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Said teen groaned and rolled over onto his side, nuzzling his face into his pillow.


At the pleading tone sounding within his skull, blue eyes cracked open, taking in the darkness of his room. Who was this voice?

'I can not go on much longer...!'

Ciel shot up in bed at those words, recognizing Sebastian's voice. The sound was fading and strained, like the merman was...choking.

All of a sudden everything came rushing back to the teenager full force. He had been knocked out, but before he had fully lost consciousness he had heard people talking. Ciel stood up and brought a hand to his head, feeling the large bump forming there as he tried to remember who had been speaking.

'Ash and...Claude.'

''Shit!'' Ciel cursed as he ran out of his room and up the stairs, not caring that he could have woken up some of his crew mates. The teen's heart was racing as he ran to the back of the ship, silently praying that Sebastian was okay. He knew that Claude had his eyes on the raven for a while now and he could only guess as to what the navigator would do to the merman once Ciel was out of the picture.

This thought only made the teen run faster before skidding to a halt next to Sebastian's tank. His one blue eye widened when he saw only about two inches worth of water still remaining in the tank and Sebastian no where to be found. Ciel bit his lip and slammed his left fist against the tank in anger, not even noticing when his fingers started to bleed from the hard impact.

He took a second to calm himself before looking up at the tank again, this time noticing the image of a table that hadn't been there before through the glass. Ciel also noticed something resting atop the table and immediately ran over to it, recognizing that signature silver tail.

''Sebastian!'' Ciel called desperately as he reached the table. The merman's eyes were closed and he wasn't moving. Hesitantly, Ciel laid his head down on the raven's chest and listened, fearing what he might not hear.

The distinct sound of a heart beat could still be heard and Ciel sighed in relief, removing his head from the merman and feeling around the side of the table. He vaguely wondered why Bard's table was up here in the first place but pushed the thought to the back of his mind for now. His fingers came in contact with a small button and he pressed it before pulling out the nails around Sebastian's wrists, feeling extremely furious that someone would do this to the merman.

The teen placed his hand on Sebastian's shoulder before stopping for a moment, just thinking. Ciel looked around the deck and listened. There was no one up here; no one to stop him...

With one goal in mind, Ciel pulled Sebastian into his arms bridal style before walking over to the side of the ship. Blue eyes looked down at the dark waters below for a second before hoisting the raven up higher into his arms. This was it. This was his only chance to set the merman free. There was no time for hesitation; Sebastian would die otherwise.

Ciel placed the merman on the railing of the ship and swallowed down the lump in his throat as he moved to push Sebastian off the side. As he did this, his mind recalled the very first moment they met, how they used to fight all the time. Now those quarrels were a distant memory, never again to be remade.

Ciel bit his lip as he let out a breath that he didn't realize he had been holding. He could feel the scales of Sebastian's tail against his fingers and he looked down at it. That tail had been the whole reason that the two of them had been brought together and he wouldn't have traded this whole experience for the world. Ciel ran his thumb affectionately over the scales for a moment before grabbing a hold of Sebastian to push him over the edge into the ocean. It was time to say goodbye...

''Ciel...?'' The teen froze his movements and looked down at the merman to find groggy red eyes staring up at him. Sebastian's voice sounded raspy and quiet, like it physically hurt to speak. ''What...are you doing?''

Ciel shook his head and pushed the merman a bit closer to the edge. ''I'm setting you free back into the ocean.'' The teen said, sad eyes looking down at the raven, who's own eyes were widened. ''Sebastian, I'm sorry for everything. I never meant for any of this to happen...'' Ciel leaned down and stole one last kiss from the merman before he could react. ''Good-bye...'' He whispered against Sebastian's lips before pushing him over the edge...

When a distinct splash was heard Ciel dropped to his knees, bringing his hands up to his face as small tears started to form in his ocean-blue colored eyes. He coughed slightly as the liquid trekked down his cheeks, having not cried in years.

That was it. This whole thing was over. Sebastian was gone...and Ciel felt like his heart had just been ripped out. There would be no one waiting for him to get up in the morning. No one pestering him to pay attention to them instead of doing his work. No one that he was extremely close to on this ship anymore. The teen had never felt a greater loss than he did at this very moment.

After a long few minutes, when Ciel had calmed down some, he moved to get up on shaky legs, but froze when he heard a voice from above him.

''Why did you do that?''

Ciel looked up from his position on the floor to see Sebastian leaning over the ship, wine-red colored eyes staring at him in curiosity as water dripped onto the deck from his wet hair.

''What the hell areyou doing?'' Ciel demanded and got up from the floor, wiping away his tears with the back of his arm. ''Get back in the ocean before-''

''I have to know.'' Sebastian said seriously, causing Ciel to stop mid-sentence. ''Why did you do that?''

''Isn't it obvious?'' Ciel asked sarcastically, though his tone lacked any real bite. ''I don't want you to be killed, idiot.''

''What about your job? You are betraying everyone on this ship.'' Sebastian furrowed his brows in confusion.

