The Moment That Changed There Lives

Chapter 1

As Leif And Jasmine Was The The Palace Gardens, As They Normally Were At About This Time, Just Before Sunset.

"Who Are You Planing To Marry?" Jasmine Questioned Out Of The Blue. Leif Was Shocked To Here Such A Question As He Knew He Truly Loved Jasmine, But He Was Unswore On How To Answer. A Awkward Silence Fell Over.

He Replied "With The Women That I Love And That Is She Would Have Me."

"God Damn" He Thought "Why Can't I Find The Courage To Tell Her How I Feel. It Must Be Because That I'm To Afraid To Think Of Is She Didn't Love Me."

But Just Then, Sharn Just Came By Looking For Leif. She Found He.

"Leif" She Said, "Barda Is Waiting For You In The Library."

"Thanks Alot" He Replied.

He Started To Walk Off.

As Soon As Both Sharn And Leif Were Out Of Sight.

"Why Didn't I Tell Him" She Said Frustrated With Herself.

She Was Also In Love, She Was In Love With Leif.

"This Happens To Me Every Time," She Calmly Said To Herself, "I Have Planned About For Years, When I See Him, I Just Can't Say That, Even If I Forced Myself."

"I Know," She Excitingly Said, "Maybe Barda Can Help Me."

She Started To Walk Off, Trying To Find Barda.

Sharn Had Taken Leif To Barda. Sharn Left For The Library.

"So How Did It Go?" Barda Questioned.

"Not So Well," Leif Respended.

"You Chickened Out Again, Didn't You Leif?" Barda Questioned Again

"No," Leif Said Trying To Cover Up That He Was Lying

"Leif, You Need To Know That The More You Delay Proposing To Jasmine, The More Regrets You Will Have Later On."

"Your Right Barda, Thanks." Leif Walked Away To Go To Bed. Just When Leif Was Nowhere To Be Seen.

"Jasmine, I Know Your There," Barda Exclaimed.

"Oh My God, So He Does Love Me" She Responded With All The Joy In The World.

"Yes He Does," Barda Explained "And I Know The Only Reason He Was Continually Delaying This Because He Thought That You Didn't Love Him The Way He Loved You."

"But I Still Can't Believe It," She Explained, "Thanks For Telling Me That Barda." She Walked Off Jumping With Joy.