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Romeo and Juliet of Osaka

It was a fine spring morning. The birds were happily singing their songs. The sun that just rose was shining brilliantly . . . when suddenly two teenagers started arguing.

"Ahou! How dare you call me a black octopus!" a tan teenager yelled.

"Well, ahou, it's your fault that were late!" a brunette teen yelled back.

The two teenagers were called Heiji and Kazuha. Best friends forever, but argued mercilessly all the time. Most people called them a married couple, but of course they'd deny it. Though, maybe, the brunette may like Heiji . . . just a little bit. But it's just sad that Heiji is as clueless to love like a camel that found itself at the North Pole.

"Aw, look, the lovebirds are having a love fight!" Sonoko, a mischievous brunette, said loudly to the class. All the girls awed and the boys whistled. Obviously everyone expected them to be a couple. According to rumors, there was a bet going around: let's just say bids are up to a million dollars and was set up by a guy named Kaito.

"Sonoko, you don't have to announce it to the whole world," Ran, another pretty brunette, said.

"But it's true, Ran!" Sonoko pouted. "Besides, I have a plan . . ." She chuckled slyly.

Oh no, Ran thought as she sighed. "Another one of your 'LOVE-A-LOVE-A!' plans, Sonoko?"

"You know me well, Ran." Sonoko grinned evilly.

"As long as no one gets hurt, then I'm fine with your plan." Ran frowned disapprovingly.

"Well then, since you're on board with my plan, it's time for me to announce my clever plan to the class!" Sonoko grinned triumphantly.

"Wait, announce your plan—?" But before Ran could finish her sentence, her friend jumped on her desk and shouted, "May I have your attention, everyone!" Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up. "For the school's Spring Festival this year, I'm planning for our class to perform a play!" Everyone began to murmur.

"So, what play is it?" a blonde girl asked.

"The play is . . ." Sonoko paused for effect. "Romeo and Juliet!" Just as suddenly, the girls applauded, the boys grinned at each other, and Heiji and Kazuha stopped fighting.

"Huh?" they said in unison.

"And, to determine who the main characters are, we're going to have a vote!"

"A . . . vote?" the class inquired.

"Yes, a vote! Simply, you have to choose one boy from our class to play Romeo, and one girl from our class to play Juliet!" Everyone stared for a second, and then turned their heads to Kazuha and Heiji. "Them," they said as they pointed.

"WHAT?" the two teenagers screeched.

"No way am I going to be Romeo!" Heiji shouted.

"And no way am I going to be Juliet!" Kazuha shouted as well.

"Hmm . . . let me think." Sonoko tapped her finger on her chin with a smirk, "A whole class versus two students . . . Majority wins!" Everyone cheered, whistled, and applauded. Everyone was happy and excited, not just because the two teenagers are finally getting together (they all had been waiting since the sixth grade), but many were going to get their fair share in the million dollars. Of course, everyone except the two teenagers were in a celebratory mood. They both stared at each other, then looked at the floor, blushing.

Wah! My face is heating up, Kazuha thought. What should I do?

"Now everyone knows what happens between Romeo and Juliet, right?" Sonoko asked the class.

"They die?" one boy asked.

"Uh, well, I'm going to change it a bit in this version, but what else?"

Everyone thought for a few seconds. This was interrupted by Sonoko's groan. "They kiss, bakas!" Realization hit everyone with a thud.

"Oi, Sonoko! You said 'kiss' right?" Heiji asked.

"Duh, you baka," Sonoko replied. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to start writing the script. Oh, this is going to be an awesome play! Why didn't I think of this years ago?"

Heiji's face turns crimson. This is bad. I can't ruin Kazuha's first kiss! Wait . . . Why would I even think or care about her first kiss? But she is my childhood friend after all . . . Maybe I can figure something out that'll prevent Kazuha from giving away her first kiss.

Little did poor Heiji know that Sonoko had a really evil idea in her head.

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