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The roar of applause was not able to break Santana or me from our kiss backstage. She had me pinned against the wall, so close to my climax. Every time my breaths grew quicker, signalling I was about to cum, Santana slowed down. I clawed at her shoulders like our new cat does to our back door. She palmed my butt with one hand while the other swiftly hid under my red graduation gown. It bunched up at my waist and the pressure on my legs was hard to hold up. Santana read my mind then and placed a leg between both of mine. She thrust upwards while I rubbed down on her. I was sure there would be glistening sticky substances left on her gown when we were done, but I was not ready for it to be over yet.

I fisted her gown in my hands and brought her body closer to mine. I was standing on my toes, humping her so fast that my head was in such a daze. I felt like the room was spinning and every inanimate object in the room grew in size. "Fuck, fuck, don't stop," I panted.

She lifted me higher up, so I was basically sitting on her thigh. I had no idea how she was holding me up. I was the stronger one out of both of us.

I kept panting and grunting louder than I should have. We were just around the corner from our other classmates who were all lined up. Thankfully the line didn't stretch far backstage. The only barrier between us and the audience was a thick curtain and a thin wall that I was leaning against. I'm sure that if I thrust any harder the wall would break under pressure.

"Keep going Britt, almost t-there," Santana hissed, plunging her fingers deeper inside of me. I shrieked and bit my lip so hard I could taste my own blood. My eyes slowly opened as I performed a few more body rolls against Santana's thigh. She dropped her leg back to the ground to stand and my feet hit the floor as well. I could barely stand from being held up so long. Santana grabbed my cheeks with her hands and pulled my lips against hers.

Her tongue moistened my lips before I sucked it into my mouth and wouldn't let it go for a while. She moaned and pulled back with a pop.

"Santana Lopez!" Principle Figgins called out.

Santana's head whipped to where the voice was coming from. I kissed her cheek and whispered a congratulations before watching her run off. I followed slowly and saw her pull open the curtains forcefully. She smiled at the crowd, making that adorable scrunchy face. She then shook her chest left and right which caused a few people to wolf whistle. I rolled my eyes and smirked.

I watched her receive her certificate from Ms. Pillsbury then swap the little tassel on her cap to the opposite side. She stood in line beside everyone else who had graduated so far and swayed to the bands music.

It was almost my turn, just a couple more people before me. "Brittany Pierce!" I inhaled the deepest breath ever. Apart from the one I inhaled before Santana first fingered me. Well I wasn't really breathing then, but I still had to inhale.

"Brittany Pierce!" Crap. I opened the curtains and sent the crowd my best dorky smile. I raised my hand and spun it like a cowboy would a lasso. I all but ran down the stairs towards Ms. Pillsbury. She grinned and even hugged me.

"We're so proud of you Brittany," She whispered into my ear. I pulled back and caught Mr. Schue's eye. He winked and continued clapping.

I didn't care about order, I just ran straight to Santana and linked my arm with hers. We rocked from side to side until the last part of the song played out. Then the room erupted even more in applause and we all threw our caps in the air. Mine hit Santana's on the way up and ended up losing it's flight. We were too busy kissing to notice where they landed.

We didn't end up applying for college. We wanted to stay in our apartment longer so we could still see Scott, Charlie and my parents. We even added Rachel and Quinn to that list. They were accompanying us to Europe for a month next week, because travelling was the first thing on Santana's list that she made at the age of 6. The other night I saw her cross the 1. next to travelling and add a 2. next to it instead. Then I watched her right my name by the 1.

We bought furniture for our living room and our bedroom, but the study was still mostly empty. All that was in there was a filing cabinet that my dad brought over because he was trying to be helpful. Santana and me laughed at him. He was doing so much better and speaking to us all more. Him and mom were going on date nights every week and spent time at home either in bed or watching a documentary on sea life. Dad would school mom in the different types of whales and sharks and I attempted to voice my opinion one night.

"Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks." The room fell into an awkward silence after that. It wasn't because no one understood what I just said, it was because they didn't know how to respond. I was just too smart. Well, that's what Santana always said.

She's in the kitchen cooking some Spanish dish her mom always made when her and Scott were young. "I can't believe you still remember every ingredient," I said in disbelief. She wasn't even looking at a recipe.

"I would literally stand an inch away from my mom when she would make this. I memorized every ingredient by the age of 10," She replied with a proud grin. I continued to watch in silence, hoping to pick up every flavour that entered the pan. Maybe we could make this for our kids someday.