''I don't care about that.'' Ciel said and shook his head. ''I just want you to be safe. So go.'' The teen said, walking towards Sebastian to push him back into the water.

''No.'' Sebastian said suddenly, holding fast to the railing of the ship and looking away from Ciel's eyes. ''I am not leaving.''

''Sebastian, what's the matter with you?'' Ciel frowned, motioning to the fish gutting table with his hand. ''Do you realize what would have happened if I didn't come up here?'' The merman didn't answer, which made the teen frown more. ''It's obvious that my ship is trying to kill you, Sebastian.'' Ciel said seriously, looking off to the side, as if that statement made him feel ashamed. ''I told you I wouldn't let that happen and I am going to keep my promise.'' The teen walked over and placed his hands on the merman's shoulders. Sebastian tensed underneath his touch but Ciel refused to back off. ''So go. I'll make sure that we don't follow you. I promise.''

There was silence between them for a few moments before Sebastian grabbed a hold of Ciel's wrist. His wine-red eyes were still looking off to the side as he quietly whispered, ''No.''

''Why?'' Now Ciel was getting confused. ''Isn't this what you wanted ever since I caught you?'' Sebastian didn't answer again and the teenager sighed. ''Why ever would you want to stay?-''

''You.'' Sebastian finally looked at the teen and Ciel was momentarily taken aback by the serious look in the merman's eyes. ''I am not leaving you Ciel.'' The merman had spent a lot of time thinking about these past few weeks while he was more or less suffocating up on that table. He had come to the complete conclusion that all humans, even Ciel, were complete liars. They never kept their word. They only cared about themselves...or so he thought. Ciel did keep his promise. He did protect him, even released him back into the ocean.

Those few minutes spent back under the waves felt like paradise to Sebastian, but something was missing: Companionship. That was the reason why he came back. For years, Sebastian had lived alone in the large body of water without a single complaint, but now that he knew what having someone by his side felt like, and he didn't want to go back to being alone. Staying here on the ship was probably the most stressful thing he had ever been through, but he would do it all over again given the chance. Because this experience led him to Ciel. When he first saw the boy, Sebastian never dreamed that he could feel this way about anyone, let alone a scrawny human. Yet here he was, refusing his one last chance at freedom to be with Ciel, knowing full well that he might not survive staying on this ship a moment longer but willing to take the risk if only to stay with the blue-eyed teenager.

''Sebastian.'' Ciel wrapped his arms around the raven's waist, pulling him up and over the railing. Part of him was happy that Sebastian didn't want to separate from him either, but the other half knew that there was no possible way that this could work. His crew members had tried to kill the merman, and if they found out that their plan didn't work... ''I don't know what you want me to do. You can't stay here.''

''Then come with me.'' Sebastian said abruptly, causing Ciel to blink in confusion.

''I can't live in the ocean, Sebastian. I can't breathe water.'' Ciel said incredulously, frowning down at the raven in his arms. He had a life on land, a family, a future. He couldn't just throw everything away to forever live in the ocean, even if he would be staying with Sebastian...

The raven shook his head and grabbed onto the deckhand's forearms. His gills were starting to hurt again from lack of water and his instinct was telling him to go back into the ocean. But no, he refused to go back to his lonely life. Not without Ciel. "It is possible.''

''Sebastian, listen to me.'' Ciel said, lowering them both down to sit on the deck. His arms were starting to feel the strain from holding the merman upright for so long. ''I don't want to leave you either but what other choice do we have?'' He moved his hand up to run his fingers through Sebastian's black colored locks when the merman grabbed onto his wrist. Ciel blinked as Sebastian inspected his bloodied left hand, which he had hurt whilst punching the tank earlier. ''...What?''

Sebastian seemed lost in his own world, like he was remembering something from long ago as he gazed upon Ciel's red-covered fingers. After a long while, he looked back up at the deckhand with a serious look on his face. ''Ciel I need to know, right now.'' The teenager winced when Sebastian squeezed his left ring finger, causing more blood to ooze out of the wound. ''Do you truly wish to stay with me?''

Ciel swallowed when Sebastian leaned over him so that their lips were almost touching. Red eyes staring into one blue as their owner awaited the teen's answer. ''I do, Sebastian.'' The deckhand's gaze drifted down to the merman's lips before looking back up into those wine-red eyes. ''But as I said, I don't know how we could-''

''Do you desire to take me as your mate?'' Sebastian cut him off, pushing the teen against the deck and laying down on Ciel's chest, tail lazily caressing one of the boy's legs. He still hadn't let go of the teen's bleeding hand.

Ciel felt his cheeks heat up as his brow furrowed. "My what?"

"Your mate. Your lover. Your significant other-"

"I know what you meant, Sebastian." Ciel interjected with a clipped tone. "I just...Well I guess so." The teen tried to appear indifferent, but the light scarlet flush on his cheeks was palpable to Sebastian. The merman hummed and nuzzled his nose against Ciel's neck as he fully laid on the boy's chest, glad at what the deckhand said.

''As you wish then...''

