Madara X2

Chapter 2

Mari sat in the living room, reading a book as Madara adjusted his armor and passed by the door way to the room before withdrawing to look at her. She blinked at the feeling of being watched and looked over, Madara staring at her anxiously before she put her book down and went over to him, pecking him on the lips and he smirked, kissing her softly before leaving the house and she locked the door behind him. It was awkward, living in this huge house with just the two of them. She got lost if he wasn't around with her and she missed Tobi a lot.

"Don't think about him." Madara grunted as the brought her to his home- well, their home- on the first night they met. "If he wants to treat you in such a way, it's better off forgetting about him." Madara advised about her husband. True, Tobi had yelled at poor Mari up and down about how much of a hussy she was, peppering his rant with the words 'slut' and 'bitch'. She watched in horror as Madara punched Tobi so hard he slammed into the wall, before Madara gently ushered her away, speaking to her softly to calm her down as she sobbed. Tobi had never said such things to her, ever, before that night. It broke her heart to hear him yell at her in such a way. Madara had left her alone in this huge house for a little while before coming back with the same ice cream she had gotten for Tobi and shared it with her to calm her down.

She was still in shock that her own husband had yelled at her, even hours later when Madara came back and she greeted him, "I'll, uh, go make dinner." She said and Madara watched her go to the kitchen,

"No need," Madara said and Mari glanced over at him, "Come. Let's go out to eat tonight." He said and Mari looked down even as he stroke over to her. Madara gently tilted her chin up, "If you kept your mind off your husband and perhaps in your book, you wouldn't be crying." Mari stared at him and sniffed, two big tears rolling down her cheeks. Madara wiped them off gently, "How about I go and bring home something to eat? We'll dine in and you won't have to cook." Mari let out a weak sigh and sat down, Madara standing there, "I'll be right back." He muttered and left the house, kissing her cheek before doing so and Mari said gloomily on the couch.

Was she really a hussy? Was she a slut? She had dates with a stranger on accident so she must be. Mari thought about Madara who had opened his home to her and, as he promised, bought her everything she did not bring with her from her old residence and anything she asked for. Even things she didn't ask for. He would buy nice thing for her 'just because I thought you'd like it' and she would, actually, find herself to like it. He was sweet and did not take advantage of her, even on the first night, "You seem attached to your husband. I won't intimately touch you until you're ready and I'm sure that you won't be yelling his name to the night." Madara had told her and Mari blushed thinking about it as he entered the house now, "I didn't know what to get you, so I just grabbed some meat buns." He said and she smiled weakly at him, "Come on. Let's eat in the kitchen." Mari got up and went with him to the kitchen, the two sitting down at the table and he gave her three and took out three for himself, "I didn't know how many you wanted so I got three." Mari smiled,

"Madara is so considerate." She said and Madara scoffed at the compliment, blushing faintly,

"No. It's inconsiderate to not feed your wife." Madara said, not wanting to accept the compliment and glanced back to Mari daintily eating her meat bun, happily. Madara smirked and they ate their dinner in silence. Mari leaned over and kissed Madara softly,

"Thank you for the meal." Madara kissed back and simply responded, "Mm-Hmm." and She rose to clean her hands and the plates they had used and Madara rose and hugged her from behind. Mari blushed from this, as it had been one of the brief moments of them touching,

"I'm awkward with words," Madara started, "But I want to say that I will try my best to make you happy." Mari blushed. His voice was almost the same as Tobi's but it had a more sultry tone to it, and he looked just like Tobi but with longer hair. Tobi didn't have so many scars when he took his shirt off as when Madara did. Mari turned to Madara and he looked down at her, silent as if his courage had ran out. Mari kissed his cheek. He reminded her so much of Tobi.

"Thank you, Madara. That's very nice of you." She told him and Madara quietly took her hand and held it. He held her for a while, the two listening to the sound of the chirping crickets outside and finally Madara let go and released her from her warm embrace. "Can you hold me tonight?" Mari requested shyly and Madara nodded before she finished up cleaning the dishes and put them away, the two going to Madara's bedroom. Well, their bedroom. He had insisted that for safety reasons she sleep in his room. The night she tried not to, someone had broken into the house and tried to kill her before Madara came in and 'disposed' of them. The few following days he had been repairing the damages the scuffle had cost him. It had been a week since she came here and she hadn't seen Tobi once but that didn't mean Madara didn't allow it. Mari was just to scared to face him.

Madara took off his shirt, Mari in a light night gown as she sat on the bed and looked over. Reaching over she gingerly touched one of his scars on his back, drawing his gaze. "There's so many scars." She observed in the candle light and Madara looked at the candle that lit their room, "Do they hurt?"

"Not anymore." Madara replied and blew out the candle when Mari situated herself, turning to her and pulling her into him just as she had asked. She put her arms on his arms around her waist and smiled gently, "You're really warm." He pointed out, his face in her shoulder and he kissed her shoulder blade before gently falling asleep and Mari glanced back at him before looking forward. Was it wrong to think of this man, completely different from her husband, as a replica? It was insulting to him, probably, but it comforted her. Mari fell asleep and when she woke up, Madara was still asleep. Mari turned to him and laid against his bare chest. He opened his eyes momentarily to see what was going on, before putting his left hand on her back to hold her and closed his eyes to continue his rest. She looked over the scars on the front of his chest which seemed worse than those on his back. Some were deep and some were shallow, some thin and barely see able and some long and grotesque. All seemed to be marks of battles that somehow portrayed he had won but she was unsure. Mari squirmed a little to get out of the hold Madara had on her before she looked up at him,

"Madara." She said and his eyes opened as he stared out into the room vacantly, "I need to get out." His gaze looked down at her with a slight questioning look that was tinted with confusion. "Breakfast." She said and He blinked slowly, "I need to make breakfast." His dark eyes stared at her until what she said registered in his head. When it did he pulled his left arm away so she could roll off the bed and on to her feet before covering him with the sheets,

