Chapter 9:

A few days later Jack was in the indoor shooting range, when Harm walked in. Jack inserted a fresh magazine into butt of his 1911, and released the slide, chambering a round as he asked, " What's up?"

Harm replied as he stared at the nice grouping of well placed shots in the head of the silhouette target, " We need to go over your testimony."

Jack nodded as he gathered his 3 empty magazines, and stuffed them in his right hip pocket, then he holstered his pistol, and followed Harm to the conference room, where Loren was waiting. Jack plopped down, and lit a cigarette as he said, " Alright fire away."

Loren grinned slightly as she asked, " Can you recount your conversation with a Mr….Restevo please?"

Jack exhaled a cloud of bluish smoke as he did what she asked. Then she said, " There'll also be questions about your previous employers at NCIS as well as questions about your methods.

Jack replied, " My past is classified beyond top secret, only a few people have access to it, Mac knows that, and won't go there. As to my methods, that ain't a problem."

Loren smiled as Harm said, " Alright, you're as prepped as we can get you, go rest up, and be ready to testify this afternoon."

Jack nodded as he stubbed out his cigarette, and rose to his feet as he left he winked at Loren, and said, " Don't worry it'll all go smooth as silk."

3 hours later Jack was sitting in the witness box as Mac asked, " Special Agent Chegwidden, where are you currently employed?"

Jack replied as he shot a questioning look at Mac, I'm an independent investigator for the Judge Advocate General."

Mac fixed him with a stern hard glare as she asked, " Where you previously employed?"

Jack shot her a withering death glare as replied in a bored tone voice, " NCIS."

She asked, " What did you do at NCIS?

Jack replied in a flat emotionless voice, " That's classifed

Mac said, " Your Honor permission to treat as hostile?"

Before the judge could rule either way, Harm leapt to his feet, and said, " Sidebar."

The judge nodded as he said, " Step up."

Harm, Mac, Bud, and Loren all stepped up to the bench. The judge covered the microphone as he asked, " What's this about Major?"

Before she could reply Harm said, It's about Major Makenzie trying to bring in highly classified, and totally irrelevant testimony that has no bearing on the case."

The Judge, a Marine Corps COL. fixed Mac with an icy glare as he asked in a low edged voice, " Is that true Major?"

Mac replied, " Yes sir it is highly classified, but I feel it has bearing on this case."

The judge asked, clearly not buying it, " What bearing could Specal Agent Chegwidden's past possibly have on the current case Major?"

Before Mac could reply, the judge said It doesn't. now step back. Oh, and Major I will be reporting your egregious conduct to Admiral Chegwidden."

Mac nodded as they stepped back to their respective tables. The judge sad, " Move on, or sit down Major."

Mac said, " No further questions, your honor."

And with that she stat down. Harm stood up, and asked, " Special Agent Chegwidden did you, and I go visit a man by the of Augustine Restevo?"

Jack, replied, " Yes sir we did."

Harm asked, " Care to tell the court why?"

Jack replied, " Not at all."

Then he recounted the interview. Harm asked when he was finished, " Did you believe him?"

Jack replied, " No I didn't."

Harm asked, " And why not?"

Before he could reply his phone began to ring shrilly.

Who'se calling Jack, should Mac get in big trouble for her line of questioning?