"Band, atten-hut!" the drum major commanded in her booming voice.

The band snapped to attention for the twelfth time that practice.

"Not snappy enough!" yelled the band director. "What's wrong with you guys today?"

"Band, parade rest!" They got a ten second pause before being called to attention again.

I hate this. I thought to myself, the evening sun shining brightly in my eyes. This happens at least one practice every marching season. We would be called to attention over and over again, each member being scrutinized for the perfect form.

"Alright. It can still be better, but I don't want to waste all of our practice time on perfecting the attention stance. Page one, run the show!"

Finally, the judgment was over.

A.N. / I hate the annual "Let's call them to attention over and over for about ten minutes" practice. I just want to scream. Anyhow, my 14th drabble is done! I better get working on these if I want to get finished before marching season is done. Please review/favorite, it will help motivate me!