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Erika burst through his door.

"IKKI! WAKE UP!" She screamed at him like no tomorrow, and sure enough he woke up.

"… *Yawn* Hey, Erika…"

"Hey? Is that all you can say? Do you have ANY idea what time it is?" Erika furiously pointed at the clock. It read, "7:29 AM". He stared blankly for a few moments and his face instantly changed, showing horror and terror.

"Se- Se- 7:30? Oh man! I'm gonna be late! On the first day too!" He began to change, but he realized something.
"Erika, get out of my roo-" It was too late. She had red-ed out from the embarrassment.

"… Is this really gonna be my first day of high school?"

"Man, it sure is great that medabots don't go to school…"
"Shut it, Medabee…"

"By the way, don't you have to wear a uniform to school?" It was then when he realized Erika had a sailor uniform on.
"Second drawer from the bottom, dear!"

"Whew… Thanks mom… Hey Medabee, can you place Erika on the couch downstairs or something?"
"What? Why me?"

"Cuz I'm busy, you worthless piece of scrap metal."

"*Sigh* Please?"
"Well since you asked nicely…"
"Ikki! Your friends are here!" He suited up as fast as he could and looked at Erika, who was still unconscious.
"Jeez. You think with a spirit like hers, she'd be up by now… Well, I guess I have no choice…" He put Erika on his back and walked downstairs.
"Oh dear! What happened to her?"
"It's a long story… I'll tell you later." He put on his shoes, and ran out.
"See ya, Mrs. Tenryo!" Medabee followed him.

Outside stood several people that he wasn't suspecting: Ginkai, Kam… Koji, and Karen!
"Kam! Koji! Karen! What are you doing here!"
"What does it look like, dork? We're going to school with you." Kouji replied as if Ikki was told a thousand times before.

"But you guys are super rich! You guys should be in some private high school!"

"It turns out the education at your school is actually on par with the private schools in the area! And our parents thought it'd be a better experience for us." Karen gently laughed after telling Ikki this.
"And Kam! Aren't you a grade schooler?"
"Are you making fun of my height, Ikki Tenryo?" An air of gloom and chaos surrounded the two of them.

"Ummm, not at all! Absolutely not!" said Ikki with a terrified voice.
"Wow, you guys are completely blowing me off! Thanks."
"Ginkai! Where's Ark-Dash?"
"Right over here!" He jumped from the tree above right in front of Medabee and Ikki.
"AY, WATCH IT! Are you TRYING to damage my tinpet?" Medabee was glaring at Ark-Dash.

"No! But I gladly will!"
"Oh really!"
"Later, Medabee! I promise. We gotta get to school and Erika to the Infirmary!"
"That brings up a question… Why is she on your back?"
"I'll tell you later… We are LATE! RUN!"

They arrived as soon as the opening ceremony ended.
"Talk about timing…" Ikki looked at the map for the Infrimary.
"Oh look!" Everyone looked at the class lists. "We're in the same class! Isn't that great? 9-A!"

"Awesome!" Ginkai and Ikki high fived(magically).

"This is more than fine." Kam said calmly.

"Anywhere is fine as long as it's with you, Karen." Koji clasped her hand and looked her in the eye.

"Right… You two love birds have fun okay? I'll see you in homeroom." Ikki rushed for the infirmary.

"She will be okay, right Nurse?" Ikki had a concerned tone.
"It was just a red out. She'll be fine…. Tell me, what happened?"
"… I'd rather not say."

"BAHAHA! IT WAS HILARIOUS! IKKI WAS CHANGING AND MMF!" Ikki covered his speech part.
"Alright, party pooper." He stepped on the windowsill. "Later!" He jumped out.

"*Sigh* Man, that hunk of junk never listens."
"Your medabot is a strange one…"
"Isn't he? But he's my best friend. And he always will be…" He began reminiscing his past. The world championships, the Rubber-Robo Gang, Rokusho, the medaforce… All of it.

"Hey… Wait… Ikki Tenryo is your name right? The one who got the runner up 4 years ago?"
"Ahaha! Yep! That's me!"

"Interesting… Well your friend here will be just fine. She'll be up and running around in about 30 minutes.
"Okay! Thanks." The school bell rang.
"Gotta run! I talk to you later!" He took his bag and ran to homeroom.

He plopped down on his desk and plugged his notebook into the desk when suddenly, he heard a fight. In his classroom. Right. Behind. Him. And the voices were too familiar. Koji and…. Ginkai?

"You are so cocky! You think because you're rich, you can do anything?"
"When did I say that? Get it through your thick skull!"
"Oh please stop fighting!" Karen tried to stop them.

"She's right you know. You both are acting like fools." Kam only made the situation worse...
"WHAT DID YOU SAY!" They said it in unison.
"How about you guys settle this with a robattle. After school." He suggested.

"Jeez. First day, and you guys are already fighting…." Ikki sighed and slumped at his desk.

The teacher walked in.

"Hello students! Please take a seat!"
The group sat adjacent to one another, leaving one seat open for Erika. Coincidently, it was next to Ikki.
"Ikki Tenryo?"

