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As he set off in his car to solve his next case alone with Rex, Richard Moser sighed. Things weren't exactly the same ever since Stockinger had been transferred to Salzburg. His new colleague Christian Böck was a good friend and had now formed part of the team, but he wasn't the same as good old Stocki and his serious yet unintentionally rather amusing ways.

Moser patted Rex as he slowed down his car due to red-lights. The culprits weren't people to be messed with, Richard knew that. All throughout his career he had dealt with different kinds of criminals and had faced almost all types of dangers. Yet that day, he had a curiously strange feeling about the case he was investigating. Moser tried to ignore the feeling but he couldn't help wondering. Maybe it's because there's no one with me except old Rex, he thought to himself; No one to watch my back, since Böck is on sick leave. Anyway, I'm always safe with Rex.

Suddenly a car swerved dangerously and overtook the one in front of Moser, forcing him into the side. He glared at it suspiciously as it drove off at top speed, wondering what possessed the driver to cut so hurriedly, out of the blue. Moser shrugged and shook his head. "Monster of a car and monster of a driver," he muttered crossly.

At last he arrived at the destination. Making sure his pistol was in his coat, he stepped out of the car with Rex by his side. Taking quick glances around him, he hurried towards the tumbledown building ahead.

Moser knew what he was expecting. The two villains involved had been trafficking drugs and smuggling them into other countries; and were also allegedly guilty of the murder of a local shopkeeper and the kidnapping of a young girl who was supposedly being held hostage in that same building. They were capable of anything.

As the pair reached the building there was no sign of anyone.

"Rex!" Moser motioned to the dog to take action first. The intelligent and well-trained German shepherd, as usual, understood the command and went forward. Richard, clutching his pistol with both hands and keeping close to the wall, followed him into the building.

Crouching under what looked like a broken staircase, both Richard and Rex waited.

After a while, Richard called out: "Police here, show yourselves!"

There was no reply.

Then all of a sudden there came a volley of shots. Getting out from under the staircase, Moser fired back.

Still keeping low, he approached the man there and signalled for Rex to climb the staircase and jump on him from behind, a famous technique that never went wrong with the clever police dog.

"Go Rex," he hissed. "Creep up from behind and frighten him. Go!"

Rex did as he was told. Moser ran over to the man who was now on the floor with Rex still on top of him, snatched the gun which had been knocked out of the man's hand by his fall, and pocketed it. Shots from the opposite direction were still being fired.

Richard fired back after every shot and then suddenly he heard a distinct yelp. He skulked forward and seeing a figure lying on the floor, he went over to the body and turned the person over.

Gasping at what he saw, Richard's heart sank as he found himself looking into the face of his dear friend and ex-colleague, Ernst Stockinger.