Chapter One

Julia's Turn

My heart skipped a beat. I don't know why, but it did. As I raced to the bathroom in the middle of the night, yet again. "Julia," I could hear Frank's rough voice call. "Yes," I whispered. He stood in the doorway. "You alright?" He asked.

I smiled, slightly. "Of course, I'm alright." I whispered. "You sure?" He asked. I nodded. "Go back to bed." I said, softly. He nodded, and went back to bed. This was the fifteenth time I puked since I came back to Boston. I only puked there once.

I placed a hand on my forehead. No. No fever. I decided I was going to visit the doctor tomorrow. I then turned off the light and went to bed.


I called Tom first thing, telling him I had to go to the doctor's office first thing then I'd be at the practice. The room was small, and l was waiting for Dr. Thompson to return. I hoped it would be soon because I did have to go. Tom texted me several times, saying that Derek wanted to go over some things that me and Tom need to fix.

But, I couldn't leave. Dr. Thompson reentered the room. She sat down on the chair that was on the other side of the room. "The tests came back, Mrs. Houston," she said.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Congratulations, Dr. Thompson, you're going to be a mother." Dr. Thompson said, with a wide smile.

I looked shocked at her, that was impossible.

"That can't be." I said.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I was told I couldn't have anymore children." I explained. "Well, the doctor that told you, lied." Dr. Thompson replied. Then, something clicked in my brain. It wasn't Frank's. Oh, God. This baby wasn't his, it was Michael's. My heart started beating faster. Registering the fact, that all I worked up with for Frank, was all for nothing. Was it?

But, he'd soon find out.

"I have to go." Was all I could let out. "Remember you need to make an appointment!" she shouted, after I left the room. I headed to rehearsal and I took a seat next to Tom. Michael was over by the window, talking to Ivy. Good. I couldn't face him. Not yet.

"Are you alright?" Tom asked. "What did the doctor say?"

I sighed. "Nothing." I replied.

"That's a lie." He said.

I sighed.

"I'm pregnant," I replied.

"You're what?" He spat. "Pregnant." I said.

"I thought the doctor's said you couldn't have a baby." He replied. "Yeah, me, too."

"Hey, Julia, you're late!" Derek spat from across the room. I just ignored him. "Michael, Karen. History is Made At Night, people, let's go!" He shouted.

Michael looked at me, through my eyes. I thought he could hear my thoughts, about him…about us…about the baby. Our baby. I was in a mess, and I was so confused on what to do.