I owe you all an apology – I'm truly sorry for not finishing this story.

I'm not saying I never will, but right now I'm working on different projects.

I owe everything to the fanfiction community, and I'd like to give you this:

Until early next week my novella is going to be free on amazon, and I hope you will consider this as a gift, dedicated to you all, in apology for my sins here.

It's about Dida, who I think you could love. She's sixteen and pregnant and about to rob an online bank.

The book is called Heist, and my pen name is E.M.G. Taylor.

I dedicate it to you all, with nothing but affection in my heart. If you'd like to read it, it would be a great honour.

UK amazon: tinyurl dot co dot uk slash z65lplj

US amazon: tinyurl dot com slash guhohvc

Ever yours,