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Author's Note: I've been avoiding speculation about where Eureka is going, so I don't know if these things have been articulated better in other stories here. But this is what I think Zane would be thinking.

Really and Truly Screwed

Summary: The more Zane thought about things, the worse they got.

Spoilers through: 5x11—Mirror, Mirror

When Shaw told his goons to take Zane all the way out to the Sheriff's Department in town so that he couldn't communicate with Grace, that was when Zane realized just how bad this was. From Shaw's perspective, there was only one reason why someone would corrupt those files. This was going to be a lot worse than an obstruction of justice charge.

Zane was very good at what he did. He had not left any evidence, he was sure of it. As the hours of the night went by, he started second-guessing and doubting himself. But that was just fear. Rationally, he was sure there was no physical or electronic evidence of what he did. He had sort of confessed to the head of GD security though.

Jo was a whole other issue. There was something wrong with her. Something Eureka-y. Earlier in their relationship, he might have entertained the idea that she had done all this on purpose. Early enough, he might have even wondered whether she slept with him just to set up this entrapment scheme. But by now, he was fairly secure with what this was. So, Jo's complete about face? That was just inconvenient timing. He hoped.

Zane did not have time to worry about Jo. Not when he was about to go down for treason, which was still a hanging crime in this country. He instinctively rubbed his neck. Or lethal injection or whatever.

This was not the first time Zane had been arrested for treason either. That was definitely not going to work in his favor. About a year ago, the Consortium framed him for the theft of the DED device. As he thought back on it, he was pretty sure the only reason he had been cleared of that was because they proved the Consortium was behind it. So he had been implicated in other Consortium activities. And damn if he didn't spend a lot of time working on the Consortium's matrix computer when they got back. Then there was his pardon. How had he gotten that? On the recommendations of Senator Wen, the recently outed spy.

All roads in his life led to the Consortium. Zane was screwed.