"What time is our flight again?"

I pulled open a drawer and checked over our schedule. "9 am." Santana instantly groaned.

"You're up at 6 am for work anyway," I reminded her, poking at her sides. Santana had picked up work at one of Scott's friends local cafe. She really enjoyed it there, despite a few annoying customers that she would always complain about when she returned home. But I listened. Because before the complaining started she would always jokingly say, "Honey I'm home!" When she walked through the door.

"I know, but I was hoping we could schedule in some sexy times before we head to the airport," She spoke an octave lower then normal, still stirring the food in the pan.

"Can we not be like Kurt and Blaine," I whined. "We never had to schedule sexy times before. You always just threw me against a wall or on a bed or turned me around or-"

"Okay!" She squealed, her cheeks flushing in embarrassment and probably something else inappropriate. "We won't turn into Kurt and Blaine. But we have to get busy on that plane before we touch down in Rome, or we'll never be able to have alone time with Berry and Fabray in the room beside us."

"They'll be making lady babies too," I said shrugging. She scrunched her face in disgust, then brought the wooden spoon to her lips. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. It was strange seeing her semi orgasm from something that wasn't what I was doing to her.

"This is so delicious Britt, try," She ordered gently, dabbing the spoon with more of the delicious smelling sauce. She placed it near my lips and I poked my tongue out against it. I wasn't much of a spicy food fanatic but since living with Santana she's managed to change my mind. I ended up sucking every last bit of sauce off of the spoon while Santana stared at me in disbelief.

"I'm gonna be honest here baby, that was a turn on watching you suck on a spoon," She said with a nod.

I giggled and stood behind her. I pulled at her apron until it fell loosely around her neck. She took the hint and threw it off to the side. "Brittany," She said firmly. "Baby, it's dinner time."

"I know," I husked, reaching my hands around to her butt and squeezing. She gasped into my mouth as I kissed her heatedly. With the momentary distraction of her teeth biting hard on my bottom lip, she managed to push my back against the fridge. I grunted and gripped harder to her butt. She bunched my shirt up so to my chest allowing my bare skin to rub against the front of her tank top.

I pushed my front up, distracting her this time. She lost her footing for a moment and I pushed her backwards against the kitchen bench. There were some parts of our relationship that were so romantic and intimate. Then there were other parts that consisted of moments like this. We would get so carried away with lust that we would forget the true meaning of what sex is about to us. But sometimes that was a good thing. Mind blowing orgasms were such a good thing. So I lifted Santana onto the bench and she lied back. Her butt was hanging off the edge and I pulled her panties aside, facing my prize. I looked into her eyes which were glued to my tongue that continuously darted out to wet my lips.

"I'm so hungry." My voice hit her centre and she bucked wildly. It only took me two minutes to make her cum this time.

Lord Tubbington, that's what I named our cat, stayed with us a few times a week so that he could get used to the place. We drove him to my parents house the night before our flight and he ran straight upstairs to my old room. Dad says he's been living in there like hermit. Sometimes it smells like smoke when I go up there, or like other cats. I've asked him whether he's in a gang or not but he ignores me. Santana says he is too bad ass to talk to me now.

My dad is crying in the living room, not wanting to say goodbye. From this distance I can see a ring on his finger. It's the wedding ring he received when he and mom got married. My mom's arms are cutting off my circulation. Scott and Charlie cornered Santana near the front door and enveloped her in a group hug. I watched in amusement as her face screamed for 'help.'

I walked over to my dad when my mom finally let me go. He wiped away the tears and stood up. After clearing his throat awkwardly he said, "Be safe Britty." Then he hugged me for five minutes and kissed my forehead like he used to before I went to sleep. He did the exact same thing before I went to the clinic. Charlie was in her peter pan pyjamas that I used to steal as a kid. Because I was a little taller than her I just used them as a blanket. She kissed me hard on the cheek, incidentally squashing my face.

I saw out of the corner of my eye our old club house. The bright purple had faded away to a dull brown colour but it still looked safe. "We'll be back," I said softly, earning nods from my parents. I took Santana's hand and led her outside. She eyed the club house warily before turning to me.

"You wanna make out in there?" She suggested, immediately causing me to nod and grin.

It was easier for her to step inside, because of the height difference. Once we both were sitting inside, I had to arch my back a little. That only meant my face was closer to hers. "You used to cook in here?" She observed the plastic cups and plates.

