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Letter: A

Theme: Apology

"How hard is it to apologize?"

It could be said that Hattori Heiji was good at many things. He was a straight A student, captain of the school's kendo team, and a pretty good detective. At least as good as Kudo, maybe better. Or so Heiji thought anyway.

But there was one thing that Heiji was not so skilled at, and unfortunately had to do at this very moment. And that was apologize. Even worse, he had to apologize to the aho. Otherwise known as his childhood friend, Toyama Kazuha. They'd always teased and bickered with one another, it was just a part of who they were. Their form of communication, if you will. But today they had really fought, and looking back on it, Heiji wasn't even sure what they'd fought about. Probably something trivial, as always.

It had started out in the normal fashion. Heiji had been complaining about how slow Kazuha had been walking to school; she had snapped back. The usual. Until one of their classmates had made the comment that they fought like an old married couple. Which, in itself, was nothing new. Their classmates teased Heiji and Kazuha all the time about that. Nothing unusual. Then Heiji had flippantly made a comment saying, "Why would anyone want to be married to an aho like her for? All she does is bother me!"

He hadn't meant it, not really. Kazuha was pretty nice to have around , most of the time. It was just fun to tease her, rile her up. So that is why Heiji was surprised, no make that shocked, when Kazuha exploded. He'd never seen her look so angry. And why were her cheeks red? She was actually shaking, her chair making a scraping sound on the floor as he stood from her desk abruptly. And was that a glimmer of tears Heiji saw in her eyes?

"Is that so, Hattori Heiji? Well if I'm such a bother to you, then from now on I will just leave you alone!"

After that outburst, she had turned and fled the classroom, almost bumping into the teacher who was coming into the room. "Gomen, sensei…" Kazuha almost whispered "I'm not feeling well. I need to go the restroom." "Alright..." the teacher said.

Kazuha hadn't come back to class that period, and when Heiji had seen Kazuha again, she avoided him. Avoided him for the rest of the day, in fact. Which put Heiji in his current predicament.

Apologizing to the aho.

He was on his way to her house, she had jumped up as soon as class was over, not even waiting for him so they could walk home together, as they always did. That meant she was really angry. They had fought plenty of times, but they had always walked home together. Hell, they'd usually gotten over whatever it was they were fighting over long before then. Heiji could have easily jumped up himself and followed her, but for some reason, he hadn't. He was still confused as to why she had gotten so angry in the first place. They both had been teased about being a couple many times before, almost daily actually. And Heiji was certain he had used that same comeback he had used this morning before. She usually just laughed it off, before coming back with a comment of her own of course. Or hit him. Really, that girl could be so violent sometimes! So why did she get so angry?

Another thing was bothering Heiji. And that was why he was so worried about the whole thing in the first place. Why he felt a pull in his chest when he thought of the fury and hurt on her face, the glimmer of tears in her eyes. Why he was risking humiliation to go apologize to her. He would never live it down. She would be bringing this up for a long time. But something still compelled him to go. What was it? He was coming up on Kazuha's house now. A house he knew as well as his own. He hoped she was there, though he had no doubt he could find her if she wasn't. He just knew her that well. Would she actually let him into the house was that question. He couldn't count on her father for help as he was sure that Kazuha's father would most certainly still be at work. Not that he would want to involve him in something as embarrassing as this.

Heiji took a deep breath as he approached the door and rang the doorbell. Usually he wouldn't bother with such a thing, but today he almost felt like a stranger approaching the house. Like something had changed, shifted dramatically since he'd come here this morning so he and Kazuha could walk to school together.

"Coming!" Heiji winced. He didn't have to be a good detective to tell that her voice was hoarse from crying . Great. Heiji hated it when Kazuha cried. He wasn't sure why. It was like that pull on his chest that he had felt this morning when she was so upset. Oh, of course, as her best friend Heiji would never want to see Kazuha in pain; but he felt like it was something more than that. Something that he couldn't define, something that was just out of reach. Heiji was still deep in thought when Kazuha opened the door. Then rational thought went out the window.

