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Ever since Kamiko challenged Kazuha to the challenge, Kazuha felt more and more anxious and jumpy as the days went by. Finally, it was the day before the competition that would take place in the school auditorium after school. The contest had been the talk of the school for days, and everyone encouraged Kazuha and said that they'll cheer for her at the contest. Yet, Kazuha still felt like they were going to vote for Kamiko to be Juliet—therefore making her nervous.

The regular group were just sitting at their usual lunch table, talking about different matters of the day—even Kazuha was relaxed! That is until, of course, someone had to bring it up again.

"So, Kazuha," Sonoko said, "feeling confident of the show tomorrow?"

Everyone at the table except her and Kazuha face-palmed themselves with an "ugh." Kazuha immediately tensed up and began fidgeting her fingers nervously.

"What?" Sonoko asked. "I was just asking a question. Jeez . . ."

"But Sonoko!" Ran exclaimed at her friend then leaned in to whisper, "Remember?"

Sonoko pulled back with her mouth open and eyes wide. "Oh! Oh, I'm so sorry Kazuha for reminding you!"

"I-It's okay, Sonoko. I know you didn't mean it," Kazuha said with a fake smile hoping they'd all buy it—no one did, but they didn't say anything.

"But I am wondering," Ran begun, "how you're doing."

Kazuha glanced at Ran then to everybody else. "I . . . well, yeah I finished the outfits, but—"

"LET US SEE!" Aoko, Ran, and Sonoko yelled at the same time.

Taken aback, Kazuha didn't say anything, but then said, "No. You'll see it tomorrow at the competition."

"What?!" Sonoko sighed and laid her head on the table, completely gloomy.

"Why not?" Aoko asked. "We won't be mean; we promise!" The girls nodded.

"W-Well, I just want to be fair to everyone else by having everyone see the outfits at the same time . . ."

"Oh," the three said blankly, dropping their backs to their chairs.

"But . . ." Kazuha had begun to say.

"But . . .?" the three girls said as well.

"If you guys want to, you can see my kimono I'm going to wear," Kazuha said quietly.

"W-Wait. Are you serious?" Aoko asked. Kazuha nodded.

"Yay!" Ran cheered, and all three of them high-fived each other with big grins on their faces.

"But I didn't make it!" Kazuha said loudly, hoping that it'll make them not want to come, but had the complete opposite effect.

"I wonder what it'll look like!" Ran said, thinking about the kimono.

"It's probably very sexy!" Sonoko chuckled evilly while looking at Kazuha, who was glaring at her. "And," Sonoko leaned in to whisper, "she's probably wearing that to impress Heiji."

All the girls giggled except Kazuha who, with a red face, quickly leaned into the huddled group to shush them. The boys looked at the giggling girls, then at an angry Kazuha, and then at each other. "Girls," they said in unison, and went back to their argument about who was the best detective.

After school, Kazuha led the three excited girls to her bedroom; Kazuha was going to show them the kimono she's going to show and to prove to Sonoko that it isn't that revealing.

The girls sat on the bed while Kazuha looked through her closet for the kimono. "Ah, here it is," Kazuha said while taking out the covered kimono.

Kazuha removed the cover and showed the kimono with a shy "Ta-da!"

The girls reacted with wide eyes and wide mouths with a slight blush on their cheeks. The kimono was absolutely beautiful—it was a light pink color speckled with hot pink cherry blossom petals. In the center, there was a large dark pink bow tying the kimono. Any girl would kill for this dress and any boy would faint at the sight of it.

"So . . ." Kazuha began shyly, "what do you think?"

"W-What do I think?!" Sonoko stood up from the bed. "How dare you ask our opinion of this kimono? Don't you have any confidence, woman? Any girl would want this kimono! Even Heiji can't be this oblivious to your beauty, Kazuha!"

Now Ran stood up from the bed. "S-Sonoko . . ." Ran muttered, urging her friend to calm down.

"B-But I'm not even wearing it," Kazuha murmured.

"Yeah, yeah, I know that, Kazuha. But seriously! This is beautiful! Where did you get it from?" Sonoko walked away from the bed to look at the kimono closely.

"Yeah, yeah, Kazuha," Aoko said, standing up from the bed and walking over to inspect the kimono, as well. "Where did you get this kimono?"

"Well . . . actually, I made it myself," Kazuha admitted, looking to the side with a blush.

"WHAT?" everyone screamed, probably loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear.

"R-really?" Ran asked. Kazuha nodded.

"But you told us at school that you didn't make it," Sonoko said suspiciously.

"W-Well, I hope that would have made you not come," Kazuha admitted.

"Wow! I can't imagine what the other outfits look like!" Aoko exclaimed with sparkling eyes.

"Come on, Kazuha," Ran said, "let us see them!"

