"Well, I'm not a veterinarian, but I did my best" Nurse Medusa said, taking off her latex gloves. "you're dog's wound doesn't seem infected, thanks to you, and he seems healthy enough, but he's weak and he's lost a little bit of blood and his immune system seems low, so you'll need to take good care of him!" "But what happened to him? How did he get hurt?" Anna asked. "I don't know for sure, but it looks like lacerations of some kind, either he was trying to crawl through a hole in a fence and got stuck, or someone hit him with a belt" medusa said. "That's awful, who would hurt such a cute little guy?" Anna said as she rubbed sparky's head. "I don't know, but now, he's yours, take good care of him" medusa said. Anna smiled, scooped up sparky, and walked out the door.

The next day, Anna brought sparky to training. when she walked in, Sid turned and looked at her. "what?" anna said. "is that you're father's hat?" he asked. anna's eyes widened and her hands flew up to her head and grabbed the fedora. "i forgot i was wearing that, i was just trying to decide what my outfit would be when i'm a student here" anna said. Sid nodded, "And why did you bring him?" he asked. "Because he gets sad when I leave, and then he either tries to escape or breaks the furniture, or both" Anna said. "Very well, just put his leashed around the bench pole and we'll get started" Sid said. Anna walked over to the bench, and slipped the leash around the leg of the bench. Sparky sat down and watched them train. when anna "So, when do I get into the classes anyway?" Anna said. "In a few days, first, I'll have to see what weapon you'll use, and since you're already so well trained, I see no reason to place you in the NOT class, but first…" Sid said, and then he grabbed a bow and arrow and threw it over to Anna. Anna caught it and looked at it. She then looked at Sid, who got out a large foam target. Anna pulled the arrow back as far as she could, and released the arrow. The arrow spun and flew, and Sid's hand flew up and grabbed it, an inch from his face. "Oops, sorry, I guess bow and arrow isn't my thing" Anna said. "That's alright, I don't expect you to be master at everything" Sid replied, throwing the arrow away.

Next was the crossbow. Anna aimed at the target, but before she fired she said "how do you expect me to do any better this time?" "Just try it, we gotta cover all our bases" Sid said. Anna sighed, and pulled the trigger. The arrow was released and flew through the air, and then flew half an inch past the target, and embedded in the wall with a dull thump. After that was the axe. Anna attacked Sid's shield like a crazy person. She flung, slashed, and hacked. Finally, she lifted up her axe and brought it down hard. The shaft of the axe shattered and splintered, while the metal head was stuck in the shield. Sid looked at his shield and said "better, at least we know you can handle an ax, but you're too reckless with it, so we should keep going" Anna sighed, and held out her hand for the next weapon. Sid gave her a large hammer, and Anna looked at it puzzled. She then looked at the dummy that Sid set up in front of her. She smiled evilly, and gripped the handle hard. She then ran at the dummy, and swung upwards with her hammer, ripping the dummy's head and spine right out of its body and sending the body flying across the floor. "Alright, you controlled you're aim a little more than the ax, but still way too reckless." Sid said. Anna threw the hammer across the room, and held out her hand for the next weapon.

Sid then placed a knight's sword in her hand. She looked at it, surprised by how elegant it felt. She swung it around a little and said "this feels right" Sid nodded, and set up another practice dummy. Anna smiled, and then she ran at it, she swung and cut off the hand, and then she smacked it in the face with the end of the hilt, and then as it was falling, she cut it right in half.

Sid clapped, and said "I guess you found you're weapon" Anna smiled, but then she froze when she heard the door open. She spun, and saw that sparky had gotten out of his leash and had run through the slightly open door. She yelled "sparky!" and dropped her sword and ran to the door. She grabbed the handle and flung it open, and heard a thud, and then someone hit the ground.

Three minutes earlier, a boy arrived at the entrance of the DWMA. He wore a white t-shirt, a gold headband, and black pants. He had long, dark brown hair and he was carrying a large book. He took a deep breath and stepped inside the academy. He looked around and said "here I am, at last" he started walking forward, and he was about to walk by a slightly open door when suddenly, an adorable golden retriever puppy came running out and shot down the hallway.

The boy stopped and watched it. "what the…." He said, when suddenly the door flew open, and smacked him in the face, sending his book flying. He fell on the ground and held his nose to stop any bleeding. He looked up and a girl was standing there, she was about three years older than him, with long blonde hair and shiny hazel eyes. "Oh my god are you okay?" she said, kneeling down and helping him to his feet. "Yeah, I think I'm okay." He said, still holding his nose. "I'm so sorry, let me get your book for you" she said. She grabbed the book off the floor and looked at it. "Wow, you're reading this?" she asked, as she walked over and handed him the book. "Yeah, I like to read" he said. "Wow, most guys I know couldn't read a huge thing like that" she said. "Well, I'm not most guys" he replied with a smile. The girl smiled, and then thought for a moment, and then she reached out her hand and said "hi, I'm Anna, I'm a meister" the boy shook her hand and said "I'm Jake, I'm a weapon" "what kind of weapon?" Anna asked. "Well, I'm a knight sword, and I have electric powers" Jake replied. Anna's eyes widened, and she said "c'mon, let me take you to the infirmary to get that nose looked at" she said. Jake smiled and nodded, and they both walked down the hallway to nurse medusa's office. "Hey, you haven't seen a puppy run by, have you?" Anna asked. "Yeah, he went this way, I'll help you find him" Jake replied "by the way, nice hat" "thanks, it was my dad's" anna replied, as they turned down the hallway, and out of sight.

Authors Notes : When their walking to the infirmary, imagine the camera not moving, and watching them walk away but not following them, it makes it seem cooler if you're the type of person that visualizes what their reading.