Okay, since a lot of you wanted me to continue Dan Vs. The Baby, I decided to make an epilogue. Then after this chapter there will be a second part. It will be called, 'Dan and Chris Vs. Teenage Boys.' Alright so enjoy this epilogue of Dan Vs the Baby.


Elise and Chris walked up the apartment stairs and up to Dan's door. Chris put his little two year old daughter, Danny, on the floor and watched as her tiny hand knocked on Dan's door. The couple could hear Dan's grumbles from the inside of the messy apartment as the short man opened the door violently,


Danny looked up with a smile on her face, "Unca Dan!" She held up her hands for him to pick her up. Dan looked down at the little girl with her arms up and relaxed. One little look from that baby changed Dan temper as he picked her up and gave her a kiss on the cheek,

"There's my little mini me."

Elise and Chris smiled as they walked inside the dirty apartment. Mr. Mumbles ran up to them and purred happily as she jumped up to Elise's arm. Chris put down the baby bag on the couch and started to unpack. Dan wasted no time in tickling his niece. Danny's laughter filled the gray sad apartment as Dan tickled her on his couch.

"Okay Dan, were off. You have everything you need for the night, so I guess we'll see you later."Chris said as he put the last bottle in the refrigerator.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Dan pushed Elise and Chris out of his apartment and slammed the door, "Okay Danny girl, are you ready to have-"Before Dan could finish his sentence, he was pulled outside by Elise. She pinned him against the door,

"Dan, if anything happens to my baby girl, I swear I'll-"

"This isn't my first time babysitting, Elise. I got this." Dan said as he felt her nails dig into his skin. Elise looked deep into Dan's eyes and then finally she put him down. It wasn't like she didn't trust Dan with her one and only child- well okay she didn't trust Dan, not one bit. But he has proven himself worthy of watching her for a couple of hours.

Chris took Elise's hand, "She'll be fine."

"Yeah," Dan agreed, "As long as she has one arm, she's okay."

Elise shot him a glance, "She better have both arms when we come back." She looked through Dan's window where she saw Danny playing with Mr. Mumbles. Chris and Elise said their goodbyes to Dan and walked down the stairs to the car. Dan could see Elis's evil glare as they drove away. When he could no longer see the car, Dan walked back inside.

Danny waddled up to him while holding Mr. Mumbles-or in this case choking the poor cat, "Unca Dan, I want to watch a movie." Dan kneeled in front of his niece,

"What movie do you want to watch?"

"Little Mermaid." She said happily.

"Uh-oh." Dan whispered. Danny reached into her My Little Pony backpack and pulled out the movie. She handed it to Dan and danced happily across the living room while singing 'Under the Sea.' Dan had probably seen the mermaid movie about over a hundred times since Danny found out that she loved mermaids. He could quote the movie perfectly if he wanted to. Whenever he would go over to Chris's house for a visit, the movie would be playing and Danny would be sitting in front of the television, quoting it.

Dan popped the movie into his old D.V.D player and hit the television a couple of times to get it going. Dan looked at Danny as she laid her head on the pillow getting ready to watch the movie, when he had an idea. He ran into the room and came out carrying a red towel. Danny raised her eyebrow,

"What are you doing, Unca Dan?"

Dan walked up to her and put the towel over her hair, "We are going to act out 'The Little Mermaid.'" Danny's gasped excitedly. Dan went to the bathroom and opened his medicine cabinet where he pulled out shaving cream. He put the cream on his hands and put it on his face to form a mustache like King Triton in the movie. When he came out, Danny let out a cute laughter,

"Your funny, Unca Dan."

Once the two were ready, Danny started singing 'Part of your World.' Dan acted out as King Triton and Sebastian, but every time he acted being mad at "Ariel" Dan couldn't keep a straight face. Dan picked up Danny pretending to be the prince in one of the scenes and kissed her on the cheek. Danny had no trouble in yelling at Dan for one scene. She actually could keep a straight face. Dan thought she might make a great actress one day.

A little later, Dan made Danny's favorite food- or attempted to. He cute the macaroni and cheese and gave it to her while he made his own lunch. Next Dan put on his favorite video of monster trucks, which Danny seemed to enjoy. She cheered as the green monster truck crushed the purple one to pieces. Dan looked at her and kissed her on the forehead.

As the time passed Danny began to yawn which made Dan yawn. Danny picked up Mr. Mumbles,

" is tired." Danny said.

Dan picked her up and walked toward his room, "I think it's time for a nap. How about you?" Danny nodded as she closed her eyes and lay on Dan's shoulder. Dan put on her pjs the best that he could. With her already knocked out it was hard for him to put the pj top on over her head that hung loosely. He gave up and decided that her undershirt would be a pj top. He walked back to the living room and lay on the couh. Danny moved a little on Dan's body and then lay still. Dan played with her hair until he fell asleep.


Okay, so there's the epilogue! I know it's short and probably not that good and im sorry. The second part will be out soon! I promise. Okay God bless and ill see you next time.

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