AN: It seems like few people liked (or even read) my last fic, so I decided to get a new one goin'. This is a three-way crossover between a couple of games (Blazblue/Fire Emblem) and an anime (Highschool DxD), as the summary stated. I felt like tryin' an actual self-insert, so let's see if I can make it work...

It was absurdly late at night, or absurdly early in the morning, hard to say which. A fourteen year-old was in his bed, lying down playing Blazblue: Continuum Shift... aaaaaaannnnnnd getting his ass handed to him. That would be me.

"Son of a bitch, why the hell can't I Inferno- DAMMIT! Stupid Score Attack! And I probably wouldn't even give a da-" "Jake, why are you still up!" My grandma cut me off. I answered sheepishly, "Sorry, kinda.. lost track of time..." "Okay, just try and go to sleep." She went back to her room. I turned off the system, and noticed an odd light in the corner of the room. Kinda like a vortex. 'The hell?' I thought. I was still dressed, wearing a pair of black jeans, my black tennis shoes, leather fingerless gloves, a black polo shirt, and a bomber jacket, and with my hair in the Leon Kennedy style (I'm a huge Resident Evil fan). Anyway, I stepped a tad closer... and then blacked out.

-Unknown amount of time later-

I woke up, wondering where the hell I was, and cringing at the god-awful stench.

"Ugh, real neat job they put towards this place's maintanance." The place, I noticed, was real dark, and ugly lookin', with weird animals runnin' around in the shadows. It looked a lot like...

"Arakune's stage... Oh crap." My eyes went wide, and I bolted in some random direction, not really knowing where until I crashed into something.

"Meow!" The creature, clearly a girl, let out at the impact. "Sorry about that! Something freaked me out and I decided to book it. So, who are you?" I asked.

"Tao is Taokaka, meow!" The girl responded. "Huh. Well, my name's Jake." I introduced myself. The girl had a beige-colored coat on that reached the top of her thighs, with little cat ears on the head. The sleeves ended in a pair of big-ass cat paws, and she had huge blonde braids that were easy to mistake for drawstrings. Her most noticeable feature was her face, or rather, lack thereof. Hidden in her hood, all you could see of it was a pair of red eyes and a huge Cheshire Cat grin. "Nice to meet you, dark guy! Meow!" The enthusiastic Kaka replied. Tao was one of my favorites, right with Ragna and Makoto. "Same here. So, where are we?" I asked. "Just outside my village, meow!" was her answer. "Mind taking me there?" "I was just headed back there myself! Follow me, dark guy! Meow!"