Chapter 3

Leif And Jasmine Woke Up Next To Each Other The Following Morning. And Now The Moment That Both Of Them Dreaded, Explaining This To There Parents.

"Good Morning My Love," Leif Said Lovingly To His Soon-To-Be-Wife.

"And Good Morning To You Too," Jasmine Said Just Before Leif Kissed Her On Her Forehead.

"So," Leif Asked, "Do You Know How Your Going To Explain It To Doom?"

"Well," Jasmine Replied, "I'm Just Going To Tell Him Straight Up, And If He Doesn't Except It, That's His Problem."

"Tell Who What?" Doom Questioned As He Walked Into Jasmine's Room. Leif Had A Mini Heart Attack As He Said It. Jasmine's Face Turned From Joy To Fear. Fear Of What He Would Do To Leif If He Didn't Approve Of The Marriage.

"And My I Just Also Ask What Are You Doing In Jasmine's Room Leif?" Doom Added. There Was A Silence For A Minute. For Leif And Jasmine, It Felt Like A Life Time. But Then It Hit Doom.

"YOU SLEPT WITH MY DAUGHTER!" Doom Roared, Not Caring Who Herd It.

"Father, Wait!" Jasmine Calmly Said, "Lief Came In Hear At About Midnight, To Propose To Me." Doom Was The One That Was In Shock Now. He Just Couldn't Believe It

"And You Said?" Doom Questioned.

"She Said Yes," Leif Replied. Doom Signaled Leif To Come Closer To Him, So That Jasmine Couldn't Hear What He Had To Say

"Listen Hear," Doom Whispered, "You Can Have Her Hand In Marriage, But If You Break Her Heart, I'll Break You, Got It!" You Could See Leif Tremble At What Doom Said. And With That Doom Left. Straight Away, Jasmine Went Up To Comfort Leif, As She Could See The Fear In His Eyes.

"What Did He Say To You Leif?" Jasmine Said In A Loving, Comforting Tone.

"He Said That If I Break Your Heart, He'll Break Me," Leif Replied With A Tone That She Had Never Heard Since The Tone He Used In The Shadowlands. I Cried Out Absolute Fear.

"Don't Worry About It Leif, I Know You'll Never Break My Heart, And You Know I'll Never Break Yours," Jasmine Said So Calmly. And With That Jasmine Went Up For A Kiss, To Say To Him, It Will Be Ok.