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It hurt.

It hurt so much; the pain was overwhelming. I couldn't breathe as the unbearable pain coursed through my veins, spreading through my whole body.

I heard Jane's distant whisper, pleading me to open my eyes. His voice was horrified, begging and desperate. I didn't realize my eyes were closed until I heard it.

I tried to tell him that I couldn't open my eyes but my mouth let me down. My lips stayed closed and I could barely force them open to let out a strangled sigh. It was nearly inaudible, even for me, and I tried to suck some air into my lungs before my mouth shut again.

My limbs felt heavy, not like the usual exhausted-heavy, but a different kind. I was sure that someone put something incredibly heavy on me.

I heard Jane's voice, calling out to someone. Telling them to come here.

I wanted to tell Jane not to call them, tell him to keep talking to me because his soothing voice eased my pain. But he fell silent, whispering "Stay with me" from time to time. He sounded so extremely sad and worried that I wanted to open my eyes and tell him that it's all going to be okay. But I couldn't...

The weight on my chest pushed me down, down and I was suffocating. I wanted to scream, to ask Jane to help me, but my voice didn't work.

I felt warmness on my side and I was sure he covered me with his jacket. I even tried to smile a little at his kindness; he was so thoughtful. Then I realized that the warmness couldn't be his clothing because it felt wet. It made my shirt damp and it smelled bad, absolutely not like the delicious scent of Patrick Jane.

My insides clenched as I recognized the smell. I knew it too well; it greeted me on every crime scene. It was the sharp, bitter smell of blood. And as I put the pieces together, the terrible realization hit me. It was my blood, flowing freely from my body.

The wound on my side was burning and the pain got worse as I paid more attention on it. I tried to concentrate on Jane's uneven breathing besides me and I hoped with all my heart that he wasn't hurt.

I forced my mouth to open again and, despite all the pain in my body, I strained my voice to work.

"J..Jane..Jane..." I stammered in a whisper, my side aching even more as I tried to take another breath. I didn't care; I needed to know he was all right.

"Lisbon! Teresa, it's going to be okay... Don't worry, I'm here with you... The ambulance will be here any minute!" he murmured to me in a rushed tone. His voice sounded close as if he were leaning over me. My eyes were still closed but I wanted to see him, especially if he was so close. I had to see his sparkling blue eyes that could do miracles to me. His eyes could bring me hope and happiness or could push me into the darkness of fear and panic.

My eyelids were heavy too; they fluttered closed every time I tried. It took me more than a minute to open my eyes, but it was worth the work. I was greeted with the most amazing ocean blue eyes I've ever seen. He was looking at me, his eyes caring and concerned.

We stared deeply into each other's eyes, silently reassuring the other that it will be okay.

"Just stay with me..." he whispered, but I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.

My breathing was harder, more like panting and my lungs felt dry.

Suddenly I heard the sound of the ambulance and as the car stopped Jane sighed, a small sound of relief. Footsteps sounded and I felt like I can't resist the darkness anymore. It sucked me down like a black hole, away from this world, away from the reality, away from Jane and everything I loved...

I wanted to fight it. I loved to live. I wanted to live! I wanted to be able to see my team again, to feel the rush of adrenaline through my veins while we were about to solve a particularly difficult case, I wanted to eat at my favorite Italian restaurant once more, to swim in the ocean, to see the Eiffel Tower. I needed to hug my brothers and tell them I loved them. I wanted to tell Jane I loved him...

But the darkness was too strong. I couldn't fight it no matter how hard I tried. Images from my life flowed through my mind and I was sure I started to cry.

"Lisbon, stay with me! Do you hear me? Open your eyes!" Jane begged me, but I wasn't really there anymore. I was deep down in the endless darkness.

Just before I was completely engulfed with the darkness, I heard two or three people run to me and they started to examine me. I heard Jane's trembling voice as he told them what happened, that I had a gunshot wound at my side. Somebody touched my side and I wanted to scream from the pain, but I couldn't. Somehow they managed to get me on a stretcher and I felt hands on me, cutting my shirt open, touching the wound. The blood never stopped flowing from my body and I heard somebody swear.

"That's a lot of blood. Let's hope the bullet didn't hit organs and arteries."

A hand grasped mine as it lay motionless beside me and I was sure it was Jane's. His skin was cold as ice and I could feel him shaking. If I had the strength I would have squeezed it, but I couldn't... I just lay there, helplessly bleeding out as the doctors tried to save me.

They lifted me into the ambulance and I was starting to black out.

Through the dizziness in my mind, I heard the conversation between Jane and the doctor. He wanted to come with me in the ambulance and the doctor made him promise that he won't cause trouble. Just like he knew Jane...

Jane swore that he would be good and I heard the bang as they closed the ambulance's back door.

I felt really weak. The darkness wasn't scary anymore; I was getting used to it. I could barely remember anything at all from my life. I found out I couldn't imagine Cho's or Rigsby's face, nor VanPelt's... I couldn't hear the laughter of Tommy in my head. But I was too weak to care, to weak to panic. It was like I was slowly disappearing. I was almost nothing... People say they want to be transparent in situations but now I felt like I was literally transparent. It was horrible but I couldn't think about it with the fog that filled my mind.

The last thing I heard, probably the only thing that kept me alive in that terrible moment, the thing that made me want to fight for my life even more was Patrick Jane's broken, desperate whisper in my ear.

"Please don't leave me...I love you Teresa!"

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