Everyone looked at Kazuha with sparkling faces, but Kazuha remained stubborn. "No, I told you already. I want to reveal it to everyone at the same time. The only one who can see the outfits is me. Besides, you guys already got to see the kimono—which is, may I remind you, a product of mine."

"Aw . . ." everyone groaned.

"Well," Ran said, sort of sadly, "at least we got to see something, right?"

"Yeah," Aoko murmured.

"I'm sure the show will run smoothly tomorrow, Kazuha! You're sure to win," Ran said with a smile.

"Yeah, you'll most definitely win!" Sonoko said with a smile as well.

"Th-Thanks, guys. I look forward to the competition," Kazuha said with a nervous smile.

Soon enough, tomorrow arrived. School seemed to have passed by at light-speed, because Kazuha and Kamiko were already backstage of the auditorium and a large audience, which mainly consisted of boys, was waiting (im)patiently for the competition to begin.

Kazuha was peeking through the curtain nervously; she was fidgeting with her fingers and hoping for the best.

"So, Kazuha, do you feel ready?" Kamiko asked with a smirk.

Kazuha looked back at her, trying to not look anxious, and said, "Y-yeah, Nagasaki-san. How about you?"

"Perfect," she replied honestly. "I'm looking forward to defeating you and becoming Heiji-kun's girlfriend!"

Kazuha nervous face turned slightly into frown, and, with a humph, Kazuha muttered, "Well, don't count on it."

"Oh, I will." Kamiko grinned at Kazuha.

"Ladies and gentlemen, our fashion competition between Nagasaki Kamiko and Toyama Kazuha is about to begin!" The girls heard Sonoko announce to the auditorium.

Sonoko walks backstage and said with a wink, "Good luck, girls!"

"Well, time to get dressed," Kamiko said while walking away.

"Yeah . . ." Kazuha muttered and went to go get her clothes in the backroom.

"All right, ladies and gentlemen!" Sonoko announced. "The time has come for our two beautifulladies to showcase their outfits they crafted themselves! Our first contestant, Miss Nagasaki Kamiko, will start the show off first. The competition is split into four parts: casual attire, semi-formal attire, formal attire, and a kimono, which could be either bought from a store or designed by themselves! I now present Nagasaki-san . . ."

Just then, music began to play and Kamiko revealed herself from behind the curtain, wearing dark-blue jeans, a light pink tube top, with brown high heels, and her hair was tied up in a ponytail.

The audience (or boys, to be more exact) immediately responded with loads of cheers and whistles.

"Oh! Kamiko looks really sexy!" Kaito exclaimed over the audience.

"Oi, oi, isn't Aoko you're girlfriend, Kaito?" Heiji asked nervously.

"Well, yeah, but Aoko doesn't have any breasts compared to Kamiko!"

"AHEM." The boys heard a very familiar voice loud and clear and looked behind them. Aoko and Ran were sitting in the chair behind them. "So, Kaito," Aoko began as she put her arms around his neck, "what were you talking about just then?" she asked in a cheerful tone.

"W-What do you mean, Aoko?" Kaito nervously asked, trying to act innocent, but Aoko's arms around his neck immediately closed together and squeezed against his neck, nearly choking him.

"Ah, I see now, Kaito," Aoko angrily said with her teeth clenched together, "now you're lying to me, huh?"

"No, no, no, no, no, Aoko. It's not that, it's just—"

"Just what?" Aoko interrupted him with a snarl.

"Hey, Ran, don't you think you should stop her from killing him?" Shinichi timidly asked Ran.

"No. Aoko would never kill Kaito—at least not on purpose, anyway. Besides, he deserves it," Ran coolly said while watching Kamiko model.

"Oi, oi," Heiji muttered at Ran.

Soon enough, it was Kazuha's turn to impress the crowd. While on her way to change into her semi-formal clothes, Kamiko walked past Kazuha to say, "Good luck, you'll need it," with a sneer.

Kazuha looked back at Kamiko with her eyes then back into the stage. Okay, Kazuha. Don't be nervous! Or else the audience will notice. Breathe in, breathe out. Phew . . . here I go . . .

Shakily, Kazuha went through the curtains to show her outfit. For a second, no one did anything—only stared at the beyond-terrified brunette. Then one person began to clap, then another, and another, and soon the whole audience broke out into cheers.

Still nervous, Kazuha began to strut (more like fast-walk) down the runway, giving a nervous smile to the every other person. She was wearing a green blouse (her favorite color), with short jean shorts and black Converse shoes. Kazuha did her best to avoid eye-contact with Heiji—she believed that he was probably laughing at her or sticking his tongue out at her. But if she had caught a glimpse of Heiji, she would've saw him staring at her, dumbstruck.

End of Part 1

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