Before Ciel could ask what the merman was doing, Sebastian licked up the side of his left ring finger before taking the digit into his mouth. The teen could feel the blood being sucked from his wound and he frowned at the foreign feeling. ''Sebastian what are you-'' The teen stopped mid-question when the merman looked up at him with glowing bright red eyes.

Ciel unknowingly began to shake in fear at the sight before him, unable to do anything but watch as Sebastian nibbled on his finger before swirling his tongue around the wet digit. It would have been an arousing sight, if those glowing eyes weren't watching him.

All of a sudden the teen heard a scratching noise and something drifting in the wind caught his attention. Ciel squinted his one blue eyes slightly to get a better look and blinked when he realized it to be silver, like one of Sebastian's scales. In fact, it was one of Sebastian's scales! It drifted lazily along the wind before disappearing over the side of the ship towards the ocean. More of them soon followed before an entire mass of scales was floating away.

Ciel looked down at Sebastian in confusion but he couldn't see the merman clearly because of all the scales blocking his view. A few of the silver pieces cut into his skin slightly as they left but Ciel pushed onward, grabbing a hold of Sebastian in confusion. He tried to call out to the other male but the scratching noise was deafening and Ciel instinctively shut his eyes and covered his ears to try and block out the noise.

The sound stopped almost as soon as it had started and Ciel felt a kiss being placed on his cheek and then a trail of kisses go down his neck. The teen opened his eyes and looked down at Sebastian in confusion as the raven kissed him. He frowned and opened his mouth to protest, wanting an explanation to just what that entire thing had been all about when he finally saw what exactly had happened.

''What the hell?!'' Ciel exclaimed when instead of seeing Sebastian's silver tail, two perfectly shaped legs were entangled with his own on the deck's floor.

''I did this for you, Ciel.'' Sebastian said before the teen could freak out anymore, littering the other's jaw and neck with soft kisses.

Ciel placed his hands on the raven's back when Sebastian wrapped both arms around his neck. A slight blush overtook his cheekbones again as he noticed that Sebastian was completely nude as the raven pressed up against him. ''What did...How?'' The teen was at a loss for words, everything had just happened so fast.

"Blood from a person's left ring finger is said to be a direct link to your heart.'' Sebastian said, bringing Ciel's left hand up to his mouth again and licked up the side of the digit, removing a small trace of remaining blood. The action caused Ciel to shiver as Sebastian continued to explain, ''Blood from that link is strong, and symbolizes one's love, or so I have been told.'' Sebastian placed his hands on either side of Ciel's head and moved his new legs slowly, with some difficulty, to straddle the teen. The raven could see the hesitation in that lone blue eye and Sebastian smiled softly as he leaned down to brush their noses together. ''By using this blood and your want to keep us together, I was able to transform myself into what we both desire; a human.'' Ciel opened his mouth to protest but Sebastian was quick to talk over him. "I do not wish to leave your side, Ciel. This way, we can stay together."

''Sebastian you just...'' Ciel said, still not believing what he was seeing. ''Gave up your entire...species to be with me.'' The teen couldn't deny the fact that having Sebastian in his life was what he had wanted all along as well, but he didn't think that the raven would go to this great a length to keep them together.

''I don't care.'' The raven said, trailing his hands down Ciel's clothed chest. It certainly felt different to breathe oxygen; he didn't have gills anymore and instead sucked air through his nose and mouth. It didn't feel bad, just different. The same went for his new limbs. They shook from being exposed to the cold night air and were rather hard to control now, but the raven figured that he would get used to them over time. Sebastian shivered from the cold, leaning down again to be closer to the teen, as if Ciel somehow would keep him warm. ''I don't care what happens to me, as long as we are together.'' Sebastian said honestly, slipping his hands underneath the teen's shirt. Ciel's skin was warm here and the raven sighed silently as the warmth caressed his fingers.

''You are crazy.'' Ciel said, though his slight smirk gave away that he really wasn't all that angry at Sebastian. In fact, this might work out well for them. Since Sebastian was now human, the crew couldn't sell the raven at all. Sure, William would probably blow his top and their ship would lose a lot of money, but there would be nothing for the crew to do about this. Sebastian was human now, there was no turning back.

''If I am insane, it would only be for you.'' Sebastian teased as he bumped his nose against the teen's.

Ciel didn't answer the raven's obvious attempt at trying to flirt as he combed the hair on the back of Sebastian's head gently with his fingers before pulling him down for a kiss. Sebastian sucked in a tiny breath of surprise but then made a small noise in back of his throat as he melted into Ciel's kiss. His breaths where coming out in short excited huffs as he felt the teen gingerly lick the corners of his mouth. He could feel his face heat up in color slightly when Ciel took his full lower lip between his own and bit down on it softly.

Ciel released the raven's lip before tracing the bite mark he just made with his tongue. Finally, they were together again. It was so long since they had last done this and it still felt as incredible as before. The teen could feel Sebastian grip onto his shirt as Ciel placed chaste kisses onto his lips and cupped the back of his neck with one of his hands.