"Erm… nothing. Just taking roll."
"Oh… Sorry, sir.
"Erika Amazake?... Amazake?"
"Ah, sir. She's in the Infirmary." Ikki answered his unspoken question.

"I see… Do you know why, Mr. Tenryo?"

"Um… I'd rather not say…"

"Okay… Tenryo, I'd like to see you after class." The class was echoing with "Ooh's"

Math was a slow class… especially for Ikki. He had been in the advanced course ever since he could remember… but he didn't know why. (A/N sorta like me. But I dropped out of it in 7th grade.)

He took notes like every other high school zombie. Mindlessly… taking notes…

But he fell asleep. Typical Ikki. He woke up at a good time though. As soon as the teacher was giving out the homework, he jolted into attention.

The bell rang. More specifically, the lunch bell. Kids got up to enjoy the only free time in their day.

Ikki went to the teacher.
"You wanted to speak to me, sir?"

"Ah yes. So what happened to Erika?"

"Umm… She caught me in a bad time-"

"Mhmm… Just being a boy I guess. Don't worry Ikki, I did that stuff too. You know with the internet and such.."

"Sir… she caught me changing."

"OH. OH. *Ahem* Um. Carry on with your day then. This conversation never happened…"

I think I'm scarred for life… thought Ikki as he was exiting the room.

He walked to the cafeteria; with his back slumped and his wilted. Kouji and Ginkai ran up to him. They started bombarding Ikki with questions.
"So Ikki… What type of trouble did you cause this time?" asked Koji.

"Ha! Knowing him, he probably did something that tried to get him more attention."

"GUYS! He just asked me what happened with me and Erika!"
"That reminds me. Now is later. What happened?" Koji stared down at him.
"Erm, nothing really!" He and Ginkai grasped Ikki by the shoulder. They had a grin that showed a bad omen..

"No really! I insist! Tell us!"
"Yes, Ikki! What really happened?" Their hold grew tighter.

Ikki sighed and said, "Well… She came to my house to wake me up… I woke up and started to change, but I forgot she was there and she had a red out…"

Koji and Ginkai looked at each other and started to roll on the floor, bursting with laughter.

"Guys, keep it down! You're attracting attention…"

He glanced around the cafeteria. Erika was still nowhere to be found.

"Where's Erika? You'd think she'd be up by now." A nearby girl heard what he said.

"Ikki likes Erika?"

"What the hell? No! What made you jump to that? Who would ever like a selfish girl like her!"


Ikki felt a dark presence behind him. He slowly turned around and said, "E-E-Er-Erika! What are you d-d-doing here?"

"Oh nothing. Just getting judged by my best friend."
"Hey, hey… I'm not judg-"
"OH REALLY! I wonder who was the one who called me selfish!"




Ginkai turned and asked Koji, "Do they always fight like this?"

Koji only sighed and said, "I've never seen a day when they haven't."

They both sighed and started to snicker. "They're sorta look like a married couple!"

"I concur, Ginkai!"

They looked up and stopped laughing when they saw Ikki and Erika glaring at them.

"A married couple, huh?" Erika paused for a moment and rifted her hand through her hair. "I'll show you a couple! Ikki! I challenge you to a robattle!"

"Wha-? Now?" Ikki changed back to his normal self.

"Yes! NOW! Outside! LET'S GO!"

"Wait, Erika! We're in school! Can't we talk this over?"

"Nuh-uh! What, are you chicken?"
"No! Why would I be?"
"Then stand and FIGHT!" Erika exclaimed and pointed outside.

"Heh. Your choice. Don't cry after I destroy you."

"Cocky for someone who can't even control his medabot."

"Oh, you're on."

There was a crowd of people watching the robattle and there was cheering and a bit too much commotion.

"Transport Brass!"
There was a blue orb and in the middle of it spawned Erika's medabot, Sailor-Multi, aka. Brass.
"Medabee, time to fight!"
Now this was unorthodox. Usually a medafighter would transport his/her medabot from his watch. But with that call, Medabee came jumping out of the tree and said, "You called?"
"Mhmm! Your opponent is my so-called best friend."
"Brass? I can't fight her!"
"Wha? But Medabee!"

"Are you kidding me! She's a girl! Where's your pride!"

On the other corner…
"Brass! Your opponent is that jerk and his ugly, yellow KBT over there!"

"..But Miss Erika… I don't want to fight my friends!"
"Brass! What are you saying! He's a total jerk!"
"That's only your friendship. He's like a brother to you!"
"Urgh! Shut up! Shut up! Listen Brass; if we win, we can finally shut that cocky, arrogant mug of Ikki's!"

Ikki was still talking to Medabee.
"Please, Medabee! Just this once! You had to fight plenty of female of medabots! Remember Blakbeetle?"

Kam sneezed. "Hmm? I must be coming down with a cold of some sort."

"Yeah, I do! But she had the strength to defend herself!"

Ikki knew that Medabee wouldn't hurt Brass, so he started to strategize. After a while, he figured it out.

"You won't have to hit her. Actually, you won't have to touch her."
"I'm listening…"

"Just follow me…"

"HEY IKKI! Ready yet?"


All of a sudden, a very familiar voice came from somewhere.

