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A week later I was sitting in my office, bent over a stack of paperwork. It was just after noon, and the team was getting ready to head out to a scene. I knew I couldn't go with them, but I kept glancing up longingly and watching as they collected their jackets and guns. I looked back at the file in front of me and I sighed. I dropped my pen and stood up. I needed a strong coffee.

I made my way out into the bullpen and VanPelt greeted me with a warm smile, just like every time she saw me since I was back at the office.

"Hi Boss, we got a body!" she told me and I couldn't blame her for her excitement. This was our first case in days, they all must have been bored out of their minds. Not me though, I had tons of paperwork ever since I stepped into my office at the beginning of the week.

"Yes I know, Cho already told me!" I nodded, then looked around. The boys were already out of the office, my guess was they were down in the garage. "Are you taking Jane with you?" I asked, noticing that my consultant wasn't in the bullpen.

Jane and I were just getting to know ourselves in our new found relationship, and we decided to keep it a bit of a secret from the others for now. However, I was almost certain that Cho suspected something, after on my first day he nearly caught us sort of making out in the kitchen... I just had enough time to lean back, but we were standing too close to each other not to notice. I've been much more cautious since then, though Jane did nothing to help me with that, and Cho didn't even mention it. I was extremely thankful for it. Maybe he didn't want himself in an uncomfortable situation like that, or he was only trying to have our backs, but it didn't really matter to me...

"I would, if I could find him!" said Grace and she put on her coat.

"Here I am, dear VanPelt!" I heard Jane's charming voice behind me, and I fought the shiver that run through me. I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from smiling like a lovestruck teen girl, and I turned to him.

"I'm not sure I should let you go with poor VanPelt. You would just drive her crazy and put her into uncomfortable situations..." I told him sternly, but with a hint of a joke in my tone. I wanted him to stay in the office with me, and cheer me up during my paperwork, more than anything. But I knew that he should go and see the scene with the team. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't get any work done.

"No need to act like you're not going to miss me, Lisbon! Anyway, I promise I will try to behave..." he teased as he walked past me, brushing my shoulder on his way, and stood next to the redhead agent, who regarded our little bantering with an amused face. "Shall we, Grace?" he asked, and even offered his arm to her. VanPelt grinned, waved goodbye to me and let Jane lead her to the elevator.

I shook my head, but let a smile take over my features. That man... He would be the end of me one day, but until then I was determined to enjoy every second of our time together!
With a cup of steaming coffee I made my way back to my office, as slowly I could, practically dragging my feet with each step.

As I reached my desk I spotted a tiny slip of paper on the top of my paperwork. I rounded the table and sat down into my chair, putting the cup next to the keyborad of my computer. I looked at the paper which had a message written on it. I held it between my fingers, reading the neat, elegant handwriting.

"I'm taking you out on a dinner date tonight! I'll pick you up at your place at 8. Wear a dress! Love you!"

I chuckled at the lack of signature, though I knew for one hundred percent sure who put it there. I would recognise Patrick Jane's lovely letters anytime.

I folded the paper in two and tucked it into my jeans pocket. Then I took a sip of my hot coffee, slightly burning my tongue during the process. I winced and tried to get some cool airinto my mouth, gasping ridiculously. Thank God, that no one saw me... In the matter of minutes though, I was immersed in my work again, leaving the thoughts -and let's be honest, worries- about tonight for later.

At 7.30, I stumbled into my apartment, almost falling through the door in my rush. Jane would be there to pick me up in half an hour, and I had to shower, and brush my hair, and choose a dress that I could put on... After all, he did warn me to wear a dress, and I would have just ignored him, if I wasn't so damn worried that he would take me to a fancy restaurant with only elegant, rich customers. And I had to do my make-up, and tidy up a little bit in the flat, because I didn't really have the time to do it lately. And I couldn't, for the life of me figure out why was I this anxious over a dinner with Patrick Jane? I mean we were sort of dating for a week, or more like we were together, because there were no real dates. This would be our first real, official date...

Until now he would just drop by with a pizza, or with a movie, or just to say hi and kiss me... And it would all turn into... Ahem, something else.