The teens other hand placed itself on Sebastian's thigh and the raven made a small noise at the feeling. It felt incredibly odd to have two lower limbs instead of one and having one of them touched while the other wasn't only added to the strange sensation. Sebastian pulled away from the kiss first. He still wasn't used to breathing air yet and took greed gulps of air to regain his breath back.

Ciel nipped at the column of Sebastian's throat as he slid his hand down from the raven's neck to his side. He bit down on the right side of the other male's neck, causing Sebastian to let out a small moan at the feeling of pain mixed with pleasure. The teen ran his tongue over the bite mark in a silent apology as he rubbed his thumb against the smooth skin of Sebastian's thigh. He would be lying if he said that he didn't miss the raven's silver tail, but legs were definitely not a bad thing either.

The teen let out a groan as Sebastian pushed his shirt up to his underarms, exploring the skin he found there with both his fingers and eyes. The raven leaned down over Ciel and licked a circle around one of the younger male's nipples, acting purely on instinct alone now. The nub became hard under the raven's ministrations and Sebastian kissed and nipped on it before doing the same to it's twin.

Ciel watched all this with fascination as he stroked the raven's back quietly. He could tell that Sebastian was inexperienced with this because his actions were sloppy, but that only added to the arousing sight before him. Sebastian looked gorgeous in the moonlight, his milky white skin practically glowing as strands of inky black hair fell in front of his wine-red eyes while he worked to pleasure the teen. Ciel shivered at the sight and moaned when he started to feel a small chill because of all the blood in his system rushing to one particular part of his anatomy.

The teen pulled off his shirt as Sebastian trailed his tongue down his stomach towards his pants. The raven placed his hand on Ciel's inner thigh when he came to the clothing, his instinct leaving him as he had never done anything like this with a human before. The raven felt something hard bump his chin the lower he went and he pulled back from Ciel to sit on the teen's thighs.

''Ciel...'' Sebastian said, curious, as he cupped the hard lump between the teen's legs. ''What is this?''

Ciel moaned at the touch and stopped himself before he could buck into the raven's hand. ''Are you honestly telling me that you don't know what that is?'' Ciel raised an eyebrow, endlessly amused by Sebastian's antics. He didn't know anything about human intercourse and the raven's naviety was pretty hilarious, considering that he was usually so high and mighty about his vast intellect.

''No.'' Sebastian defended himself, looking down at Ciel past his nose with narrowed eyes. He could tell that the teen was toying with him, and he didn't like it. ''I do know what that is.''

''Then what is it?'' Ciel smirked, sitting up and grabbing the back of the raven's neck again before stealing a chaste kiss. He could tell that he was pushing the other male's buttons and it made him feel empowered to have the upper hand instead of the other way around like their arguments usually were.

''It is your...'' Sebastian hesitated and Ciel's smirk grew wider.


''That is your penis. A human male organ used for intercourse.'' Sebastian frowned. It wasn't like he was naïve to human anatomy, he had lived far too long and had heard enough stories about humans to know this. Although, he didn't know everything, just the names of certain body parts and their specific functions. His knowledge on the human anatomy didn't delve any deeper than that.

''Then why are you asking?'' Ciel chuckled when Sebastian glared at him.

''I meant why is it so...prominent?'' Sebastian's red eyes were focused down on Ciel's half-hard erection.

''I could ask you the same thing about yours.'' Ciel pointed out and the raven blinked at the teen, who's one blue eye was focused in between Sebastian's legs.

The older male gazed down where Ciel was looking and was quite surprised to find that his own organ was in the same state as the other male's. Sebastian looked back up at Ciel with an accusing look in his eyes. ''What did you do?'' He frowned, blaming Ciel for his obvious arousal.

Ciel chuckled again. Sebastian was really too ignorant for his own good. The teen supposed that he would have to teach him then, and Ciel was sure going to be a thorough teacher. The teen sat up fully and pushed Sebastian onto his back before climbing over him, switching their positions. The younger male bit down gently on the raven's earlobe before Sebastian could protest, earning himself a small moan for his actions.

''I apologize for my mistake.'' Ciel breathed into Sebastian's ear and licked along the outer shell. He felt Sebastian shiver underneath him as the teen slowly trailed his hand up the inside of the raven's thigh. ''Let me fix it for you...''

''What are you-'' Sebastian's cut himself off and suddenly jerked when he felt Ciel's fingers come into contact with his erection. The raven could feel desire course through his body like wild fire as Ciel scratched the tip of the head teasingly. Sebastian gripped onto Ciel's forearms as a shiver wracked his entire frame, unknowingly digging his black nails into the soft flesh.

Ciel played his hand lower and wrapped it around Sebastian's shaft, feeling the soft flesh throb against his fingers. He ignored the sharp nails against his arms and started to pump the hard member in his hand. Ciel sucked on the bite-mark he had left on Sebastian's neck earlier as the older male let out a loud moan for his trouble. He could feel the raven start to shake from the pleasure as Ciel continued onward, using his free hand to minister some attention to one of Sebastian's nipples.

