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They regroup at 9 o'clock. Rick and Alexis are already there, waiting for her.

"Hi Katie, did you sleep well"

"Yes I did Lex, I slept pretty well, did you"

"Yes I did, we also got a surprise when we got home last night. My mommy was there aand she said that she can stay a couple of days, isn't that cool" Kate looked at Rick and could tell that he was not happy.

"That is really cool. Why don't you go talk to Esposito and we will be over in a minute"

"Okay" she runs over to Espos desk, Kate turns to rick

"I can see you are not happy about this"

"No I am not, she does this every time she comes. She says to Alexis she will stay for a couple days but then leaves after two without saying goodbye to Lex. It is not fair to her"

"I know it is not. Do you want to spar with me or go to the gym later? After we solve this"

"Sure if Lanie can watch Alexis"

"I think she can"

"Okay I am pretty sure this was a hate crime. He seems to be involved in gangs. Check all rivals to him"

They got the killers it was indeed a hate crime. Kate and Rick then go to the gym.

"I really don't want to hurt you rick but okay"

She knocks him down 4 times, he knocks her down 2. 'Don't worry Katie I don't want to hurt YOU' he says to himself. They get done sparring and move to the weights and the tread mills. Rick out runs her and lifts more, she doesn't let that deter her. She still thinks working out with him it is fun. They hit the showers and then regroup in the break checks the time and decides he has to get Alexis home.

"Daddy can Javi and Ryan and Lanie and Katie come over for dinner? pwease" She shows him her puppy dog can't resist.

"Alright I will ask them, hey guys would you all like to come to dinner at my house say 6:30?" They all say yes and he is doesn't have to be near Meredith alone and his mother will be there also.

He is just getting all of the food and drinks ready with help from his mother, Martha when Meredith strolls in with shopping bags on each arm.

"Richard are we having a party"

"No Meredith, I am inviting my friends from the 12th over for dinner. They have been so nice to me and Alexis. It is the nice thing to do"

"Why didn't you tell me this I would have been here earlier" she seemed mad but he didn't care.

"They should be here in about 5 minutes, so that outfit looks okay" 'little over the top but okay'. The door bell rings and Alexis comes flying from the living room to the door. The door opens and Kate is there first. Alexis sees her and starts running.

"Katie! You made it!" Kate kneels downs hugs and scoops up Alexis

"Of course baby girl, I wouldn't miss this for my life"

"Thank you for coming Katie, I love you" Alexis whispers in her ear and then kisses her cheek.

"You're welcome baby, I love you too" she whispers back a kisses her forehead. Rick was watching this whole time and his heart melted from the scene. At that point Meredith cut in.

"Soo you must be Kate, Richard told me about you" Alexis' grip on Kate gets tighter. Alexis is getting tenser, Kate tries to sooth her by rubbing her back and it works.

"Yes I am Kate, Rick has told me about you too. Pleasure to meet you"

"you too" the door bell rings again and it is Lanie and Javi at the door. Kates puts Alexis down and she runs toward Lanie

"Coccinelle! (Ladybug)" Lanie picks her up and swings her around

"Hey missy, you gave me a nickname. Why ladybug"

"caws silly, you are energetic and sassy and I love ladybugs and I love you also"

"Aww, well my Papillon (butterfly) I love you too". She hugs her tight and then sets her down. Alexis then switches to Italian

"Leone! (Lion)" she runs to Javi's legs and her picks her up and throws her in the air. She laughs

"Lion, I like it. Is it because I am fierce?"

"It is because, you are loyal and protective, and you never back down from anything". She turns back to Kate. She knows a little bit of Russian so she decides to nickname her in that language "see greetzah (tigress)" Kate is shocked but goes with it.

"I am a tigress why"

"Because you are fierce and loving and protective and..." she looks around the room and then switches to Russian "I'm your cub" Kate and Rick are beyond shocked right now.

"Okay, Krasnee (red), let's get settled" Meredith is shocked right now because Alexis is so attached to the people. She has only seen them a couple times and she already loves them, they love her back too.

After dinner everyone was sitting on the couch, Meredith decided it was time to leave. "Alexis, I just got a call from my agent, he says that there is an audition for a film that I need to go too. I will see you later okay" Alexis at this point was crying her eyes out in front of everyone. Alexis ran to Kate and Lanie, she snuggled into their sides and their hearts broke for her. She then says in Italian which everyone but Meredith knows, Rick knows a little bit but understands this time because Alexis speaks slowly.

"Katie, can you be my mommy and Lanie can be my second mommy" they snuggle her even more to them.

"Sure baby, we can do that"

"Thank you see greetzah, coccinelle" Meredith becomes even more upset.

"Alexis can you say bye to me, I will only be gone for a little while"

Alexis launches of the couch and starts yelling at her "No, I will not say good bye to you! I already have a family here without you. I have a Leone, coccinelle. I have a mother and she is Katie. I am Katie's cub, you are not my mommy. Mommies stay and love there cubs like Katie and Lanie. Mommies stay forever they don't lea-" Meredith slaps Alexis, she falls to the ground. Alexis looks up at her and tears start to fall down her face. She gets up and runs to Kate. "KAAATIIIE!" Kate picks her up and shushes her, and holds her tight.

"It's okay baby, I have you, no one going to hurt you again" Lanie jumps off of the couch and get up in Meredith's face.

"Leave my Papillon alone! You had no right to touch her" Rick gets up too

"Get out Meredith. As you can see, she has a family that is fine without you in it".

"Fine, I was leaving anyways" she walks out the front door.

Rick walks over to Alexis "Lexi, come here, let me see you" Alexis shakes her head no and snuggles more into Kates chest.

"No want to stay with mommy tonight" Kate can see Rick getting more upset then he already is. She decides to make a suggestion.

"Would you like to stay at my house for a couple of days Lex? Maybe Lanie will too"

"Can I please daddy"

"Sure Lexi, let's go get you stuff together" he moves to get her but she grips onto Kate even harder.

"No stay with Katie and Lanie"

"Okay, then I will go get your stuff and monkey-bunkey".

"Kay" Alexis hold her arms out toward Lanie. Lanie takes her very gently and rubs her back.

"You're okay now Papillon"

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