"Fried egg…on toast." Madara said sleepily, yawning and covering his mouth with a hand,

"Alright, I'll get to it." She said and Madara stared at her before rolling onto his stomach and pushing his head into the pillow, grumbling before continuing to sleep. Mari went into the kitchen and began the breakfast morning by making her breakfast first and, much like Tobi, Madara left the bedroom, showered and half-naked, just as she put his medium-well fried egg on a thick piece of toast on his plate. "Good Morning." Madara's hair was up in a messy pony tail as he dazedly stared at the kitchen. He was a slow starter so before breakfast both Tobi and Madara would aimlessly wander unless given some sort of instructions until after they had eaten. "Come on." She gently persuaded and Madara sat down on a cushion before the table as she placed his plate before him with salt and pepper, a small bottle of soy sauce, and a tall cup of freshly made tea. She sat down with her own plate and the two clapped their hands and said their thanks before eating.

"Morning." He grumbled in her direction and she smiled, nodding, before eating her breakfast of the same thing he was having. Madara finished his in three bites and gulped down his tea, before she got up and gave him another egg on toast that he finished off in moderation,

"Don't worry I made more." She said and he nodded, finishing off a 6th one he got up and stretched, finally awake. As Mari pulled up her book and kept reading the book. There was a banging on the door and Mari looked up as Tobi's voice sounded, "Mari, let me in!" Madara got up and Mari laid the book against her chest and looked at the door with an uneasy expression and Madara walked away, stopping in the kitchen door way,

"Stay here." He instructed and went to the door, opening it and Tobi stood there, "Do you understand what time in the morning it is?" Madara questioned bluntly and Tobi tried to see around him but Madara didn't budge,

"Move, let me see Mari." Tobi demanded but Madara simply stepped forward and pulled the door shut behind him, "Let me see my wife, damn it!" Madara scratched his cheek lightly,

"Do you mean my wife?" He questioned before Madara looked him dead in the face, "Sorry, I don't condone my wife having any type of relations with savages. It might influence her and I wouldn't want that." Tobi clenched his fist,

"She's pregnant- with my kid." Tobi snapped and Madara was unfazed, "It's mine not yours."

"True," Madara said and smirked, "But I'll raise it as mine anyways. It won't know the difference since you and I look so much alike." Tobi was stunned by his coldness and Madara crossed his arms, "Tobi, this is the last time I'll be civil with you for Mari's sake. If I see you, I'll kill you. If Mari sees you, I'll come and kill you. If you ever touch or disrupt her in anyway, there will not be a second in a minute in an hour in a day, where the wish you had not been born does not cross your mind. I hope I've made my message clear." Madara said, opening the door, "I'll be back soon." He voiced a little louder than his normal tone to let Mari know, before he shut the door and the sound of it being locked filled the silence between Tobi and Madara. "Excuse me, I have some things to take care of." Madara walked off and Tobi stood there before looking around for a way to get inside the house as Madara walked down the street and casually meandered into pet shops, leaving empty handed as Tobi stalked him (After finding no way in the house without disturbing Mari.)

Madara paused before going down an alley, vanishing for almost half an hour before reappearing with a large black leopard with a Headband around it's neck and he lead it back down the road, stopping for a moment and looking into a little clothes shop before going in and coming out with little bag and continuing back to his own home an unlocking the door once more. Tobi watched from a distance as Madara kept the large cat in the living room, getting Mari from the kitchen and covering her eyes as he lead her to it. Her happy face when he moved his hands from her eyes and she hugged the cat. There seemed to be more happiness in her smile with Madara than there ever was in her smile with Tobi.

And that's when Tobi realized that he could probably never win against Madara for his own wife's heart. "Do you understand now?" Madara's voice said and Tobi looked up, Madara standing next to the leopard as it sat down on the ground, "I've won and you have lost-" "Tobi?" Madara looked over as Tobi abruptly stood up. Mari stood not too far away, "What are you doing here?" She asked obliviously and Madara snickered softly at Tobi as he glared at Madara.

"He was just leaving, don't mind him." Madara said, staring at Tobi and said, "Right Tobi?" Tobi stepped out of the bushes and Mari frowned,

"Maybe Tobi can help you with the shopping?" Mari voiced and the two looked over, at her, "I can't really make dinner without ingredients and I forgot to pick them up. Oh, but, if you two mind then I'll go out and get them still-"

"I don't mind!" The two rivals voiced at the same time and Mari blinked in surprise, before smiling,

"Oh, ok then. Let me get you a list." Mari smiled and the two smiled as she shut the door before glaring at one another,

"Hn, an unfortunate circumstance. No matter. I will efficiently collect everything without your help." Madara said and Tobi scoffed, "I can get everything off the list without your help too and I'll score the brownie points." Madara chuckled,

"An old dog can't be taught new tricks." Madara voiced and Tobi twitched, "Well, I may have some age on me but I also have a lot more experience-"

"That's enough." The two looked over and a very annoyed looking Mari stood next to them both, "You two are acting like kids." Madara opened his mouth to say something and she pointed to them both, "You're grown men! Act like it!" They nodded, "Here's a list for dinner," Mari said and gave Madara a list, "Take Tobi with you. He can tell the best items and prices (Almost as well as me). I have to clean. If there's another problem then I won't cook anything." Madara tried to speak again and she narrowed her eyes at him, "I will not cook." He nodded and so did Tobi. "Please try to get everything soon." With that, she went back into the house and Madara blushed a bit as Tobi looked at him,

"I think I've fallen for your strange wife even more, Tobi. Thanks for bringing us together." Madara smirked.