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Note: This takes place after the end of the game, with multiple endings mushed together. Ilya living with Taiga (Fate), Rin making Shirou her apprentice (UBW), Sakura having knowledge of Servants (HF), etc.

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Chapter One: Enter Sakura Matou and Rin Tohsaka

"Um... Tohsaka, what's this for?" asked Shirou, holding up the brown book Rin just gave him. In response, Rin gave him her signature "Teacher to pupil" pose.

"Well Emiya-kun, Sakura and I decided to intervene. You've been obsessing over Saber for too long, when there are better options readily available. Just face it, she's never coming back," said Rin. Shirou didn't want to believe it. Someone once said that if there's a will, there's a way, and the boy sure had the will. Shaking the thoughts out of his head, he followed up with another question.

"So how is this book going to help me?" asked the ginger, opening the door to the archery dojo.

"Sakura said that maybe if you express your feelings and let them go, they'll go away," stated Rin. "You could call it a diary or a journal." Upon hearing the familiar voices, Sakura put down her bow.

"Ohayō Sempai!" said the purple-haired beauty. "Good morning to you too, Tohsaka-san!"

In response, Shirou raised the brown book and put a questioning expression on his face. Sakura's smile faltered a little. "Oh... about that..."

"So you two want me to write journal entries?" asked the amateur magus. They both nodded. "And if I don't?" Sakura put her cute sad eyes look on, while Rin donned her tsundere glare.

'Look away, Shirou!' begged a voice in the said teen's mind. Sakura's eyes pierced a hole through Shirou's heart, while Rin's set it on fire. No one, absolutely no one, could resist for long. Luckily for him, Mitsuzuri Ayako came to the rescue.

"Shirou!" greeted the captain of the archery club. "Visiting Sakura-kun again, huh?"

"Yeah, and I also came to see how the archery club was doing," replied Shirou, oblivious to the real meaning of Ayako's words. Of course, the two companions of his caught the implication, so Sakura blushed and Rin glared daggers at the tomboy.

When the archery club finished, Mitsuzuri forcing Shirou to have a shooting competition with her, Sakura, Rin and Shirou left Fuyuki High.

"So, who's cooking today?" asked Rin, poking her belly. She had gained a few pounds over the weeks eating at the Emiya estate. Guess it's back to the batting cage for her.

Shirou replied, "Fuji-nee wanted to try a new recipe she got from a cooking show." It wasn't that they thought of Taiga was a bad cook, it's just that she's abysmal compaired to the three adolescents. Plus, she's as clumsy as heck.

"So we're eating out tonight?" asked the pig-tailed tsundere.

Sakura sighed. "No. Fujimura-sensei might have a tantrum if we don't eat." Passing through the familiar road, the group was now in front of the gate.

"Fuji-nee, we're home!" said Shirou, taking off his shoes and stepping into the house. Instantly, the smell of burnt food invaded his senses. Coughing, he reached the kitchen, which was filled with black fumes. Sakura, who had followed Shirou, grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher and tossed it Shirou's way. He caught it, ripped off the pin and fired, dousing the whole counter with white foam.

"Fuji-nee, you idiot! What did you do?" exclaimed the owner of the house, pointing at the pile of ashes on the pan. Rin picked up the phone, ordering take-out. Sakura was cleaning up the kitchen, scooping the foam up. At the sound of her charge's shout, Fujimura Taiga rushed to the scene, a Fate/Zero manga in her hands.

"Oh... I guess I left the stir-fry on for too long," stated the teacher. "Illyasviel von Einzberg! Why didn't you alert me?"

The said child walked out of Shirou's room, surveying the scene. Then she smirked. "I wanted to teach you how to be responsible! Plus, you didn't ask me to warn you."

Sighing, Taiga slumped onto the cushion. Shirou had just finished cleaning the burnt utensils, so he decided to scold his guardian.

"Are you crazy? The house could've burned down! You're not supposed to leave your pan unattended!" said Shirou, pointing a finger at Taiga. "Damn, how in the world did you become a guardian?"

After everything was back to normal, and with dinner finished, the harem left the residence. Emiya Shirou now had the house to himself. Which meant...

The ginger retreated into his room. He brought out the journal the girls had given him earlier and started writing.

"Rin... Sakura... Fuji-nee being a dumbass. Saber." This went on for a while, him ranting about the day, how Fujimura Taiga endangered the lives of everyone in Fuyuki, and his Saber. He set down the book, actually feeling better. Smiling, he made his way to the shed to practice the only magic available to him.