"Yeah," I picked one up and dusted the dirt off. "Hungry?" She took the plate off me and put it to the side, her eyes still focused on mine. She shook her head and smirked before leaning closer.

Her lips grazed over mine but the moment broke as there was a knock on the small window behind me. "You girls better not be tainting my club house!" Charlie yelled. Santana burst out laughing and I tried to cover her mouth. When we saw Charlie's figure disappear, Santana moved the small chair out from underneath her and sat on the floor. I copied her, but moved to sit in front of her crossed legged. Her legs stretched either side of my hips and she dragged me forward with her feet.

"What are you excited to see most tomorrow?" Santana whispered.

I reached forward and tucked some hair behind her ear. "You."

It's almost 6 in the morning when my eyes open. We returned home late last night after some PG rated kissing in the club house. Santana's arm was draped over my stomach so I was pinned to the bed. I blew air against her cheek and she frowned.

"Wake up baby," I murmured close to her ear. She groaned and buried her face in the pillow. "Santana, wake up."

"Nope," She muttered.

"Rome is waiting for us," I teased. Her head perked up, but the messy hair over her face only allowed me to see her lips - which eventually curved up into a grin.

"Well then why are you still lying down for, let's go!"

Fifteen minutes after we brought our bags downstairs, Rachel and Quinn arrived at the front door. I looked passed them and saw Mercedes waving in the drivers seat. I grinned back at her. She was moving to LA in three months to start her singing career. Even though I only witnessed a tiny portion of her talent I was positive she would make it far.

"Alright we're ready," Santana breathed as we sat in the back seat. I turned to her and took her hand, lacing our fingers together. She leaned forward and nudged my nose with hers.

"We aren't," Quinn responded sarcastically. Rachel scoffed before turning around in the passenger seat and gesturing for Quinn to lean forward as if she was about to tell her a secret. Rachel then grabbed Quinn's cheeks and pressed a hard kiss to her lips. Santana's hands immediately flung over her eyes and she pretended to faint dramatically.

"You girls are gonna have a fun month together," Mercedes teased still keeping her eyes on the road.

Santana's head was resting on my lap the entire flight. I had to blow in her face again to wake her up. She grumbled but soon followed me off the plane. Rachel and Quinn were hand in hand, skipping down the never ending hallway into the airport. Santana looked so sleepy, I just wanted to get to the hotel and fall asleep with her.

We didn't expect to receive the nicest suite in the whole hotel. It was enough that our parents had bought an apartment for us, but letting us spend some of our college fund on a holiday that they were reluctant about at first, was incredible. I promised myself I would get them the best birthday presents when I get back.

"Santana," I said softly, approaching her figure by the huge glass wall. "How nice is this." She grinned and turned around. I thought she was going to take her clothes off, but instead just pulled her pants down, pressing her bare butt against the wall.

"Woah!" We both screamed as another voice entered the room. "Nobody wants to see that," Quinn teased.

Santana scoffed, "Please, they would rather see my bare ass than your girlfriends face." I slapped Santana's shoulder and gave her a stern glare. She folded her arms and mouthed a 'sorry'. "What's for dinner tonight?"

"We're going to a nice restaurant down the street," I said excitedly. She smiled and kissed me. I love when she would kiss me impulsively. It reassured me every time that she is still happy with me.

After showering separately for the first time in two months, Santana met me near the door. I sent her a shy smile as I noticed her hungry eyes scanning my outfit.

"Maybe we could stay in," She whispered hotly against my ear. I giggled and grabbed her hand.

"Later baby," I replied. We ended up walking to the restaurant because we were basically in the heart of Rome. It was pitch black outside, with only street lamps maintaining our vision along the cobbled path.

/ /

It wasn't long before we had visited every restaurant within walking distance from our hotel. Rachel insisted on visiting some hot tourist destinations but Santana and me were happy to wander around. We knew we could find something amazing if we were on foot.

Eventually we ended up on a bench situated near a fountain. The sun was being swallowed by the buildings in the distance. I shifted on the bench to look at Santana and she was already staring at me. Her mouth was still and her eyes had gained their sparkle back.

"I love you." My heart tightened in a good way. It sent tingles through my body. Even after telling me she loves me so many times I still feel those crazy butterflies. Her eyes fell to my chest. I instinctively jutted my chest out a little to satiate her ogling. The view satisfied her and she even reached forward and grazed her fingers over the top of my boobs.

