So, this is the finale of Court Is In Session. I'm not the happiest with how things ended up, but that's what you get when you go into a story without a plan for how to finish it. Still, I hope you all enjoy it and leave a review.

For any and all interested readers. I have Red Hood showing in Sigma Squad for an extended cameo and he plays a big role in The Outlaws. Both those stories are a part of my AU and hare recently been completed as well.

"So, shall we?" Nightwing drew out his grappling hook. After preparing to fire he turned to the man in the red helmet. "So, what exactly are we supposed to call you?"

"Red Hood."

Nightwing stifled a laugh, which drew the ire of the man now called Red Hood. "What you laughing at?"

"Not really the most original name is it, Jay?"

"Well, I'm doing it better."

"Keep telling yourself that, Jay."

Superboy caught on the second time the nickname was used. "Wait, Jay. As in thee J?"

Red Hood shook his head, but the first sound to be heard was Dick's wrist computer dinging. Nightwing analyzed the screen that popped and broke in a wide smile as he turned to Superboy. "Yeah! DNA's a match!"

To the surprise of no one on the roof, Nightwing leapt forward and enveloped Red Hood in a very enthusiastic hug. Hood looked awkward as Nightwing didn't let up. Finally he coughed to break the silence, making Dick break off the hug.

"So, can we stop with all the touchy feel bullshit now? Pretty sure we have a mission."

Tim cocked his head at the mention of teaming up. "Who is 'we'?"

"Well replacement, my business enterprises don't exactly take into account having a centuries old group of power brokers and assassins. Plus, they killed a few of my runners. They're going to pay." Hood punctuated his statement by pulling back the slid on his pistol, which did not go unnoticed by Nightwing. In a swift motion Dick swiped the pistol from Red Hood's grasp.

"Sorry, no killing tonight. But you're more than welcome to join us; it'll be just like old times."

Red Hood growled lowly. "Fine, but this is a one-time deal. Got it?"

Nightwing nodded. "Understood. Now what do you say we got bust in there and kick some ass?"

If the mask would show a smile, Red Hood's would have been quite noticeable. "Now you're speaking my language."

Superboy now just looked pissed. "Seriously? I said I was ready to go fight like five minutes ago! So, for the love of god, can we just get on with it?"

The Kryptonian's question was answered by everyone but himself pulling out a grappling line and firing it across the street. Four young men swung over the pavement below, crashing through the fourth floor window, just as Bruce had instructed. Once all four were across their super-powered teammate jumped over to join them. Once he was back with his team, Superboy rescanned the hotel with his infra-red vision.

"I've got nine heat signatures in what looks like a conference room two floors above us. Seems Batman's blue prints are out of date."

While the quintet was planning their course of action they were set upon by three Talons who burst out of the hotel rooms to surround them. Thinking quickly Superboy picked up Hawkeye and threw him at the lone Talon behind the group. Thomas connected his feet to the Talon's head, causing the assassin to drop to the ground. With a momentary gap in their attackers Thomas motioned for the three Batman protégés to leave.

"We'll handle the Talons. You guys get to that meeting!"

Nightwing nodded as he moved, wincing slightly at the pain in his leg from the previous night's attack. The momentary thought that he should have listened to Alfred about not going out flashed through his head. But the thought quickly passed as he, Robin, and Red Hood made their way to the stairs.

The Talons on the other end of the group pursued the trio, but were held at bay by Hawkeye and Superboy.

6th Floor Conference Room

"What is our next step?" A middle aged man in a black suit looked to the eldest in the room, his eyes hardly visible behind the white owl mask that adorned his face.

"I do not know." The elderly woman stared around the room, looking into the eyes of the other members of their group. "We set out to take Gotham back from the Batman. To make The Court the legend of this city it had always been."

The middle age man spoke up again. "But where did we go wrong? Did we underestimate his capabilities?"

The elderly woman shot the man a withering glare, but no reply could be managed as the door to the room was kicked in, revealing a man in a brown jacket and a red helmet.

"Well, I'd say you definitely didn't take into account the outside help." Red Hood's jab was punctuated by him raising his pistols. No one moved as he pondered which one to take out first. To his left, a younger man moved to grab a throwing knife, but found his hand impaled by one of Robin's birdarangs. He held his bleeding hand in shock while Robin drew out of the shadows while Nightwing did the same from the other side of the room. Seeing the three heroes caused the elder to play the only card the Court had left. Her shrill voice sounded throughout the room.


Jason, Tim, and Dick watched in horror as the members of the Court of Owls all started choking, grasping their throats involuntarily for air. In a matter of seconds, each and every one of them fell forward. Their heads cracked on the table with a sickening sound. Dick sprang forward to examine one.


Tim raised an eyebrow at his brother's frustrated expression. "Poison capsule?"

Dick nodded. "Yeah, looks like they all had one in one of their molars. Hydrogen Cyanide by the looks of it."

Jason holstered his pistols. "Well, since that's settled I am out of here. See you boys around."

As Red Hood moved to the window and took out his grappling line Dick grabbed his arm. "Jay, you should come back with us to the manor."

"And why is that? So Batman can lock me up?"

Dick smiled. "No, I was thinking Agent A could give you some of his cookies."

The mentioned of Alfred and his wondrous baking gave Jason pause, but he shook his head. "Keep some on you next time you're out on the town. I'll snag 'em from you then. Tell A I said hi."

Dick dropped his arm from Jason's as the younger man readied his line. Hawkeye and Superboy walked into the room carrying the three Talons. Jason turned his head to face the two.

"Peace out, fuckers."

With his latest profanity filled one-liner Jason Todd took off into the night, while the others watched from the hotel room with the dead and unconscious bodies. Tim looked around the room.

"So, who's reporting this mess to Batman?"

Gotham Harbor
10 minutes later

Jason Todd took off his helmet, setting it on the mannequin near the door of his apartment. He crashed onto the couch after flipping on the TV to the news. He sighed when he saw G. Gordon Godfrey reporting yet again on the failure of the Justice League. Sure, he hated them with a fiery passion, but he did know a lot of them personally. As he replayed the events of the night in his head, playing the hero with Dick and the replacement, Jason couldn't help a feeling of regret. He'd come back to life and not even given them a heads up. But the regret passed as he sat on the couch, thoughts of the future taking up more and more space.

- Fin