One of Sebastian's hands moved to Ciel's back as it's owner started to lose himself slightly. The raven had never felt ANYTHING like this before, these sensations completely new to him. Mer-creatures did not do things like this in their usual mating ritual. Their entire intercourse routine consisted of the female releasing her eggs into the water and then the male doing the same with his sperm to fertilize the eggs. Technically, the two of them did not even need to touch each other to produce offspring. So the human's ritual of touching each other heatedly while mating had always been a confusing topic for Sebastian. But now he knew why they did it...the pleasure occurring from this was simply intoxicating.

Sebastian made a small noise in the back of his throat when Ciel moved away completely. ''Ciel...'' The raven panted as the teen grabbed onto his hips before going down in between Sebastian's legs. The raven gasped and let out a small whine as Ciel licked along the underside of his now completely hard erection. The feeling of the teen's wet appendage sliding up against his stiff member left faint, tingling waves of pleasure in it's wake. Sebastian's heart began to beat erratically as he panted for air, tangling his fingers into Ciel's grey colored locks to try and coax the teen into doing something that Sebastian himself didn't even know.

Ciel held Sebastian's hips down as he continued to tease the raven just a little bit more, loving the reaction he was getting from him. He swirled his tongue around the head and immediately felt Sebastian try to jerk up into the teen's wet cavern. Ciel held him down though so that the older male wouldn't accidentally choke him. This was the first time that Sebastian had an erection at all and the teen knew that Sebastian would more than likely be antsy. So Ciel took his time, building up Sebastian slowly before alternating between bringing the erection into his mouth and sucking and licking the hard flesh.

When Ciel could go no further and his nose brushed up against dark pubic hairs, the teen closed his eyes as he started to suck and bob his head to induce pleasure for his raven. The teen could hear Sebastian's heavy pants as he tossed his head back, laying it down on the cold deck. ''Nnnnggghh Ciel...Ciel!'' Sebastian panted, cheeks flushes as he tried to thrust up into the hot and wet cavern around his member but Ciel was there to hold him down before he could get too far.

The eye-patch over Ciel's right eye became undone as Sebastian's hands pulled the teen's hair in different directions, desperately wanting the other male to move faster and suck harder. Wine-red eyes rolled back in Sebastian's head as the teen gave one particularly hard suck. The raven could feel pressure begin to pool itself in his loins, making him that much more sensitive to the deckhand's ministrations. Sebastian let out a few loud moans and arched his back, about to come, when the warm sensation of Ciel's mouth abruptly left him. A tiny spasm wracked the raven's body as the teenager pulled away, a spurt of pre-cum shooting out of the head of his member rather than the full load of an orgasm.

Sebastian panted and opened his eyes to see Ciel sitting up and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand like he had just tasted a particularly scrumptious sweet. Wine-red eyes narrowed angrily at the sight as Sebastian shakily lifted himself up into a sitting position. ''Why did you do tha-''

The raven was abruptly cut off by Ciel's lips attacking his own, pushing him back down against the deck. Sebastian moaned as he tasted himself from the teen's mouth as Ciel pushed his tongue into the older male's wet cavern. Ciel groaned as he kissed Sebastian, suddenly overcome with a feverish hunger for the older male. Those moans and little sounds coming from Sebastian really served to turn Ciel on and now a haze of lust overcame his two ocean-blue eyes as he pulled back and stared down at the panting male beneath him.

Sebastian had a similar look in his eyes as he gripped onto Ciel's waist with his hands. His legs felt like jello even more so now than when he first got them and he couldn't stop shaking as he watched Ciel lean down again toward him. A slow, passionate kiss was shared between them as the raven felt Ciel trace his hands up the back of his thighs. His attention was completely focused on the kiss so Sebastian was quite startled when he felt Ciel grip his ass as one of the teen's fingers came into contact with his puckered entrance.

Sebastian broke the kiss, memories of what happened with Claude a few hours prior coming back to haunt him. He remembered those dirty hands all over him and inside him, their owner taunting him with dirty words. The raven shut his eyes to try and block out the memory.

''Sebastian.'' Wine red eyes opened and looked up into Ciel's two blue ones as the teen looked down at him. He could feel Sebastian's entrance and noticed that it was not as tight as it should be, and was relaxed even as it was touched. ''Is there something that you're not telling me?'' Ciel frowned.

Sebastian tried to look away but Ciel would have none of that and grabbed his chin, forcing the older male to look at him. The raven sighed as he stared up into the teen's questioning blue orbs. ''It was...that navigator, with the glasses.''

Ciel frowned and furrowed his brow. ''Claude?''

''I think so.'' Sebastian nodded, still not knowing for sure if that was the man's actual name. But that wasn't really important right now. ''He tried to kill me, as you are aware.'' Ciel's frowned deepened but he nodded, knowing that much to be true. The teen swore that he would get the older man back for what he did to Sebastian at a later date. ''And he also...did more than that.''