I stared around us but the place we were was practically deserted. I hope groping your girlfriend in public isn't illegal here.

"San," I whispered, causing her eyes to find mine again. "Let's go." I dragged her back in the direction of the hotel. Unfortunately Quinn and Rachel had already returned.

Rachel couldn't stop talking about the famous Colosseum she witnessed up close and personal. Quinn looked exhausted and as soon as her head hit my lap she fell asleep. Santana quirked an eyebrow and stood against the wall by the door. Rachel was pacing in between us, waving her arms in the air as she spoke loudly.

I didn't take my eyes off of Santana. I knew she had some sort of plan. 'What?' I mouthed.

She smirked as a reply and dragged one finger down the crevice of her boobs. She was only wearing a bikini top because we planned to go swimming tonight. We only had three days left in Rome and Santana was complaining about not using the awesome pool upstairs on the top floor. I shuddered, watching her finger trail down her stomach to the top of her bikini bottoms. I hope Quinn couldn't feel my thighs quivering.

Santana spread her legs and my eyeballs almost shot out of my head. Rachel was too distracted to notice how bold my girlfriend was being. 'Stop' I mouthed.

She shook her head then bent her legs a little, leaning her head back against the wall. I instantly stood up, effectively knocking Quinn to the floor with a thud.

"What the hell Britt?" Surprisingly, with her girlfriend on the floor hurt, Rachel still didn't stop talking.

The water was warm in our Paris hotel. Much warmer than I'd ever felt. Santana had purchased a different bikini every city we visited. I wasn't complaining because they only became more revealing every time.

"Come here," She husked, performing a come hither motion with her pointer finger. "I want to show you something."

I walked forward in the water until she was backed up against the pools ledge. She reached behind her untying her bikini top. My eyes instinctively fell to her boobs that were wet and inviting. I missed them so much. For the passed two weeks we would only have enough time to remove our bottom layer of clothing. I missed her boobs.

I leaned down and captured her right nipple in my mouth. I closed my eyes and sucked. She arched into my mouth and pulled my hair so I could devour the flesh further. I flicked my tongue continuously over her nipple, making her emit the sexiest whimper.

"Right there baby," She whispered breathlessly. My mouth moulded around her other boob and I performed the same tongue work. It was surprising that the pool area was empty, but it was late. We had seen a lot of kids around the hotel so their parents probably told them it was too late to swim. They probably warned them about two women having sex late at night in the pool and not to disturb them.

Santana's legs eventually wrapped around my waist as my tongue continued to lick laps over her boobs. I used my hands to push them together and suck them each in a rhythm. "Oh god," She moaned, resting her head back against the ledge.

I licked up her chest, up her throat, up her lips. She growled and pulled me closer by my hair. I kissed her hungrily until I ran out of breath. Even then I only strayed about half an inch away from her mouth.

/ /

It was on one hot day that I couldn't stand being close to anyone. As soon as Santana and me hugged I started sweating. We spent the day in the pool and thankfully the water was ice cold. Rachel fell asleep under her umbrella and Quinn was listening to her iPod while floating on an inflatable lounge chair.

Santana was sitting on the edge of the pool, applying sun screen to her arms. They glistened in the sun and looked like caramel chocolate bars. I was desperate to go over there and get a taste but I pinched my thighs together and observed from a far. Santana's eyes caught my ogling and she smirked. Her hand dipped between her boobs, giving every other man and woman a show as well. I scanned our surroundings and observed that no one else was watching. So I turned back to Santana and sank down a little lower in the water so only everything above my mouth was visible.

She held the edge of the pull and sank down in the water. She waded closer to me, but stopped and sunk down completely. I grew anxious and unconsciously started walking backwards.

Santana's body emerged from under the water next to me. I gasped. We couldn't touch here, because there were families surrounding us. I knew that if we even kissed I would want more. So I held back and she understood. She sent me a smile before saying, "I'm going back to the room." I nodded and leant back in the water, enjoying the coldness against my back.

I had a feeling Santana would spend an hour in the shower under cold water. She probably wanted me to join her. With that thought I stepped out of the pool. I rounded the corner and grabbed my towel from the small circular table attached to an umbrella. Santana's towel was resting untouched beside mine. I picked it up and didn't bother disturbing either Rachel or Quinn. The water beneath my feet left a trail all the way to the room. I waited by the door, strangely nervous.