"Heiji, what are you doing here? Aren't I a bother to you?" Bitterness and hurt laced her voice. But Heiji couldn't answer, he was too busy staring. It wasn't that Kazuha was wearing anything necessarily provocative. (Not that he looked at her in that way… or so he told himself.) She hadn't even changed out of her uniform. But sometime while she had been crying she must have taken her hair down from its trademark ponytail. It fell in waves, cascading down her shoulders, and Heiji was mesmerized. Not that he hadn't seen her with her hair down before, but just like he felt like a stranger coming up to her house, so did she feel like a stranger to him. But in a good way; like he wanted to know her, study her, discover everything about her. He did know her of course, they'd grown up together….but, well, Heiji couldn't describe it. It was a new and dangerous emotion he was feeling.

And as he stood there staring at her, her now rumpled uniform, eyes red from crying with dark tear stains on her cheeks, something clicked in place for Heiji. Like the last clue that fell into place before he solved a murder case. The difference was that during those times he felt a surge of triumphant adrenaline. Right now all he felt was a surge of terror. He wanted to bolt, to flee, to be anywhere else but standing in front of the women he had hurt, the women he….


The realization hit Heiji like a ton of bricks, and left him staggering. It wasn't really so much that he realized he was in love with one Toyama Kazuha, his childhood friend; (though that in itself was a big deal, at least for Heiji) it was the fact that he realized he had loved her all along. Since who knows when, he couldn't really pinpoint a start to his feelings. It was like they were always there, in the back of his mind, waiting for his thick skull to notice them. And notice them he did, so much so he felt overwhelmed by them, drowning in them. He couldn't even speak, despite the fact that he had been standing in her doorway for a few minutes now without saying a word and Kazuha was starting to look at him like he'd gone crazy. Maybe he had.

"Heiji?" All the anger was gone from her voice now, she sounded confused.

"So…..uh…." Well, at least his mouth was moving again. "Aho, why didn't you wait for me to walk home together!" Teasing. Teasing was good. Teasing was a nice, safe, normal act. Well, at least, normal for them. Unfortunately for Heiji, though, Kazuha was not in her normal, teasing mood.

"Is that really what you came all the way over here to say? I told you that I wouldn't bother you anymore and that is what I am doing!" Kazuha stepped back started to slam the door when Heiji's body finally decided to cooperate.

"Wait, Kazuha….." Heiji shot forward, and grabbed onto one of Kazuha's wrist. She didn't pull way, she was too shocked.

"Kazuha, you aho, why did you get so mad earlier? You know that I was only teasing, and…." Heiji looked straight into her eyes now, "I'm sorry."

Kazuha's jaw dropped. She wasn't sure what was more surprising, the fact that Hattori Heiji had apologized, or that he had been so bold; reaching out, grabbing her wrist. He still hadn't let go. Oh, it wasn't like they had never had any physical contact before. They had hugged (though rarely), and held hands (mostly as children), but this had the feel of something totally different altogether. They were still standing in her doorway, he was standing in front of her (closer than he'd ever been) , holding her wrist firmly but not tight enough to hurt. Staring into her eyes. They were so close they could… but Heiji would never… would he? He'd already surprised her today with his behavior thus far.

Kazuha's heart was fluttering wildly and her stomach was full of butterflies. And Heiji was still just standing there, staring. She was starting to wonder if he was going to make any sort of move at all. Maybe she should….. But she never got any further in her thoughts. Because Heiji had suddenly used the arm he was holding to pull her into his arms. The other hand he used to raise to her face, gently cupping her cheek. His eyes never left hers as he brought his head downward until his lips touched hers.

It wasn't really that long of a kiss, and slightly awkward, but still when Heiji and Kazuha pulled back moments later; they were both gasping for air. Neither moved for several seconds, afraid that they would awake to find out it had only been a dream.

"So…." Heiji started, "Does this mean you accept my apology?"

Kazuha swatted him lightly on the arm. "Aho…." She said laughing, trying to sound annoyed while inside her heart was singing. Heiji laughed too.

And then kissed her again.

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