''He touched you?'' Ciel asked, anger clearly shown in his eyes. ''Here?'' Ciel pressed against the raven's entrance with a bit more force than necessary and Sebastian gasped but nodded. ''With what?''

''Just his fingers.'' Sebastian confessed, squirming slightly from the pressure to that particular area. The pressure against his entrance increased before Ciel pushed one of his fingers past the wall of tight muscle, causing the raven to whimper quietly.

''Then this...'' Ciel emphasized his words by adding another finger into the still-loose hole. ''Is still mine then.'' Good, or else the teen was probably going to have to go downstairs and kill Claude in his sleep for even thinking about violating his Sebastian in this way.

Sebastian gasped and instinctively spread his legs at the invasion, his face feeling like it was on fire as Ciel kissed and nipped at the underside of his jaw. ''Still yours?'' The raven panted as even more fingers started to prepare him. ''That was never yours until recently.''

''Yes, it was.'' Ciel chuckled, leaning down and swirling his tongue around one of Sebastian's nipples. ''You just didn't know it yet.'' The teen said as he continued to scissor his fingers within the older male. In retrospect, Ciel didn't even need to prepare Sebastian, but the teen didn't want to risk hurting him if Claude never got too far in the preparation. Besides, Ciel wanted to do this on his own anyway, not wanting to pass up seeing the other male like this.

Sebastian clawed at the deck with his black nails as Ciel continued to move inside him like he was searching for something in particular. Wine-red eyes hid behind eyelids as the teen littered the raven's chest and neck with kisses. This felt just as weird as when Claude had done it, but with Ciel everything was one hundred times better. The teen was more gentle, but still rough enough to cause Sebastian to start panting for more. There was hardly any pain involved, unlike last time. There was only pleasure and the raven could feel his arms lose their strength as they fell to the deck, unable to support themselves as Sebastian was shivering so badly from Ciel's efforts.

All of a sudden, when Sebastian was beginning to think that this couldn't possibly get any better, the raven moaned and gasped loudly when the teen's fingers brushed against something inside of him that had Sebastian seeing stars. ''Ciel...!'' The raven panted, unconsciously arching his back and leaning down against the teen's fingers to try and get him to hit that spot again. ''Ahhh..haaaa...There! Right there!'' He moaned out, mind overcome with the pleasure that one particular spot gave him.

''Patience.'' Ciel whispered into Sebastian's ear before covering the raven's lips with his own, muffling the surprised cry the raven let out when Ciel hit that spot again. The teen kissed Sebastian for a few more moments before pulling back and completely removing himself from inside the other. Ciel couldn't just watch this anymore.

''What...w-was that?'' Sebastian shakily whispered through his pants as he heard the sound of Ciel's clothes being undone and the sound of the teen spitting on something. The raven shivered when Ciel grabbed onto his thighs, spreading his newly formed legs. Sebastian's eyes widened when he felt something much bigger than a finger come into contact with his entrance.

''Something that will make you feel crazy in a second.'' Was all Ciel offered in explanation before leaning his hips forward. Both of them gasped at the feeling as Ciel's hard member was slowly engulfed by Sebastian's heat. Ciel could feel the warmth slowly overcome his member and his blue eyes rolled back into his head at the feeling. Sebastian was so incredibly tight, even after all that preparation.

When Ciel was fully sheathed within him, the teen placed his hands on either side of Sebastian's head, their eyes locking as sweat ran down both of their faces. Ciel licked a few of the drops away before capturing Sebastian's lips again in a chaste kiss. The two of them refused to move, both panting as they stared into each other's eyes.

Sebastian's face was burning as he felt Ciel's hard member completely inside of him, sweat pouring off of him in buckets. ''Nnnnggh...'' He groaned, gripping onto Ciel's wrists with his hands as his body started to adjust bit by bit.

Eventually the sharp pain in his rear dulled to a controllable throb and Sebastian grabbed a hold of one of Ciel's hands, intertwining their fingers together as red eyes stared into blue. ''Ciel...'' The raven moaned, eyes half lidded. ''Move.''

The teen didn't have to be told twice and pulled out slowly, causing a mutual groan to pass between them. Ciel gripped onto Sebastian's hip as a slow pace started to develop itself. Ciel didn't want to go to fast, afraid that he might hurt Sebastian. The merman did just turn into a human after all, and too much too soon could possibly injure him.

Eventually Sebastian started to meet his thrusts and Ciel took that as a cue to go faster. Everytime Ciel would slam into him, the raven would let out either a small gasp or moan and the this only served to spur the teen on even more. All of a sudden, Ciel covered Sebastian's mouth with his again, muffling the pleasure-filled scream that the raven let out when Ciel fisted his hard erection between them.

Sebastian gasped into his lover's mouth as Ciel started to jerk him in time with his thrusts. If he thought he had been seeing stars before, now he surely was seeing the moon as wave after wave of pleasure wracked his entire body. The raven squeezed Ciel's hand in his own as the teen started to go even faster, searching for that sweet spot inside of him.