"Trace, on!" muttered Shirou, practicing his strengthening on a chair. He identified the flaws in the design and filled it with prana. Unlike before, where he failed very frequently, he now had a pretty good chance of succeeding. After finishing that, he made his way to the house and fell asleep.


Shirou woke up, sweating profusely. It was the usual dream he had every night since Saber left. It was Arturia's final stand on the hill. It always tore him to pieces seeing his love get hurt in front of him and not being able to help her out.

He wobbled over to the bathroom, washing the sweat and oil off his face. In effect, his drowsiness dissipated due to the water's cold temperature. He walked towards the kitchen to make breakfast for Fuji-nee and the others.

After grabbing the ingredients for the omelette out of the fridge, the doorbell rang. Sakura. He then heard a shuffle of footsteps and a "Good morning, sempai!" from behind him. He looked behind him to see the purple-headed beauty putting on an apron.

"You don't need to help, I'll be fine by myself!" objected Shirou. "Besides, you have your club to go to!"

"You mean we have our club to go to!" rebutted Sakura, bringing out a bento box. Shirou was perplexed. He didn't know what she meant by that.

"Um... what are you talking about? I left the archery club, remember?" stated Shirou. Sakura let out a sigh.

"Buchou told me to become more aggressive with you. You know, prod you to join the Archery Club again," replied Sakura, who was starting to chop the rosemary. Shirou mentally cursed Mitsuzuri Ayako to the heavens. She was pursuasive... too pursuasive. Plus, he would probably succumb to Sakura's puppy-eyes.

"...Fine, I guess I could join again," mumbled Shirou, searing the fillet. Sakura did a little chibi victory dance in her head. She was one step closer to wooing her Emiya. Then there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it. Sakura, could you watch the food. I do not want a repeat of last night," said the ginger, walking towards the door. Sakura sighed. 'If only there wasn't such a huge competition for him.'

Shirou opened the door, revealing Rin in all of her pig-tailed glory. "Hello Tohsaka," he said, holding the door open for the bright magus. She didn't say a word, only walking past him. Typical Tohsaka. Right behind the magus was a certain Fujimura Taiga, who was carrying a sleeping Ilya. "Hey, Fuji-nee."

"Hi Shirou," said Taiga, walking past him too. He walked back to the kitchen, to find that almost everything was prepared. The only thing left was to plate the food.

"Sakura, I already told you that you didn't have to do anything, much less everything," said Shirou, who was feeling guilty. To him, it felt like he was taking advantage of her kindness.

"I enjoy doing this sempai. With you," said Matou Sakura, bringing the five omelettes to the table. Sighing, Shirou took his place beside the now alert Ilya and Taiga.

"Itadakimasu." After breakfast, the group got up to leave, Ilya to the Fujimura residence and the others to Fuyuki High. Like always, Taiga took her motorbike, leaving the other three in the dust, which gave them plenty of time to talk.

"Hey, Emiya-kun, did you hear about the new exchange student?" asked Rin.

Curious, he asked, "What about it?"

"It's a girl our year level. She came from England," stated Rin. "No one knows what classroom she gets yet."

Sakura segued into a different topic. "Sempai, remember what you said about the Archery Club?"

"Yeah yeah, I'll join," said Shirou. He was hoping he wouldn't regret his decision. Rin, on the other hand, glared at the two. She was beginning to lose her territory in Shirou's heart, with Sakura and Saber's memory filling most of the gaps. She needed a plan fast.

"...You spend a lot of time with Sakura nowadays, huh Shirou?" At that comment, Shirou looked away while Sakura blushed.

"Now that you mention it, yeah. I guess I have," said Shirou, rubbing the back of his head. They were now at the gates of the Dojo, which was where Rin and the archers were supposed to separate, according to Sakura. Sadly, Rin didn't appear to get the memo, for she had walked into the dojo also. Sakura gave her a look.

"What? I want to check up on Ayako's skills!"


Everyone had just sat down, Fujimura-sensei tripping, as always. Then a little deviation made it's way into homeroom.

"Class, as most of you already know, there is going to be a new exchange student! And she'll be in our class!" exclaimed Taiga. At her words, a blonde girl walked into the classroom. Even in the bland school uniform the rest of the pupils were wearing, she was a knockout. Flawless skin, silky locks of blonde. Her face was timeless, and her eyes were a deep green. To our hero, Shirou, she was a carbon copy of Saber.

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