Anna opened the door to her room and stepped in. they moved her stuff from the old tower when they demolished it three years ago to a special (unused) deluxe apartment in the city, but it was still as dusty. Her table sat to the right of the door, a radio and a lamp on it. Her bed was against the wall to the right, but it had been replaced by a much larger version. Her posters have fallen down long ago, and the fan was unused and covered in dust. She flipped the fan on, and it started spinning, and kicked buckets of dust everywhere, Anna covered her mouth and waved her hand as she walked to the window and opened it. It had been three months since she woke up, and she was itching to get restarted with her training.

After all the dust had been cleared, she re-hung her posters, and brought in all the new stuff people gave her. She put in a spinning chair, a small bookshelf, another poster, and even a small TV! She then put all her new clothes into the drawers and started repainting the walls. Five hours later, she finally finished painting, and then she took off all the protective covering from the furniture, and then tossed it in the trash. It was around eleven at night, and she collapsed into bed, ready for the next day.

When she woke up, she tried out the shower and ran through the house, turning on and off appliances. Around 9, she ran out the door and ran up the steps of the DWMA, and when she reached the door she flung them open and ran inside to start her retraining.

A few hours later, she started with black star so he could see how she was. He smiled and said "okay, I know you haven't done this in a while, so Sid told me to take It easy to see where you are at, but I don't believe in holding back, so we'll just see where you are first!" he made a fist and hurled a punch at Anna's face. Anna immediately grabbed it, and in one swift motion, spun black star, and slammed him into the ground and bent his arm backwards. "Wow, nice, it seems you haven't forgotten a thing!" he said as Anna let him up. "I'll go tell Sid that you're not half bad, but always remember who's you're master!" he said, grinning. He then walked to the door and left. Anna sighed and sat down on the bench.

Two weeks later, a tropical storm was moving in from the Pacific Ocean, it had originally been a class three hurricane but it had gone so far inland that it had been downgraded. Because of this, her extra re-training had been cancelled, which was going to last for another three days. As the storm outside raged, Anna sat in her new house wrapped in her blanket, watching TV and drinking hot chocolate. Suddenly, there was a tapping at the door. Anna turned off the TV to make sure she heard it, and then she went over to the door and opened it. It was still pouring as hard as it was three hours ago, and she didn't see anyone there. She looked around, before she heard a faint whine coming from her feet. She looked down, and there was a little golden retriever puppy, soaking wet and shivering. "Oh my!" Anna said. She opened the door wider and the puppy ran in and dove under Anna's blanket. She shut the door and ran over to the puppy. He was shivering under the blanket, but right then lightning flashed outside the window and thunder boomed, and the puppy stopped shivering for a moment and listened to it, then continued shivering. "Aw, poor little guy" she said. She reached her hand over and rubbed his head; he moved his head over and licked her fingers. "Who left you all alone out there?" she said, wrapping him in the blanket and hugging him tightly. He licked her face, but then lightning flashed again outside and the dog stood to attention, but when it was gone he continued licking her face. "Aw, you like thunder, huh?" she said. She then noticed a tattered dog collar, and she read the tag on it, which read sparky. "Sparky, huh? Is that your name?" she said. She then scratched his back, and his tail start wagging. "Aw, you are adorable!" she said. "I'll keep you, but first I have to-"she stopped, she felt a cut on his lower back and he whined when she touched it. She lifted up her finger sand saw they had blood on them. She gasped, and ran and got some bandages. She came back and wrapped them around the cut. "Who did this to you? I have to get you to nurse medusa as soon as I can!" she turned toward the door, but then she remembered it was pouring, and everybody had been advised to stay in their houses at all costs. "Crap!" she said. "I'll have to get you to her when the storm clears up, but for now I think that bandage will do" sparky barked, and wagged his tail. Anna smiled and said "here, you can sit with me" she lifted him up in the blanket and sat down on the couch with him and turned on the TV, as the thunder boomed outside.