Humming Witch: Urgh, I probably should've uploaded my other JTHM fanfic, but, I found this when I was gonna work on the next chapter and... Please dun hurt me! TT_TT I have too many stories going on at once. I probaly should'a thought about this before hand... TTuTT Well, anyway, enjoy this short little Nny x Devi fic :D It's all in Nny's POV. Derp It's supah short.

Well, it's 2 A.M again. Of course, I have nothing to do. Suicide seems useless right now as the sky isn't even as beautiful that it can be today.

I go and make some toast. Toast is good at times like this. I put some bread in the toaster and wait for it to pop up again. In a minute or two the toast pops back up and I grab it. I start munching on it and walk into the living room to throw myself onto the couch.

I could write something, I guess... I finish my toast and grab a notebook and some paper.

Hey, it's 2 A.M, why not right a note to someone?

I try to think about someone that I can give this note to.

Squee? Nah, maybe later.

The last person I think of writing a note to would be... Devi.

Well, yes, she almost killed me. But she was a very wonderful person before all of that happened. Maybe I shouldn't have tried to kill her first, but, that's all in the past now. Surely, she can't still be that angry... Right?

Ah well. I need something to do.

I start writing. Soon enough, I find that I've been writing for hours on end. I stop and look at what I've written.

"Dear Devi,

I'm sure you're angered by everything that I've done, and I'm sorry for everything. Yes, I've said this many times, and I have been... Well... Watching you from afar lately... But, anyhow, I just want you to know that I love you. I've never really felt this way about anyone else, you're the first and only one. I must have told you this many times as well, and I doubt you'll read this, but, just know that I'll continue to love you no matter what. Look, it's 2 A.M, and I need something to do... So I suppose I'll continue writing on about how sorry I am... I really am truly sorry... I don't understand why you don't believe me.. Oh, wait, nevermind. I am a homicidal maniac, after all. Well, I hope your new life is treating you well. I want to throw this paper away badly and start over again, but I've already done that several times, and I cannot afford to waist this paper, you see. I'm pretty sure I've been writing hours on end, but I bet that doesn't mean anything to you, huh? I mean, you'll probably get this and throw it away as soon as you can. And I understand that. Completely. Every hour I'm writing this, I'm away from you, so, know that a be happy a little, I guess, but I won't. I won't be happy one bit. But that's alright. I don't need happiness. Am I making sense? Ah,well, I'm pretty much just rambling on now. I guess I'll stop here.


"Hmm... This'll do, for now, anyway."

I rip out the letter, fold it up nicely, and walk outside. I check the time and it appears to be 6 A.M. now. I might go get a coffee on my way back or something. I'm running low on blood. I need to get some of that, too.

I walk down the road, towards Devi's house.


God I'm bored.

I finally reach the doorstep. I slip the letter underneth the door and leave.

Now where's that jack-ass that bumped into me and called me a faggot? I have time. I think I'll go find him.