So maybe that was the reason for my little nervous breakdown. That this was our first date.

As I stood under the shower, enjoying how the water relaxing and loosening my tensed muscles, I realized just how much Jane would love to know that I was freaking out over this dinner thing. Probably, it was one of the reasons why he did it in the first place. I bet he was having a fantastic time while he imagined me running around like a headless chick, collecting my stuff and getting ready!

That was when I decided that I wouldn't go crazy and freak. That I would play it cool, and make his jaw hit the floor. I would nail the night, and even have some fun doing so...

I walked out of the bathroom much more calmer, and stepped to my closet. Opening it, I looked over all the dresses I had, and with a wicked smile my eyes settled on one particular dress. It was the other coctail dress I bought with VanPelt. The blue one, that I first found. I caressed the material with tip of my fingers before I took it out of the closet,, laying it out on my bed.

Yes, that would perfectly do, and I absolutely couldn't wait to wear it and see Jane's reaction. If it would be half as good as to the red dress, then it was already worth it.

Going back to my dresser, I chose light blue lingerie and I decided I would wear my silver-blue heels.

I quickly got ready after that, combing my freshly washed hair into a loose bun, leaving some strands out to frame my face. I applied a hint of make-up, just enough to bring out my eyes, and a breath of light pink lipstick.

I didn't even realize how quickly the time flew by, and I was startled to head three small knocks coming from the front door.

I hurried to the door, slipped into my heels, enjoying how it made me feel taller. Then, taking a huge breath I swung the door open.

"Hey!" I breathed, allowing myself a smile.

"Lisbon, you look breathtakingly beautiful!" he greeted me with wide, blue eyes roaming over me shamelessly, his lips curling into a thousand watt grin.

"Thanks!" I blushed, noticing that he looked wonderful too. He had a dark blue suit on and his facewas freshly shaved. He even had a delicious smell...

"Shall we, my dear?" he extended his hand, and I took it, linking our fingers happily.

I clumsily closed my door with my left hand, while Jane chuckled next to me, never letting my right hand go.

As soon as I tucked the keys into my bag, he tugged me tight to him, and his eager lips pressed a sweet kiss to mine. His soft, gifted tongue entered my mouth, exploring and devouring. I let out a low, delighted moan and as I brushed my own tongue over his he answered with a growl that sounded almost dangerous. He circled his hand around my waist, and I lifted my hand around his shoulders, pressing myself as close to him as I could.

After long minutes of making out, practically against my front door he finally pulled back slightly. We were both gasping heavily, and his eyes bore a hole into mine, looking into the very soul of me.

"We better get going. If we continue this, I'm not sure we ever get to dinner...". He murmured into my ear, and a shiver ran through me as his hot breath hit my neck.

"What a shame it would be..." I whispered seductively, my desire for him cursing through my veins.

"God" he groaned before he crashed his lips to mine again, kissing me lustfully and hard.

This time it was me who broke the kiss, by pushing at his chest until he took a step back. His eyes were sparkling, his pupils dilated, and he had the most loving and caring expression on his face I've ever seen...

"I love you!" I whispered quietly, kind of afraid to say it so directly into his eyes. All my fears disappeared though, when a gentle smile graced his features.

"I love you too Lisbon, oh, you have no idea how much I love you!" he told me sincerely, and to cover my sudden wave of happy tears I stepped away from the door, towards his waiting car.

"We really should get going, so why don't you elaborate that in the car?" I offered teasingly, and he followed me down the steps with an amused chuckle. "Where are you taking me anyway?" I asked, curiousity filling my tone.

"Aw Lisbon, Lisbon. I won't tell you! Where is the surpirse in that?" he said in mock frustration and I rolled my eyes as he opened the car door for me.

This man...

He found his way right into my heart, broke down every wall that I built to protect myself. And even though he hurt me many times, he always did it to keep me safe, and he did everything he could to make it up to me. He gave me hope and trust again, and I would be thankful for that forever. And he gave me his love, which meant more than anything for me.

I knew, that with Patrick Jane, life wouldn't be easy, but I also knew, that every day would hold a new challenge for me, and that I would love him till the day I die...

And that was more than enough for me.

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