This story is a continuation of the finale. Everything that occurred in the series preceded this. The story takes place at graduation and the upcoming summer; however, much of the missing two years will be dealt with. I hope you enjoy!

{Future Unwritten - Part One}

He takes one step forward and enters the gymnasium that is decorated with banners and balloons. At first all that can be heard is the sound of cheers and tears from the audience. He sees the flashing lights of cameras and all of that fades in an instant. He listens to Lux speaking so elegantly about the last two years, and thinks about the time that has passed. He sits down in the back row and watches and listens to the girl he has tried to forget the last two years but hasn't been able to. Lux continues her speech "We all learn what a light-year is and these years have all been our light lights… no matter what I do or where I go, you are my constant. And now we graduate" The room explodes in cheer and he bites his lower lip. He debates his next move. The last two years seem to instantly vanish. He reverts back to the day when his life changed forever. The day when hearing, "Minnesota" meant something different. Something special. Something wonderful. When he was just a guy and she was just a girl in a bar . Before he realized it, he was sitting alone at the back of the gym. He looked up and saw the crowds of parents, family, and friends departing. He pulled his baseball cap down further to avoid any glances from his former co-workers and students. He watched Lux, and Jones kissed. For a moment he was stunned. Of course he had pictured Lux ending up with someone, god knows he tried over and over to capture the kind of love he had felt with Lux but no woman seemed to compare. But the pain he felt watching Lux with someone else made his heart ache.

"What am I even doing here?" He mumbled under his breath.

"I'm gonna grab some water" Lux yelled to what looked like no one, however, Tasha nodded and continued to take pictures of her class on the bleachers.

"This is it" Eric thought as he walked behind Lux out of the gym.

Clusters of parents had gathered outside, telling stories and sharing pictures. Laughter filled the room. Eric saw Lux find Baze and Cate. She hugged them briefly and told them something that he couldn't quite hear. She walked off towards the drinking fountain which was down the empty hall. He casually walked behind her until he felt it was safe and they were as alone as they could be at a high school graduation. Just as she was reaching down to take a drink she heard it "Hey Eeyore"

She turned and saw him. To stunned to move, she just stared at him. She spent months hoping that he would return. Interrogating Cate, Baze, Math, anyone who may have had insight as to where he was. She tilted her head to the side and smiled almost automatically.

"I've missed you, Lux." Eric said with a grin.

Lux nodded. "Um. What are you doing here?"

Eric stepped closer "I wanted to see you. I needed to see you."

"I have to go, Eric. Pictures, dinners, and graduation stuff you know?" She said as she started to walk past him.

He reached for her hand "Lux, wait."

A single tear fell down her cheek "I can't do this now."

Eric reached for a pen in his pocket. He wrote his number on Lux's hand. "When you're ready. I'm here for a few days." He hugged her briefly, and she walked away. "I'm proud of you – that was a great speech" he said. Then she was gone.

Eric walked outside. It was a warm June day. He debated waiting for Lux, but knew she would need time, he was just hoping that she would make the time for him, for them.

Lux hurried back into the gym for the last of their class pictures. Tasha looked at Lux noticing that something seemed off with her best friend. "What's going on?" Tasha asked.

Lux shook her head. "Nothing" she smiled and pulled Tasha in for a quick hug.

Tasha nodded "Ok." She said with a forced smile.

Jones appeared out of no where and puts his arms around Tasha and Lux "Tonight we parrrrty in style" he says with a mischievous grin.

Tasha pulls away slightly from Jones and Lux. She feels an abundance of emotions with it comes to Jones. She fell hard and fast for him two years ago, and it ended right after it started. She still remembers the day she got released from kiddy jail and Lux and Jones told her that they wanted to be together, but only if she approved. She said she did. How could she not? Lux was her best friend and she had to support her. She knew that Jones felt something for her, and being a consolation prize wasn't her thing – no matter, how she really felt inside. "I'm gonna go talk to Math. Yearbook stuff." Tasha says while trying to get away.

Lux nodded and looks at Jones "I will meet you later tonight. I've got some stuff to do, so I'll meet you later tonight…" she seems distracted "I'll meet you later tonight".

