She walked into the room and laid on the bed sighing in happiness. She had just got back from work. Seung Jo had the night shift and told her to go home. Walking down the hall she heard Eun Jo doing homework and decided to check up on him.

"Eun Jo, do you need anything to help you with your studies maybe a glass of water?" she said politely.

"No thanks, but where is hyung?" he asked.

"Work, they gave him the night shift." She answered nicely.

He nodded and went back to doing his homework. "Oh yeah, your mother called saying that she wants you to sleep early tonight."


I went downstairs and sat in the table thinking of how to tell Seung Jo the news. How was I going to tell him I was growing a baby in my stomach? How was I going to explain all of this?

I smiled to myself at the thought of Seung Jo chasing around his son or daughter.

"What's so funny?" a male voice said.

I jumped up as I saw Seung Jo standing in front of me. "I said what's so funny?"

I smiled again and stood up leading him to the room. "Daddy…?" I said quietly.

"Huh, what did you say?" he said again.

"I am pregnant…" I said trying not to get yelled at the best way I can.

He stood silent and then placed his hands on my shoulders and laying me on the bed and smiled. "Seriously?" he said again.

I nodded and giggled. "Yes."

He kissed me on the cheek then the lips. I giggled and then sat up. "I didn't know how you were gonna take it? I was pretty scared. So…?" I said smiling.

He nodded and stood up roaming the room. "It's too small just for the both of us… but another… we need our own place."

I smiled. Just the thought of us having our own home… it makes me happy inside.

"What about mother? Isn't she going to be sad?" I said touching the end of my lip.

He smiled and held me by my waist. "She will forget about that when we tell her your pregnant… wait, how you found out?" he said.

"I went to the doctor yesterday, you know when I wasn't feeling good, I decided to get checked up and they told me I was 2 months pregnant." I said.

He smiled and kissed me again, I always wondered how he would act as a father… I never have seen him act as one before. I mean Eun Jo is his brother… maybe I can ask him…

"Is there something you want to ask me?" he said smiling.

I nodded and began to speak. "Are you ready… you know to raise a baby at 22 years old." I said with a quivering voice.

He hugged, embracing me with his masculine arms. His scent that I could never forget or get tired of overwhelmed me. I blushed and saw that he was chuckling.

"YAH, what's funny. That was a serious question Seung Jo!" I whined.

He smiled down on me and kissed me on the lips. Not to mention the fact that he was very cheerful I think he was ready.

"Yeah… we are one crazy couple… don't you think." He said winking at me. I smiled and nodded quickly before I went to change. When I came out Seung Jo was on the bed… shirtless. I blushed and climbed next to him.

"Yah, Oh Ha N… were you looking at my body?" he said with a smirk.

I blushed and looked away as he laughed and started tickling me.

"Seung Jo… Hahahahaha! Stop! Don't Hahahahaha!" I said trying not to be too loud.

He stopped and pulled me close to him as my head rested on his bare chest. Why is he so… hehe cute!

"Seung Jo… when should I start telling people I am pregnant. You can tell whenever you please…" I said.

"Tomorrow… we can do it tomorrow. Shall we announce it to the family tomorrow morning?" he said looking at me.

I like how he is considering me in this situation. "Yes." I said smiling.

"Seung Jo… can I WAIT!" I said jumping out of bed and running to Eun Jo's room. "Good, fast asleep." I sighed and cuddled back in Seung Jo's arms.

He raised an eyebrow. "What were you just doing?" he asked.

I smiled and sat up. "Mother said I needed to check on Eun Jo because her and father were coming late, as for my dad."

He smiled and pulled me back close to him. "As I was saying… you love me right?" I said.


I got up and crossed my arms and puffed out my face. I heard him laughing. "Don't joke like that. You know how long it took me to get you to like me! Gosh!"

"Oh Ha Ni… how could you even ask that question. Of course I love you, I mean I gave up Hae Rae for you…" he said trying not to laugh.

I hit him and groaned. "At least you're honest."

He pulled me back into his chest and kissed my forehead. "Go on…"

"Oh yeah, I was wondering. You will look at me the same even when I have the big belly and when I am wobbling all around the house… right?" I said.

He looked at me and smiled. "Of course I will. Ha Ni… your my wife the person I vowed to spend the rest of my life with. Obviously I knew at some point you were gonna get pregnant. I was prepared for this moment. You are my wife, my love and the mother of my child. You will always look beautiful to me no matter what." He said hugging me.