After their walk on the beach Kensi and Marty went home. When they got into the house, they were greeted by a yell.

„Kaylee Jane Deeks, you give me my glasses right now! And don't you dare to help her, Michael John Deeks!"

Kensi and Marty glanced at each other, and then went to the livingroom. On their way there, they ran into the twins. Or, more precicely, the twins ran into them.

Shortly after them, a furious Julia Feldman emerged the room.

Kaylee were the first to regain her voice.

„Mommy, Daddy! She's hunting us!"

Quickly the twins hid behind their parents, who were still to suprised to do anything.

„Kensi, Marty, nice you're back. Could you please persuade your kids to give me my glasses back?"

Kensi was a bit stunned, but Marty turned around and went down to his knees. He was now at the same height the twins were on.

„Don't you want to give your Nana her reading glasses back? She can't read without them."

Kaylee and Michael exchanged a look, clearly overthinking their possibilities, and then gave the glasses back.

„You were right. Normal is boring." Kensi said.

Julia raised an eyebrow, but said nothing.

While the twins went back to the livingroom, the three adults headed to the kitchen.

„So, how went the appointment?" Julia asked.

Kensi exchanged a look with her husband and said then:

„Well, everything is fine, but..."

„But what?"

„Well, it's kind of funny." Marty said, „First we had Thommie, then we had the twins, and now..."

It took Julia no second to follow his logic. „No!"

„Yes." Kensi confirmed. „We're having triplets."

Julia looked at them for a long moment, then a wide smile broke on her face.


And then she hugged them and laughed.

They were happy.

AN: So, Kensis mother knows. Do you want to know how they tell the kids and the team? And what shall the gender of the triplets be? Three boys, three girls, two girls and a boy or two boys and a girl? Tell me what you think!