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Chapter Thirty-Six: Enter Stagnancy

AN: As you all know, I tend to exaggerate any key characteristic that a character has, Carnival Phantasm style. For example, Shirou's bad luck is now colossal, and Ciel's love for curry is insatiable. This rule is applied to Yukika too: her devotion to Rin is highly exaggerated, clouding her normally nice attitude.

'...What did I do to make her mad...' thought Shirou, as he suffered under the glare of Yukika, as Rin struggled to not facepalm. Instead, she thought of a few malicious plans to perform on whoever summoned Yukika. Very malicious plans indeed. Ayako just looked at the three with curiosity.

Deciding that she needed both Yukika and Shirou away from her to find out the culprit, she said, "Thanks for coming, Yukika! I'm just so pestered by this bumbling idiot. Could you take him out for a walk?"

"O-Of course, Rin! I'm afraid that you'll have to come with me, Shirou," said Yukika in a Sakura-ish manner. The Yandere in question sneezed. Going back to Yukika's antics, the normally kind girl reached into her pockets, a depressingly blank expression on her face. Shirou learned to fear that expression: it was famously used by psychotic Yanderes (Saber Alter), and people on the brink of death (Medea). Since the manager of the track team was luckily/unluckily healthy, Shirou braced himself for the worst.

"H-Handcuffs!?" exclaimed our hero, his pitiful gaze landing on the metal cuffs linking the two high school students together. Ayako smartly fled the scene, while Rin's anti-facepalm barrier broke, the palm of the pig-tailed magus slamming into her forehead. "I-Isn't this going a little bit overboard?"

"Really?" replied Yukika, nor feigning her ignorance. "I see nothing- my goodness, where did these handcuffs come from?" Shirou face instantly gravitated towards the floor, but the ginger managed to avoid face-faulting.

'I think the amount of yanderes living here are affecting her...' thought both Rin and Shirou. Then, the former decided to hit two birds with one swor- stone. "Hey, Yukika, before you go..."

Yukika answered right away, "What is it, Rin?" The kind-hearted girl didn't seem to notice the frightening grin on her idol's face, but Shirou recognised it instantly: Tohsaka Expression #241 - Evil plan to mess up Luviagelita Edelfelt is now ready to be executed! Of course, before Shirou could save the buxom ginger, Rin stopped him.

"Please, eat out anywhere you want," said Rin, handing Yukika a debit card with "Luviagelita Edelfelt" in gold letters on the front. "Use this to cover te expenses. Don't worry: there's around ¥1,000,000 on it." Rin secretly hoped that Yukika would use up the ten thousand dollars worth of yen, but she knew Yukika wasn't one of those girls.

"Alright!" said Yukika. "Let's go, Shirou!" She then tugged the reluctant boy in her direction.

"Wait, why am I the one getting kicked out!? Don't I own this pla-" His monologue was cut off by the slam of the door. Rin smirked, bringing out a deerstalker hat, also known as a Sherlock Holmes hat. Where did Rin get one of these hats? From Luvia's room, of course! (AN: Check Chapter 16)

"Detective Rin is on the case!"

"N-No way..." said Ayako, looking at the archery target. Her arrow had split Atalanta's into two, and Atalanta's follow-up shot missed Ayako's. Ayako had won, and without a Rocky-styled training montage too. "I-I won!?"

"Good job," said Atalanta. Of course, she didn't fake the shot. That would be taking away Ayako's warrior pride. No, that misfire was legitimate... maybe. Anyway, Atalanta held out her hand for the obligatory handshake... which didn't come. Her opponent, Ayako Mitsuzuri, was looking around, clearly not interested in Atalanta's show of sportsmanship. The Greek heroine sighed. "...Just what art thou seeking?"

"Hm? Oh, I'm looking for Shirou," said the tomboy, rubbing the back of her head. "I couldn't have won without him. Where is he anyway?"

"I saw him run off with a dame just before the match," replied Atalanta, motioning towards the door. Ayako fell into despair. She thought, 'H-he left, without even watching me win!?' Taking a page from Rin's book, Ayako activated her Tsundere mode, her hair floating up ominously.

"Hehehe... Emiya..." muttered Ayako evilly, gripping her bow till her knuckles turned white.

"Okay," said Rin, whiteboard marker in hand, "who is the culprit?" Since Yukika is a high-school girl, it would be safe to assume that the person knew Yukika, and also went to school too. Also, the culprit would have to know the harem situation. Why else would someone claim that Rin was in trouble? She wrote the names down:



"Wow, that was short," said Rin. She tapped her chin with the end of the marker, taking the Tohsaka position #1: left arm bent, with left hand on right elbow, while right hand was pointing up.

"Don't forget Ayako," said Illyasviel von Einsbern, startling the pig-tailed magus. Dusting herself off, Rin made sure to give Ilya the glare she deserved, which the dead Einsbern got in full.

"Don't startle me like that," said Rin, who was trying to regain her composure. Ilya shrugged in reply.

"So who do we ask first?" asked Ilya. Rin retook her pondering look, then a comical light-bulb appeared above her head.

"Why not Sakura?"

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