When Ciel finally hit it, Sebastian's scream was again muffled by the teen's mouth. The raven grabbed onto Ciel's shoulder with his free hand, digging his nails into the flesh as that familiar pressure from before began to slowly bubble up inside Sebastian's nether regions.

Ciel felt like he was in heaven. Sebastian was so tight and hot around his member that it was intoxicating. Why hadn't they done this before? It was amazing. The walls of Sebastian's entrance started to tighten around him after a short while and the teen moaned at the feeling.

''Ciel...I..nngghh...can't.'' Sebastian whispered, curling his toes against the hard wood of the deck as he felt himself getting close to his breaking point. There was just too much pleasure for his new body to handle and his stamina was short. Ciel would have to fix that later...

''Then don't.'' Ciel grunted into his love's ear, feeling himself start to loose it as well as grip around him member tightened even more. ''Let go for me, Sebastian...''

The raven only lasted a few more minutes before he tossed his head back and called out Ciel's name loudly. The teen felt Sebastian's release splatter all over his chest as the raven's walls clamp around him. It wasn't long before the teen released as well due to the pressure, grunting out Sebastian's name loudly against the other male's ear.

They both remained infused for a long while as they came down from their high, panting as their bodies were covered in sweat and cum. Sebastian whimpered lowly as Ciel pulled out of him once the teen recovered from his orgasm.

Their hands were still intertwined as Ciel rolled off of Sebastian to lay beside the raven, both of them trying to still their racing hearts. After a few moments, Sebastian rolled up to Ciel's side, resting his head against the teen's chest and looking up at him with a smirk on his face.

''What's that look for?'' Ciel raised an eyebrow as his breathing started to calm itself.

''I am now your mate.'' Sebastian said, triumphant look upon his face.

''So?'' Ciel asked, throwing an arm over the raven's waist. ''Do you have a problem with that?'' Ciel sure would hope not, considering what they had just done.

''No, I can assure you of that much.'' Sebastian said and stole a tiny kiss from Ciel before laying his head back down. ''It is just...I have never had one before.''

''Well get used to it, because I'm not going anywhere.'' Ciel said, tightening his grip around his raven in a possessive manner.

''Good.'' Wine-red eyes disappeared behind eye-lids as sleep started to over come their owner. ''...Let us keep it that way.''

''Of course.'' Ciel closed his eyes and kissed Sebastian's forehead as the other male quickly fell asleep. The teen stayed in this position with the raven for a while, trying to regain some of his strength back before he got up to move them. He should probably hide Sebastian somewhere until he knew what the crew's reaction was going to be. But sleep was a cruel mistress tonight and Ciel couldn't keep his eyes open as he recovered and sure enough, he too was overcome with the urge to dream...

Loud footsteps. That was the first thing Ciel heard when he woke up. Next was numerous voices crying out,

''Oh my, what happened?!''

''Tee hee looks like someone had some fun last night.~''

''Oh my it appears they had more fun than we did. We best step up our game, right, RanMao?''


''Oh, he's naked! How scrumptious!''

''Bloody hell! I told you that thing was cursed!''

''What the hell happened? Why is he suddenly human now!?''

Ciel didn't even get to open his eyes fully before he was roughly picked up by his arm and slammed against the wall of Sebastian's empty tank. The teen coughed and finally opened his eyes to see an enraged William pushing him against the glass by his throat.

''Phantomhive, what did you do?!'' The navigator exclaimed, pointing off to his left. Ciel followed his gaze to see a very human Sebastian being held down Ash and Claude. So that really hadn't been a dream last night? That meant that... Without thinking, the teen grit his teeth and jerked towards the raven, pure hatred in his blue eyes for the navigator who was once again touching his Sebastian.

William shoved the teen back against the glass before he could get very far and the teen could practically see dollar bill signs burning in the man's hard glare. ''I will ask again, what did you do?!'' Ciel's eyes looked around him and everyone was looking at him expectantly. Blue eyes once again gazed at Claude, who had a look similar to William's upon his face and he glared at the teen as they made eye contact. Ciel held the glare before looking up at William.

''I am afraid that...I didn't do anything.'' Ciel said, not exactly lying but still not telling the truth either. Sebastian was the one who turned himself human, but it was because of Ciel that he did so.

William grunted and shoved Ciel to the side onto the floor, doing math in his mind quickly. ''Do you realize what you have just done? You have damaged our goods. We can not hope to regain what we have lost from this.'' Willaim said angrily, pinching the bridge of his nose in irritation.

Ciel sat up to protest when he felt a blanket being thrown over his still nude body.(In all honesty he had completely forgotten about that up until this point.) The teen looked up to find Tanaka staring down at him with understanding eyes and Ciel frowned and looked down, biting his lip. A hand was placed upon his shoulder and he looked to his right to find Finny sitting next to him on the floor. Bard, Meyrin and Agni also joined the teenager as well, supporting him in his time of need.

''You're not angry at me?'' Ciel asked hesitantly to the five of them as William continued to rave and rant in the background while Lau tried to calm him down.

