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Blaine POV

Blaine was sitting in the study room at Dalton Academy, drinking his Latte while attempting to do his French homework. God I wish Kurt was here, he could get away as a French Foreign Exchange student! Plus, the bonus was Kurt sounds so sexy when he speaks French…

Blaine's thoughts are interrupted by a very tall boy and a short girl bursting through the doors, odd pairing, Blaine thought. He looked down at his paper, then back up to look at the intrusion to come face to face with Rachel Berry, loud, big mouth who was always about 'me, me, me', and Finn Hudson, Kurt's Frankenteen brother.

"Oh hey guys! What are you doing here?" Blaine welcomed cheerily.

"Blaine, we need to talk to you about Kurt. It's important" Rachel said in a serious tone.

"Why, what's wrong with Kurt? Has Karofsky done something? I knew he shouldn't have gone back to that damn school!" Blaine spoke, panicked. If he finds out that Karofsky has laid one finger on Kurt he might as well be running for the hills as we speak.

"No dude! Nothings wrong with Kurt! Well, not like that anyway." Finn began. "Here's the thing…Kurt's-"

"Kurt's cheating on you!" Rachel breathed out. The look of shock was evident on Blaine's face.

"What? Kurt wouldn't do that, we've only been dating for a week." Blaine was not having this. Kurt would NEVER in a million years cheat on me. Would he?

Finn began to explain, "Me and Rachel-"

"Rachel and I.." Rachel quipped in.

"Right, Rachel and I were on a stake out because we thought my girlfriend, Quinn, was cheating on the new guy Sam. We followed them to a Motel. Quinn left the motel room at precisely 11:04 pm." Finn said.

"Wait, what's this got to do with Kurt?" Blaine was clearly getting irritated.

"We went back to the same Motel last night. Instead of Quinn coming out of the Motel, it was Kurt. Sam followed Kurt out of the Motel and they hugged. This happened at 11:34 pm." Finn added.

"Your both lying, you have no proof". Blaine said.

"What did Kurt tell you he was doing last night? You two were supposed to go for a movie and then go to breadsticks right?" Rachel said with a raised eyebrow.

Come to think of it, Kurt HAD blown off their date at the last minute. He remembers the phone call clearly.


~Incoming Call: Kurt 3 ~

"Hey baby! You forget the time I'm picking you up again?" Blaine said with a smirk. Kurt could be so forgetful sometimes.

"Actually honey, can we reschedule? My dad asked me to work at the garage to cover for someone who is sick. I'm really sorry I will make it up to you. How about coffee on Wednesday after practice? My treat?" There was evidence in Kurt's tone that said that he truly was sorry for cancelling at the last minute.

"Oh, sure that's fine. I might come over and surprise you. You do look sexy in the coveralls and with grease smudged on your face…" Blaine could practically feel the blush creep up on Kurt.

"You are such a charmer. But don't come over baby. It's a long drive. I'll speak to you tomorrow. I love you." Kurt could really be adorable sometimes.

"Okay honey. Love you too." Blaine hung up the phone and settled on a Desperate Housewives marathon for the evening.

When Blaine looked at the time, the clock read 10:02. Kurt should definitely be home by now. I might give him a ring and see how his shift was, and also so I can hear his voice before I fall asleep. Yep, I'm going to ring him.

Kurt wasn't answering his cell phone, so Blaine settled on ringing the house number. On the 5th ring, Burt answered the phone.

"Hello?" came the gruff voice of one, Burt Hummel.

"Hello Mr Hummel, its Blaine" Blaine was always nervous around Burt. Not that he had any reason to, apart from the night after Rachel's party, he was sure Burt got a shock after finding out his son shared a bed with another boy, also there was the fact that Blaine told Burt to tell Kurt about sex, and not even a week later they were dating..Yep, things were pretty awkward.

"Blaine son. How many times have I told you to call me Burt? You basically live in my house, so I think we've reached that point." Burt said with a chuckle.

Blaine laughed nervously, "Sorry, Mr Hum-Burt, um, I was wondering if I could speak to Kurt?"

"Kurt's not in right now kid. He won't be back till late." Burt said.

"Oh? Is he staying late at the garage?" The garage should be closed now?

"Kurt wasn't working at the garage Blaine, he was seeing a friend called Sam."

Blaine was silent for a few seconds. How could Kurt lie to me? Is he-No Blaine. Stop thinking like this. Kurt is allowed his own life. "Okay thank you Burt, when he comes in can you tell him to text me please?"

"Sure kid, goodnight" Burt said before hanging up.

Blaine laid in his bed looking at his phone, waiting for the notification for a text.

One never came.

*End of Flashback*

Blaine couldn't believe it. It wasn't till he saw Rachel rooting in her bag and handed him some pictures that the tears came. The pictures showed Kurt looking at Sam with his hand on Sam's arm. The next one is of them both hugging, and it definitely looks like they are outside a Motel room.

Finn and Rachel could see the obvious hurt on Blaine's face so they decided that they should go. Rachel put her hand on Blaine's arm and told her she was sorry. Finn nodded before they both left.

Blaine didn't notice that some of the warblers including Wes, David, Jeff and Nick were huddled around him asking him what was wrong. All Blaine did was show them the pictures before walking up to his dorm room. He hadn't realised his phone was buzzing in his pocket, he took it out and read that it was Kurt. Surprise surprise, come to grovel have we?

Blaine pressed the ignore button and opened up his messages to compose a message.

'How could you do this to me? You think just because your beautiful that you can get anyone you want? Well that's it then, WE ARE THROUGH! Do not call me, do not text me, and DO NOT COME AND SEE ME! I can't stand the sight of you right now. You are nothing but a lying, cheating, bitch. Just leave me alone.'

He turned his phone off. He wasn't having anybody distracting him. Okay, so maybe the last bit was a bit out of line, but he was angry and he needed to get his anger out one way or another.

Next thing he realised, he was in a dark room, and the time read 4:21. He had just about 10 minutes before Warblers practice. He went down to the study room, and walked into the room and sat on the coach without talking to anybody. He could see some of the warblers giving him pitying looks. But Blaine was just going to forget the events of today and get back to being a free man.

Then it hit him. Had he really broken up with Kurt? It's the least he deserves. Blaine decides to just concentrate on what Wes is saying before inviting Wevid and Niff into his room for a Die Hard Marathon. He fancied watching an action movie after today's events.

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