toward her, " And what's that supposed to mean?"

Thankfully other than the staff there wasn't a soul in the place. Jack growled as he took his previously vacated seat, " Shut up, and sit down."

Mac just glared at him as she retook her seat. Once she was seated, he lit a cigarette, and said, " That was very stupid Mac, what the hell have I done to you to warrant such hostile treatment?"

Mac replied in a hard voice, " You have no business working with us, you're a goddamned killer for Christ sakes."

Without warning Francesca slapped her in the mouth. When Mac went to retaliate, Jack grabbed her her wrist in a viselike grip as he growled, " Don't even think about it?'

Mac growled as she tried to yank her hand free, " Let go."

Jack released her hand as he asked, " Why do you keep calling me a killer?"

Mac replied, " Me, and Harm worked with you in Northern Ireland remember, you just shot those two IRA members, as well as a cop."

Jack exhaled a bluish cloud of smoke as he replied, If you remember correctly, the two IRA guys were spying on us, and the cop was gonna kill you, and Harm."

Mac sighed heavily as she conceded, " Alright, you have a point. But what about that time in Colombia, you excuted the Ambassador's secretary as well as the drug enforcement agent."

Jack replied in a very bored tone as he signaled for a beer, " They were traitors. Look if you betray me, or my country I'll kill you or if you even attempt to betray me, or this country, I'll hunt you down, and kill you simple as that."

Mac just stared at him as he took a long drag on his cigarette, and got a slug of his beer. After several minutes Mac said, " Look I don't like your methods, or your interrogation style, but we have to work together, so we might as well get along."

Jack nodded as he stubbed out his cigarette, finished his beer, and paid his bill as he left. Francesca said, I apologize for striking you, but I did not like how you talked to my brother."

Mac replied as he she rubbed her jaw, " No problem, I get you were defending your brother. You know in all honesty, he did save both Harm's, and my ass both times I mentioned, not to mention the numerous other times he's bailed us out of jams. I guess what I'm saying is that we're lucky to have him working with us."

Mac has finally gotten over her issues with Jack, tell me what y'all think