Luce – 1956, Fiji Islands

Luce was tired.

All day she had been working with her father, attempting to sort their recent crops into some sort of order. It was long work, but entirely necessary to support the pair. Each day was much the same, with Luce spending half of her time with lessons and the other half in the fields, but today had felt much longer – as though there was something more of the day awaiting her.

This thought was deemed completely unnecessary and depressing, however, as Luce flopped back onto her mattress with a small smile; it was times like these that the girl really appreciated her bed. Snuggling into her covers, she gave no more thought to the hut, fields, lessons or even her father – sleep welcomed her.

It felt like only moments later that Luce found herself staring at the ceiling of her room, awake despite her exhaustion. With an annoyed huff, she sat up to determine what had woken her and whether it was possible to punish said cause. But the sight she saw was not expected.

Her bedroom was full of smoke.

With a startled gasp, Luce untangled herself from the covers in a manner that would have taken far less time had she been calm. Tripping over her sandals, the frightened teen quickly ran out of her room and into the open area of her home, generally reserved for parties or dinner. Orange flames licked at the hut walls like a dog does its owner, and smoke billowed in such blinding clouds that Luce wondered if she would ever see again. Panic arose within her so great that before her conscious had registered the fact, she was stumbling towards the front door.

Heat – Consuming her body and climbing to a level impossible to be measured.

Pain – So strangely foreboding and unwelcome even amongst the agony.

Dread – Beginning in the pit of her stomach and rising, as though her body knew what to expect but not her mind.

Love – So increasingly strong that her heart was sure to explode.

Flame – And then darkness.

Each of these feelings rushed through her body in repetitive waves as Luce sunk to her knees before her burning home. She knew she had never seen fire to such extent before, and yet it felt so familiar – as though there was a memory tugging at the corner of her mind, unable to enter. But she could not focus on such things, as despite the fact that Luce knew she was safe she was also aware that her father was still inside the inferno.

She began to cry.

"What happened?" A voice said, only barely audible over the noise.

Luce could only shake her head in despair, and whisper her father's name.

"What happened?" The voice repeated with more force.

"I don't know," Luce sobbed, still cradling her head. "But my father is still in there."

The silence that met her was unexpected, as she was anticipating at least a comforting word from the stranger. She lifted her eyes up after a few minutes, glancing around her but was surprised when he was nowhere to be seen. However just as she was about to lay back once more and let the guilt and pain consume her, two figures emerged from the house.

"My goodness," she whispered, quickly standing and running over to the two men. One was her father, partially unconscious with minor burns on his hands, and the other was a young man she had never seen before who was dragging the older man out.

"Lay him on the ground here," she quietly said, relief making her giddy. "He doesn't look too injured; perhaps a bit much smoke inhalation and minor burns?"

"There should be an ambulance soon, I contacted them as soon as I saw the smoke," he said, causing Luce to look up at him in surprise. She recognised the voice as the one from earlier.

"Thank you, you saved his life," Luce said. "How can I ever repay you?" The loud drone of a siren prevented him from answering. He did not, however, look away from her even as the doctors prepared the older man to be taken to a hospital and checked both of the other survivors for injuries. It was almost an hour later before they were both alone again, with fire-fighters continuing their battle with the inferno behind them.

"You already do, with every moment you live," he replied, to her utter confusion. He wasn't sure if it was because he had forgotten the answer she was waiting for or if his words made no sense to her.

"What do you mean?" She tentatively questioned. When he did not answer she continued, "Do you know why that fire felt so familiar to me? And why does it feel like I already know you? As far as I know, we have never met." The boy's eyes widened slightly in surprise, as though he were shocked but happy all the same. He took a step closer to her, cradling her shaking hands in his.

"Can you at least tell me who you are?"

He smiled. "You can call me Daniel."

"Hello Daniel, I'm Luce."

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