"Then it's agreed!"
It was Mr. Referee! He was rappeling down the school roof, but as he was coming down, the rope snapped.

"Wo- Woah!" The school children all gasped! Miraculously, he got up without any problems.

Ikki stared at him and thought Is he immortal? How does he do that EVERY TIME!

"This will be an official submission robattle! The loser will give up one part to the winner! Medafighters, ready?"



"Medabots! ROBATTLE!" Immediately, the two medabots charged at each other.
"Medabee! Get in close, then fire reaction bombs!"
"Brass, shoot with your Pateri Vulcan!"
Brass gave a word of confirmation, "Roger!" She raised her right arm and started to fire. But even though she had a good fire rate, the Sailor-Multi model didn't have enough firepower to stop Medabee in his tracks.

"Fire reaction bombs, overdrived volume!"
Koji and Ginkai yelled, "COVER YOUR EARS!"

Two massive explosions sent shockwaves and created noise so great that the ground cracked open.

"Perfect! Medabee! Aero mode!"
Medabee changed his shape in to an airplane, his legs shifting back and up and clicking to his body, brought out wings. The bottom of his leg parts opened up to reveal thrusters and his head turned into the shape of a fighter jet cockpit.

"The ground! Brass, watch out!"

"Ahh!" The ground opened up beneath her feet and she sank in, but before she fell, Medabee grabbed her.
"Gotcha! Woah. Déjà vu." (A/N Anyone who names the scene this was based off of, I will send a virtual cookie.)
Erika stared in disbelief. How did he think of that so quickly? And he would've won… If he hadn't saved Brass.
She mumbled, "I yield…"

"Opponent forfeits! Function ceased! The winner is Ikki!"

Medabee continued to help Brass up. Ikki walked over to Erika, who was still dumbfounded.

"Are you content now?"
"How? How did you do it?"
"Well, I knew Medabee wouldn't hurt the love of his life…" In the background, he yelled ,"HEY!"

"… so I had to find a way to beat you without hurting Brass… And reaction bombs only shake and cause noise, so if I brought the volume to overdrive, I could create a tremor big enough, even to cause a hole in concrete deep enough that someone could fall in. Although, I'm goin' to be in big trouble, now that I think about it…"

"Huh… Wow… Impressive…" She gained her confidence again.

"But next time! You're gonna be the one losing!" She pointed at Ikki. To her surprise, he smiled. But there was something special with this smile. Her heart felt warm when she saw it.

"Okay… I'll look forward to it!" Upon saying this, Erika blushed and just nodded. Her heart was thumping. Could it be? That she… nah… Ikki would never think of her like that. But thinking this made her a bit sad. She tried to dismiss the thought but she couldn't get it out of her head. Him.

The rest of the day went smoothly. No more mishaps, although Ikki was forced to rebuild the walkway.

The final bell rang.

Ikki had one more thing troubling him though.

"Ginkai… Koji… I thought you were gonna robattle!"
"Oh yeah!"
"Thanks for the reminder!"
"RICH BOY! Here! Now!"

"No prob, fatso!"
"What? You'll regret what you just said!"
The group started to laugh. Erika started to walk home with Brass.

"Erika! Don't you wanna watch?"
"No thanks. I've had enough robattling for one day. Besides I need to go home and work on a news report!"
"Typical… See ya tomorrow?"
"You betcha. You better be awake tomorrow."

"Heh heh… I'll try!"
"Only you, Ikki."

On her way home, she asked her medabot, "Brass, remember when you said Ikki was like a brother?"
"Why yes."

"Well, I may think of him as more…"

"*Gasp* Could this be Miss Erika's first love!"
"Shh! Not so loud!"

"But.. but with Ikki? I guess this was sort of predictable."
"Be quiet, Brass!"

"Well I wish you luck!"
"On what?"
"With you getting Ikki!"
"What! Never…" She looked down at her feet.

"… He'd never think of me like that…"
Brass looked concerned and said, "Well! Anything can happen! Just try your best!"
"Ahaha! You're right Brass!"
"Hey, Erika!"

A couple feet back was Ikki and the rest of the gang.

"Hey guys!"

Koji and Ginkai looked exhausted.

"So who won?"
"Neither. It was a tie…"

"What? Really?"

"Yup. Both Sumiledon and Ark-dash punched each other at the same time, resulting in a simultaneous function ceased."

"Cool. Ahaha!"
The group continued to walk back home until it was just Erika and Ikki walking home.

"Hey…" Ikki started to talk

"Sorry about today… You know… calling you selfish and all."

"It's fine… I guess I am… a little…"
"Tch. Yeah. 'Little'."


"Well… I'm home."
"I'd better go to…" When Ikki began to leave, Erika did something… unexpected. She embraced him from the back.

"E-E-Erika? What are you doing?"
"Come on. We've been friends all our lives. A hug is the least you can let me give."

Ikki was silent for a bit and said, "I guess so…" and grabbed her hands from the front.

That night, the stars seemed to shine even brighter than before.

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Medabee and Ikki beat Brass and Erika without even landing a single, solid hit!


WINNINGS: Left Arm Part- Short Shot

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