Title: It's pain that shows

Song/Artist: Santogold/Starstruck

Pairing: Scott and Stiles

Disclaimer: Not my show or character if it was mine then the show and the characters would have a much darker, twisted, and hunting more feels to it.

Warning: Dark theme violence, swearing (of course), rape, OOC well mostly for Stiles really maybe all the characters haven't really decided yet.

Stiles Pov

Class is really boring today, were learning about some science stuff that I wasn't really paying attention to. Instead I was busy watching Scott looking at Allison with gleamy eyes. What a dick the funny thing is that he only thinks with his dick. Pretty sure his head is brainless and filled with dicks haha dicks.

SLAM I looked over and saw that Mr. Harris slammed his ruler on my desk. What good luck I have eh, now I have to deal with bitchy teacher #1 over here. He said something I pretended to be hearing it by nodding my head and saying okay it seemed to work because he left.

Wait I was thinking about something what was it, oh yeah Scott. What a fucking asshole even after that he was still staring at Allison wasn't I his best friend; I've known the man since pre-k and not give a shit about me. Ever since Princess Ally he barely called me and when he did it was for help, he didn't even say a fucking thank you.

Sometimes I wander what would happen if I wasn't there for him. He most likely would be with good old Uncle Pete, or dead either way his life would have been so fucked. Still no thank you I saved his ass so many times that it's sad really. Kindness is wasted on the idiotic he can't even comprehend what I did for him all because of that cunt. I should just break this friendship shit but where do I start.

Hey Scott I'm breaking up with you or Scott you screwed me over so many times so fuck off so many ways to end a friendship. That's it after class I'm gonna tell Scott that hope I break his little werewolf heart well if there is one if there is it probably belong to that cunt.

Oh look I lost track of time class is finish and everyone is leaving well except for Allison. The bitch gets up from her seat and sends a wave and smile my way. Oh how does she do it? Being a best friend stealer and girl next door, good thing none of that shit affect me in any way. As she passes by I mutter bitch under my breath she looks back with a confused face probably thinking she misheard it.

I smile after gathering all my stuff and heading out the door. With a smile still on my face I head over to Scott who was putting something in his dirty looking locker and call his name. He looks at me and with a frown probably thinking the person who called his name was Allison what a ass. "Hey what is it Stiles" he said pulling his frown into a smile I almost sneer.

"Scott we need to talk about our friendship".

"What about it".

"Well" I didn't get time to finish before that bitch came and kissed Scott full on the mouth. My blood starts to boil and my fist kempt on clenching and unclenching Scott must have notice because he looked at me with surprised eyes.

"Stiles are you okay"

"Yeah I'm fine just fine"

"All right so back to I was saying" he said as he looked at Allison with anger in his eyes.

"We need to talk about our friendship"

Scott nodded and I was about to continue when I overheard the cunt whisper something in his ear about lunch at this restaurant. Scott nodded, said we'll talk later and left with him and the cunt hand in hand.

I stood there unable to comprehend what had just conspired, every time I got something to say the cunt and dick brains just ignore it. Well mark my words Scott the next time I see you I'm gonna tell you off you just wait and see.