Little Letter from Hikage

Author: junggiena

Disclaimer: Ema Toyama

Pairing: Hikage X Hinata

Hinata is in the hospital. He is sick. He broke his leg after Teru pushes him from 2nd floor to 1st floor in his school. Teru is very evil. Teru likes Hikage too. But, after Teru has relationship with Aya, Hikage feels very lonely without Teru. Then Hinata be Hikage's closest friend. So, Hikage don't feel lonely again.

Hikage come to hospital and go in Hinata's room. They are speaking about future.

"I didn't want say it with you, but…" say Hinata

"I'm sorry, I love you from I meet you in school…" say Hinata once more.

Hikage crying because she is very happy hear that. And then, Hinata hug her and say "Don't cry my dear"

"I… I also love you, Hinata…" say Hikage with crying.

Hikage open her bag. And give a letter for Hinata.

Letter Content:

Tokyo, 2012

I am feeling lonely now because Teru already has a girlfriend, named Aya. Aya is my best friend since me in the primary school.

Hinata. Even I with he, I'm still feel lonely. But, that comfort makes me love him.

"Nobody is perfect"

But, even I tried to say and hear that to myself, it's didn't heal the wounds in my heart, don't matter what I do.

You must completely heal yourself in the hospital. Be healthy fast.

Because I want to see you and say:

I love you, Hinata. Even you lost your leg, I still love you.

"Thanks for the letter Hikage. And then, are you want to be my girlfriend?" ask Hinata and he starts to cry.

"I want. Thank you…" say Hikage.

Even that day, Hikage and Hinata start a relationship between them. Teru and Aya got their breakup. But, Teru stills happy. Teru thinks he must brand new day with other girls. Teru and Aya got their breakup because Teru has dinner with another woman.

Hinata lost his leg because broken leg accident. Now he walks with crutch. Usually Hikage helps him to walk. The sweet couple.


A/N: Sorry if this story bad. I want to write this. Thank you for reading.

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