I don't think I'll ever not be nervous about touching or seeing Santana.

When I entered the room, I didn't hear any water running. Instead I heard noises of pleasure emitting from our bedroom. I swallowed thickly and followed the noises. When I opened the door I noticed the room was dimly lit. I slowly walked into the room, shutting the door gently behind me. It didn't disturb Santana. Instead her noises grew louder. I decided this was a rare moment. I hadn't seen Santana like this before except for that one time we watched porn. Even then she wasn't really touching herself. I knew she wanted too though.

I pulled out a chair from the desk near the bathroom and turned it to face the bed. I sunk down in the chair and squished my thighs together uncomfortably. Santana's eyes were closed and her mouth was wide open. Her hand was hidden beneath her underwear. It moved up and down really fast, then slow, then really fast again. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the hidden part below her underwear. I wanted to see it so badly. I don't think a bomb going off in the hotel could have had the power to remove my gaze from her.

She was the epitome of everything beautiful in this world.

Three months after returning from our trip overseas we decided that we would apply for college next year. I found a job right next to Santana's at a book store. I mostly just stack novels on shelves and occasionally sell at the counter but that's only when my boss Paul is busy. Santana has decided to agree to my offer of inviting the kids from glee club over.

She's just returned from a 7 hour shift and her jacket is lazily thrown to the floor. Her arms wrap around my waist and she lifts me off the ground.

"I just called the last one of em', they'll be here at 8!" I said through high pitched squeals as Santana started to spin me. "S-stop!"

"Never baby!" She shouts back. Eventually the spins slow and she places my feet back on the ground. "Shower?" She asks with a smirk gracing her lips. I nod my head eagerly and turn around, rushing through the hall to our room before she can catch me.

When I open the door I rip my shirt off. Then my skirt unzips and it pools around my feet. I can hear Santana's feet padding the floor towards me. I snap my bra off and pull down my underwear. I turn around just in time to see Santana's naked body standing in the doorway. Just beyond the door I can see a bra resting on the carpet. She must have threw her clothes off while she followed me.

Her smirk falters as she heads towards me, brushing her finger down my arm as she passes me. The next thing I hear is the water running and a satisfied moan emitting from Santana's lips. I enter the bathroom and watch her rub the soap down her stomach. Her back is against the wall and she's arching it slightly with her eyes closed.

I open the glass door and step inside. Her eyes open slightly and her smirk returns. "Wanna wash me?" She asks, with a flick of her tongue. I pierce my gaze through her eyes and grab the soap from her. I drop it to the shower floor and she eyes me curiously. My body is suddenly flush against her, our breasts rubbing delightfully in an up and down motion as we breath heavily. "Guess not," She husks.

I shut her up by surging forward and kissing her. My hands grip her waist and I push her hard against the wall. Her groan is swallowed into my mouth as we kiss open mouthed. Our tongues tangle and our breaths are snatched by each other when one of us inhales. With the water running down our faces, we occasionally swallow water and once our kisses grow too heavy, I end up choking and having to pull back. My hands ball into fists and I rub my eyes. I spit out the water in my mouth and turn to face Santana again. She's blinking repetitively and squinting as though her eyes burn. I wipe her eyes and rest our foreheads together. She reaches around me and turns the water the off. It's a whole lot quieter now. I didn't realise how heavy we were both breathing until now. Santana's hands cup my face and she kisses me passionately.

Droplets of water continue to fall from our hair but everything is forgotten when I place my hand between her legs. Two of my fingers slide through her folds like a scissor. She stops kissing me and tilts her head back. I lean down and place wet kisses all over her neck, while still teasing her folds. I bring one finger up to run across her clit and she instinctively bucks forward. I enter a finger slowly but it goes deep. "Ah, Britt," Santana moans against my ear.

"Keep going, keep going," She's panting rapidly now.

An idea clicks inside of my head, like the hands of a clock just paused. I pull my finger out of her and she groans in protest. "Shh," I whisper against her lips. I then slide down her body slowly, revelling in watching her abs twitch and her thighs quiver. I grab both of her legs and part them wider. I look into her eyes and see her watching me. Her teeth bite into her lips and her chest contracts shakily. "Relax." My voice reverberates off her hot centre.

