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FAGEtastic Four

Title: Someone Like You

Written for: Kayla Murdock/Addicted Necker

Written By: Me, FLQ

Rating: M, just to be safe

Summary/Prompt used: 2 - Song-Someone Like You, by Adele

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"I heard that you're settled down

That you found a girl and you're married now

I heard that your dreams came true

Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you…"

Someone Like You by Adele.

Bella POV:

Today had been an exhausting day. After eighteen hours of motor vehicle accidents, heart attacks and move brightly colored vomit than I had ever seen in my life, words couldn't describe my relief at finally being home. Closing the front door behind me, I removed the mail from my teeth, threw my keys and handbag on the hall table and freed my aching feet from their constraints. Mail in hand, I walked through my small apartment, turning on lights as I went and made my way to the bathroom.

Making my way to the tub, I turned on the hot water and released a contented sigh as the steam started to fill the small area. Yes, this was exactly what I needed; a long, hot bubble bath to soak my exhausted muscles and wash away the stress of the day.

Unbuttoning my shirt, I started to flick through today's mail.

Electricity bill, phone bill, credit card statement…

I paused as my hands landed on a thick envelope, the cream color and obvious paper quality screaming expensive. Curious, I carefully opened the envelope and poured the contents out in my hands, only to have some business card sized pieces fall to the floor.

The embossed, pale pink paper felt heavy in my hands as I turned it over to read whatever was written.

A Love Story unfolds

May Love Light our way to Happiness

A Celebration of our Love

From this moment on

Our Wedding Day!

Our love will light our way to happiness

Two hearts that beat as one

Quality of the paper forgotten, the letter fell from my hands as my knees gave out and I too fell to cold, tiled floor.

Oh my God, please let me have read that wrong.

My breathing quickened as I tried to comprehend what I had just read.

A wedding invitation.

His wedding invitation.

With shaking fingers I reached once more for the offending piece of paper, ignoring my fingers feeling as though they were being physically burned just by holding it.

Bella Swan and partner are cordially invited to join us in the celebration of marriage of…

Despite the circumstances, I still managed to snort at the insinuation that I had moved on.

As if it was even possible.

Fat, wet tears ran tracks down my cheeks and a sob ripped from my throat as my last tiny piece of hope died, and my heart ached at the realization of what this meant; not even caring that the bath had started to overflow and currently flooding my bathroom.

It was over.

He was never going to knock on my door, drop to his knees and beg to take me back.

I had lost and she had won.

He was getting married.

Not to me, to her…

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