Anna and her mom were playing patty cake on the couch, and her dad had just gone into the kitchen. Suddenly her mom tensed up, and she grabbed Anna and dove over the couch just as the front door was ripped off its hinges, hurled across the room, and embedded in the wall.

A woman walked through the gaping hole where the door once was. She was tall, long wavy blonde hair fell past her shoulders. She wore high heels, and a long sundress, as black as night, with a bright red zig zag line across the waist, almost like a belt; it looked like it was drawn in blood. Her head turned, and she looked at the two, Anna was sitting in the corner, and her mother was standing in front of her, protecting her. The woman smiled, and her eyes suddenly turned green. "Soul protect, RELEASE!" she yelled, as a burst of energy flew from her.

She started walking towards them, when Anna's dad came in from the kitchen. His hand glowed, and transformed into a large axe. He sneaked up behind the woman, and raised his hand to attack, but the woman, spun around, and raised up her hand to him, then, a giant glowing green hand erupted from her arm and wrapped around her dad, and slammed him into the wall. She lifted him up, and smiled evilly, as the hand suddenly squeezed. Anna's dad yelled in pain, as every bone in his body was broken.

The hand disappeared, and Anna's dad crumpled to the ground. The young Anna screamed "Daddy!" and tried to run to him, but an arm stopped her. Anna's mom pushed her back, and tears rolled down her cheek. The witch looked at them, and smiled evilly, she started toward them again. "You can kill both of us, but please, don't hurt our daughter" Anna's mom said. The witch laughed, and in one swift move, threw her down against the couch. The witch bent over so her face was a foot away from hers. "Don't worry, i'll get to her soon enough, i think i'll make her suffer, rather then a quick death" the witch smiled. Anna's mother spit in her face. "Go to hell" she said. the witch wiped it off and said "you should watch your language, there are children here, you know, And this is for my little sister" she said as she raised her hand, and large claws formed from her fingers, and then, she swung.

Blood splattered against the wall as the witch slit her throat. She then looked over at the limp, but still alive body of Anna's dad, she snapped her fingers, and his body erupted in flames, then she snapped them again, and Anna's mother burst into flames as well. Tears ran down Anna's cheek. The witch laughed, and started towards Anna, but then, the window exploded, and Dr. Stein jumped through, swinging his scythe. Sid barret slid through the hole where the door was, wielding his combat knife. The witch hissed, then, her form faintly glowed, as she transformed into a large bear, and jumped over the couch, smashed through the wall, and ran away. Anna started coughing as smoke filled her lungs, and her vision blurred. Dr. Stein lifted her up and carried her out the door. The last thing, the young Anna heard, was dr. stein saying, "I'm sorry Anna, I'm so sorry", before the world slipped into darkness.