Jones raises his eyebrow "You already said that"

Lux fakes a smile and kisses Jones on his cheek "Tonight, ok?"

Jones nods.

- 2 hours later –

"Lux, we're leaving. Call me tonight, I don't care how late. Love you." Cate yells up the stairs as her and Baze leave.

"Love you too." Lux yells back down. She walks over to her desk, and looks at her cap and tassel that sge placed there moments before. She picks up a picture of her and Jones from prom last year. Lux then reaches in the drawer and pulls out the compass that Eric gave her and she smiles. She looks down at her hand and sees his number. She grabs her phone and dials but hangs up. Dials again but again hangs up. She throws the phone down and screams. Every fiber of her wants to not mess up, to not make the wrong choice, to not hurt anyone. She picks up the phone and dials.

"Hello?" Eric answers.

Lux is silent for a moment "Eric" she barely whispers into the receiver.

"Lux! I'm so glad that you called" Eric says.

"W-Where are you?" Lux asks.

"I've got a hotel room near the bar – Bazes bar"

"On Willshire Drive?"

"Yeah" Eric says with a pause "Room 224"

"I can be there in ten minutes"

"Ok" Eric says as Lux disconnects the call.

Nearing Cates house, Tasha comes walking up. Sensing that something is wrong, she is coming to check on Lux. Two houses down she sees Lux walking out of her house. She calls for Lux but she doesn't seem to hear Tasha. Tasha decides to follow her. Lux didn't take her car, so Tasha knew that she wasn't going far. She keeps the same stride as Lux but stays far enough away. She sees Lux walk by the bar and assumes that she is going to see Baze but Lux keeps walking until she stops just outside of the hotel. She wonders if Lux is meeting Jones. She gets closer and as Lux begins to knock on room 224, Tasha is shocked to see that the person the other side is Mr. Daniels.

Not more than a block away from the hotel, Cate is sitting down on a bar stool talking to Math. "What's taking him so long?" Cate asks Math while looking my stairs.

Math shakes his head "The lady that he is showing the loft to seems like a battleax.

Cate nods. "He seems to be bending over backwards to get her to take the loft. Nothing is going on with the bars finances right, Math? You'd tell me? I mean why else would he be trying to get that woman to lease the loft?

Math quickly changes the subject "No, I'm sure everything is fine with the bar. I think with Lux getting ready to leave for college, he just wants to get this chapter of his life sorted out. I mean he's basically been living at your place for the last year, and with me and Alice and the baby - there's just no need to keep upstairs empty. "

"I see" Cate says.

Math begins walking away "I'll see what's keeping them"

Cate smiles. She walks over to the cash register and looks at some of the general ledgers that Baze keeps in the file cabinet but can't make out much of it. Still she has a nagging suspicion that something is going on that Baze isn't telling her about. Something about the bar.

Back at Eric's hotel

Answering the door, Eric smiles and motions for Lux to enter, which she quickly does.

"I can't do this, Eric. I can't lie to Cate, and Baze again. And to Jones, my boyfriend. I just can't put myself…" Eric stops her and reaches for her hand.

"Do you still love me?"

Lux shakes her head no, but replies with a simple "Yes"

"I love you too, Lux. You don't know how much and how long I have wanted to say that to you. But, if you want me to walk away, to leave and never come back I will do that. I will do whatever you want me to do."

Lux bites her lip "I never got to say goodbye to you. That is something that I have regretted. Closure that I needed – closure that I still need." She moves closer to him.

Eric pulls her in tight and kisses the top of her head "Is it a goodbye that you are looking for?"

"I don't know – I – I don't know. I'm with Jones."

Eric nods. "I understand Lux. I'm not asking for anything to happen between us. If it does, great. I've just spent the last two years missing you and I waited for you. I'm here if you want me"

Something about him, just makes Lux weak at the knees. Listening to him tell her that he wants her, makes her want nothing more than to stay with him forever, but deep down she knows that he is just a fantasy. "I have to go, Eric." Lux says walking for the door. "I – I will call you later" She says as she leaves.

Eric shuts the door and runs his fingers through his hair and sighs.

"Screw it" Lux says aloud and pounds on the door of the hotel room. "Minnesota" she says with a smile as Eric opens the door.