"He wore that thing everywhere…"

He never took it off. Everywhere he went, his trademark hat followed. Well, not literally, but you get the idea. Over time, it has become his identity, just a part of who he is. It's a signal to Kazuha, during a case she can always tell when Heiji's really into it, just by his turning the hat around. He's had it so long; it is hard to remember when or how he got it.

To know the truth of that, you have to go back 12 years, when Heiji and Kazuha were just 5 years old. Their friendship, even then, was not new; but they were developing certain new… facets to their friendship. One of these being picking out gifts for each other, (for birthdays and such), instead of just leaving that to their parents.

So it came to be that one week before Hattori Heiji's 5th birthday, one Toyama Kazuha was trying to figure out what to get him. She tried to think of all his likes, (detectives…mystery novels….kendo…), but it was hard for her to think of a suitable present to match these hobbies. She really wanted to get something that he would like, as this was the first year she had picked the present out herself, she wanted to do a good job. She was hesitant to even ask her father for advice; she was determined to do this all on her own.

That afternoon, her father took her to the store to buy the present. Kazuha wondered the aisles for a bit, her father following, still just as undecided as she had been before. She passed by all sorts of "boyish things", (in her mind anyway), and none of them seemed to fit Heiji. Then, as she was walking through the sports section, something caught her eye. Her father noticed.

"You know…if I remember correctly, Heizo said that he was going to take Heiji to see a baseball game for his birthday." Her father commented.

"Really?" Kazuha was sure now. This would be the perfect present for Heiji.

One week later though, at the party, amid all the fun and games, cake and sweets; Kazuha was nervous. She was starting to second guess her gift choice. Especially when Heiji started opening all of his other presents, ones that seemed so much better than hers. But they were best friends right? That should count for something, no matter what she got him. She figured it was now or never. Deep breath… She walked over to Heiji, and held out her present.

"Here Heiji. Happy Birthday."

Heiji began eagerly tearing at the wrapping paper, and what he saw put the biggest smile on his face that Kazuha had seen all day.

"Wow! An Osaka baseball hat! My dad is taking me to a game tomorrow… this is perfect! You should come Kazuha, I know girls don't usually really like baseball, but it will be fun… and…" As he was talking, he placed the cap on his head, and looking back on it now, even then, Kazuha could see that look…that special look in his eye… every time he wore his favorite hat.

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