Troy and Abed had decided to invite the study group over for a screening of Prometheus. It was a Friday night and Jeff should probably have somewhere else to be, but he didn't. This was becoming a regular pattern for Jeff. Spending his Friday nights with the study group. Well, to be honest, it wasn't just the study group he was there for. Mainly Annie. They had become so close over their third year of Greendale. She was basically his best friend. Over the Christmas holidays he had even opened up to her about finding his father. She had even opened up about her damaged relationship with her parents. They told each other everything. Well, everything except for the way they felt about each other. He knew it was wrong for him to have feelings for her and he tried to suppress those feelings but every time she looked at him; smiled at him; gently brushed past him; he couldn't stop the way those pesky butterflies encompassed his stomach. No, she was too young. 15 years too young. But, I guess it wasn't inappropriate for him to hang out with her, right? Even if he did take a sneaky glimpse when her top sometimes slipped a little low or her skirt rose a little too high. That's what any normal guy would do, right? His feelings for Annie continued to confuse him every day but he figured it was easier to just keep things the way they were. Getting into a relationship with her just seemed too difficult to deal with.

"Jeff, is this spot taken?" Annie asked as she pointed to the empty seat on the couch next to Jeff.

"Oh, uh, no. Sit down." He replied with a smile in her direction. He had recently realised that every time he smiled at her, she would return it with a beautiful smile of her own. He also realised that he was beginning to smile at her a lot more because of this.

"Oh man I'm so excited to watch this! Hopefully it's just like Alien. I wanna see creepy things bursting out of people and shit. It's scary but kinda sexy at the same time." Said an ecstatic Troy. At these words Jeff, Britta and Annie all looked at him strangely.

"Darn. I wish Shirley could have made it. She would have baked us all cookies for the screening." Said Abed.

"Abed, what have we all decided about Shirley and her baking?" said Britta sternly.

"Not to encourage it." Said Abed in a monotone voice. "but you can't deny how delicious her cookies are!"

"Abed." Said Jeff. Abed took the cue from Jeff to shut up. He pressed the play button and the film began. Jeff got bored about an hour in and started to lose focus on what was happening. It seemed that Annie was also losing interest when she slowly began to lean into him. She eventually managed to place herself right in Jeff's side, with her head resting on his shoulder. Jeff felt awkward because all he wanted to do was wrap his arms around her. She looked so cute and tiny against his manly frame. Stop it Jeff, he thought. It's wrong and you have to stop thinking like this. But…putting his arm around her wouldn't cause any harm, right? That's what friends do sometimes, they hold each other.

He slowly moved his arm out from under her. She jerked at the sudden movement. At first she was upset, thinking that he was signalling for her to get off him. She was relieved when he pulled his arm up, draped it over her and pulled her back into his side. She nestled her head into the corner where his shoulders met his neck. See? That wasn't too bad was it Jeff? Oh shit…now he had a perfect view down her top. How was any guy supposed to ignore that? So, for the last hour of the film Jeff struggled to stop looking at Annie's perfectly formed cleavage. Suddenly the credits started rolling on the screen and Jeff managed to pull his eyes away from Annie's chest.

"That was good. Not as good as it should have been. But still good." Said Abed.

"That…was…AWESOME!" yelled Troy. Annie pulled herself up off of Jeff and straightened her hair and clothes. As she yawned she stretched her arms out and rose up on her toes. Dammit if it wasn't the cutest thing Jeff's ever seen.

"Night guys." Said Annie as she slowly made her way to her room.

"I should probably make my way home too." Jeff said as he stood up and made his way to the door. Britta jumped up and stopped him at the front door, away from everyone else that was still in the living room.

"Jeff, wait! I need to talk to you about something." She said.

"Oh god, what is it? I've already told you I'm not going to start seeing you as my shrink."

"No it's not that. Look, I just…" she struggled to find the words she was looking for. "Don't hurt her." Britta finally said. Jeff raised an eyebrow.

"What are you talking about?" he replied. Even though he knew exactly what she was talking about.

"Annie. Just…please don't hurt her."

"Britta, there's nothing…" she started to cut him off.

"Don't say that there's nothing because everyone knows that's a lie. I saw you two contently cuddled up tonight. Look, it's obvious you two have something going on and you need to sort it out with her before things get too intense and you end up breaking her heart." Britta finished. Jeff rolled his eyes and walked out the door.

"Good night Britta." He really, really didn't want to have that conversation with her. Or anyone. Ever.

On his drive home he thought, what if he actually did break Annie's heart? He wasn't sure if she liked him enough for him to be able to break her heart but still…it was unpleasant to think about. Annie was possibly the last person he'd ever want to hurt. After all, disappointing her was like choking the little mermaid with a bike chain. He just couldn't deal with that. Maybe he should take a step back from her for a bit so that they both knew that they were just friends. But would that mean he would have to stop hanging out with her as much? He liked her company in a completely platonic way…usually platonic anyway. Sure he would miss being close to her and being able to sneak a peek down her top but there were plenty other women whose tops he could look down, right? Right. I think…