"Oh my god," She breaths out when my pouted lips kiss her clit. My mouth opens wider and I leave opened mouth kisses right down to her entrance. Then I poke my tongue out and flick it all the way back up. These motions continue until her knees shake uncontrollably. Her fingers dig against the wall behind her and her eyes squeeze shut. "Fuck Britt, right there."

I suck on her clit one last time and watch her climax up close and personal. She slides down the wall and sits in front of me. We kiss for a few minutes. She can taste herself on my lips. Then there is a knock on the door and we both whip our heads in that direction. She begins laughing quietly to herself and eventually I join her.

Santana's wearing her apron again. She is standing by the oven, waiting the pies to be done cooking. I'm watching her from the living room. Quinn is rambling about something to do with the wrong film for a special camera. All I hear after that is that Rachel isn't getting sex for a week. Artie is asleep on a beanbag in the corner of the room. I bought that on impulse last week.

Tina and Mike moved in together last month. She called me and told me he invited her on a date and she couldn't resist apparently. I told her to be careful but seeing Mike now, I'm happy Tina chose him. The first thing he did when he saw me again was hug me. Santana was about to pull him off but I reassured her it was okay. I hear Puck was still serving time and would get out in a year or two. I never wanted anything bad to happen, to anyone.

"Where are the pies?" Rachel yells while she rolls on her butt around the floor. She's on her fourth beer while we're all on our second. Well except Artie because I'm pretty sure he is passed out.

"Fucking hell," Santana curses. "Almost done, hold on!" I watch her in amusement as she wipes at her forehead and leans down to open the oven. The shorts she's wearing fit her butt perfectly.

"Britt?" I snap my head to Quinn. "Were you seriously just perving on your own girlfriend? Don't you see her enough?" She laughs.

I blush instantly and go over to help Santana. She smiles when she notices me approaching and hands me a plate. I place some pies on but after three my fingers start burning and stinging and I flinch and drop a pie on the bench. "You okay baby?" Santana asks in concern. She pulls my fingers to her lips and sucks them generously in her mouth.

My eyes widen and look over to the rest of the group. Quinn is trying to hold back her laugh and Rachel is still rolling on the floor.

Kurt couldn't make it because he's in New York working at a fashion magazine and barely gets time off. He did call to apologize though and he would come and visit soon.

"It would not be wise to leave the pies near the drunk girl," Quinn suggests.

"Whaaat? Baby, I'm drunk! No! I'm not," She then turns to me. "I s-swear on your cat's life Britt!"

"Hey," I slap her shoulder. "Don't swear on Tubbs life he has nothing to do with it."

"It's okay honey," Santana kisses my cheek. "Berry won't be getting any pies until she drinks water and sobers up."

Rachel whines loudly for ten minutes so Quinn decides it's best if she takes her home. Artie is lifted off the bean bag by Mike who gestures for Tina to start the car up. Santana and me decide that it's best if one of us takes Mike, Tina and Artie home because they have all been drinking. Quinn had only had half a glass because she ended up telling me her life story which I blanked out on.

Santana opts to clean up while I drive our friends home. Mike is living with Tina about fifteen minutes away. The traffic isn't too bad, so Artie continues to sleep in the back seat next to Mike.

When I pull up in front of their house, they thank me and ask if I'll be okay taking Artie home. He's sharing an apartment with his girlfriend Sugar who we haven't met yet but he promises to introduce us all soon. She lives a few minutes away and with all the strength I have I lift Artie out from the back seat and drop him to stand in front of the door.

I shake him awake and he stretches his arms in the air. "Oh god Britt, I'm sorry," He says through a yawn.

I laugh and pat him on the back, "It's all good." He then disappears inside.

When I return home, the only light on is our bedroom and when I enter Santana is reading a book in bed. Her eyes meet mine and she smiles. "You cleaned everything," I say in surprise. She nods and continues smiling.

"Everyone okay?" I nod, mimicking her answer. She chuckles and pats the spot beside her. "I feel like going away again," She says softly as I snuggle in next to her. "I don't know where though."

"We have a whole life time to figure out where," I reply, turning to face her. She places the book on the bed side table and tugs the blanket over our heads. We lay down with our heads on our pillows and stare at each other, as though we're seeing each other for the first time. I don't see the pills in my sleep anymore. I think about them occasionally, like right now. I don't need them or want them, they just cross my mind. Every part of my past seems to cross my mind and probably will continue to do so in the future.

But I know that at least now I'll have Santana to protect me.

The end.

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