''No.'' Finny shook his head. ''I'm your friend Ciel, and I'll never be angry at you. I've never cared about the money, only my friends.'' That boy was certainly a bucket of sunshine, even now, and Ciel couldn't help but feel a bit grateful for his optimism in this situation.

''Me too.'' Agni placed his big hand onto the teen's head and smiled down at him. ''I have always respected your decisions Ciel, and now is no different.''

''Same for me.'' Meyrin interjected next. ''I never wanted to sell the merman anyway. It's slavery, yes it is!''

''I was always with ya Ciel.'' Bard cut in last. ''Hell, I didn't even want him here in the first place!''

Two wrinkled hands were suddenly placed upon Ciel's shoulders and the teen looked up at Tanaka. ''I am glad you made your decision about what is most important to you and have decided to follow it.'' Tanaka gave a close-eyed smile to the boy. ''Young people now-a-days lose that sense of what is really important. I am glad that you have not lost yours.''

''Tanaka...'' Ciel said and then closed his eyes and let out a breath as he closed his eyes before getting up on shaky legs, acquiring everyone's attention. ''You're right...'' Ciel did know what was important, and he was going to fight for it, even it meant betraying his own species, everyone here and his own pride.

Sebastian was worth it, and he always would be.

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~Random Short~

''Sebastian!'' Ciel called desperately as he reached the table. The merman's eyes were closed and he wasn't moving. Hesitantly, Ciel laid his head down on the raven's chest and listened, fearing what he might not hear.

The distinct sound of a heart beat could still be heard and Ciel sighed in relief, removing his head from the merman and feeling around the side of the table. His fingers came in contact with a small button and he pressed it before pulling out the nails around Sebastian's wrists.

With one goal in mind, Ciel placed his arms underneath Sebastian's tail and shoulders and moved to pull him off the table into his arms... but failed horribly due to the raven's massive weight, causing them both to crash onto the deck together.

''Ow! What the hell?!'' Sebastian screamed at Ciel, waking up and glaring at the teen, who had gotten up and crossed his arms, looking away with his nose held high.

''You are quite heavy, you should lose a few pounds.'' Ciel commented, causing Sebastian to gasp and get up off the floor as well, taking off his merman costume and slapping Ciel with it.

''How dare you! I am not heavy! You just need to go to the gym more, Mr. Flab!'' Sebastian roared, flicking at Ciel's flabby forearms to prove his point.

''Alright that's it!'' Soma's voice cut in from behind the two of them before Ciel could retaliate, the Indian director frowning down at the two of them. ''You two stop fighting! You are supposed to love each other!''

''Oh, yea. I'm feelin' the love.'' Sebastian said under his breath as Ciel glared at him for calling his arms flabby.

''Stop it, stop it! Ciel, you shouldn't glare! You'll ruin your make-up and then Migoto Nami's whole movie will be ruined!'' Lizzy chided and ran to the blue-eyed actor, using her skills as the crew's make-up artist to make Ciel all pretty again with just a hint of pink blush. ''There! Now you're all cute again!'' The blonde clapped her hands together and closed her eyes as Ciel silently gave her the finger.

''Now, Ciel stop being such a sour patch kid and carry Sebastian so we can go home and smoke some weed.'' Madame Red, Ciel's acting coach instructed as she took a sip of her coffee from her spot next to Soma.

''All the weed in the world won't make up for touching this fruit loop.'' Ciel said boldly, jerking his thumb at Sebastian as the raven put his silver merman tail back on.

''For your information,'' Sebastian jabbed his finger into Ciel's chest when he was fully a merman again. ''I am not a Fruit Loop. I am a Cocoa Puff, thank you very much.''

''Okay, Sebastian get back up on the table and Ciel you put your arms under him. From the top people!'' Director Soma shouted into his mini-director's cone as Pluto redirected the camera back at the scene. ''Action!''

Ciel's arms felt they were going to fall off as he tried to lift Sebastian again. He didn't even make it two steps whilst carrying the raven before his arms gave out and he dropped Sebastian onto the floor.

''Ow! Ciel!'' Sebastian complained, rubbing the back of his head from where it hit the floor painfully.

''That's it. I can't do this. I'm going out to smoke some dope and if you're not 20 pounds lighter by the time I get back then you can float your way over to that edge of the ship!'' Ciel roared back at the other male before turning on his heel and walking away like a pimp.

''Hey, Ciel! Don't forget to share!'' Madame Red exclaimed, running after the teen and jumping over Sebastian's crying body along the way.

''I am NOT fat, I swear!'' Sebastian cried, curling in on himself and digging his nails into his stomach.

''Well, you could lose a few pounds...'' Lizzy said and looked away when angry red eyes glared at her. ''Just sayin'!''

''I hate my life!'' Sebastian cried and went back to playing with his stomach on the floor as Agni appeared next to Soma with some curry.

''Ooh! Curry! You so yummy in my tumbly!'' Soma exclaimed and called everyone off the set to break for lunch, no one caring about Sebastian's temper tantrum on the floor.