A/N: Wrote this during history class. I kinda want to add more because I really like the title and the concept it invokes, but... this is it for now! Alanna and Jon's first night together. Enjoy and please review!

Words: 264
Characters: Jon, Alanna
Time: Mid-ItHotG
Genre: Romance

Disclaimer: Everything you recognize belongs to Tamora Pierce, not me.

The soft thump of a closing door echoes into the darkness. Violet eyes flash toward him, and their glow is all he can see before his eyes readjust. But though he can see, he cannot move. He is both too scared and too enthralled… Because this is her, Alanna, his best friend, and he's afraid because he loves her. He's never loved before, and the sheer capacity of such a feeling overwhelms he limbs, his mind. What if she changes her mind, what if he hurts her, what if he wakes up and she is gone? What if…

He would be nothing if she were gone, because this feeling is all of him now.

"Alanna." He means to think it, but it happens aloud, rough and soft.

Those familiar eyes draw closer. A small, callused hand touches his shoulder, fingers brushing against the bare skin of his neck. Just that tiny bit of contact, skin on skin, sparks his paralyzed body back into life. Jon bends to catch her lips, passion rising with each passing moment, with each touch of her body on his as they grow closer and closer together. Thin linen nightshirts are too much.

She tastes like she lives, full of fire and secrets. He feels her teeth graze his lips and her small breasts press against him, and it sends a storm of something through his heart, a tidal wave of lightning and fire and her. All thoughts of what if disappear. Here and now, they have each other, body and soul.

He wouldn't give her up for the world.