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The house was empty of bookcases, couches, tables, chairs and anything else Mr. Wright could think of that would be useful for their next house. Boxes were outside, waiting for the moving truck. Even people were waiting for the moving truck- Mrs. and Mr. Ortiz, with Teddy, and Mr. and Mrs. Pope, with Francis. Artur and Jenny were even there, and Gina, much to Nate's distaste. Ellen's friends were sobbing, even though they were going to be in the same town.

Nate was going to Jefferson, to conclude Francis's and Teddy's suspicions.

His dad had broke it to Ellen at dinner the night Nate found out, telling him that a wealthy contractor was interested in the shop Mr. Wright owned and the house and had a spare house he could get the family into. She'd be going to the other high school- Franklin Monument High School. Ellen, being Ellen, excused her self from the table, stomped up the stairs and shut her door, obviously mad about the move. Nate's dad calmly told Nate that the house was bigger, he could do more things and have friends over and all other exciting things. His father had even said one last thing before walking out of the kitchen- "At least I never took the offer in Switzerland, right?"

Nate snapped out of his memories and sighed. The moving truck was barreling from down the road. Teddy and Francis inched closer to Nate, the two other boys scared. Even though Nate was in the same town, they wouldn't have anything to talk about, they wouldn't get to see each other each day, and Teddy and Francis still had fears that Nate would turn into a Jefferson kid- a snob, stuckl-up, and would forget about everything and focus on himself.

"Whatever happens, happens," Teddy said, looking at the mailbox across the street.

"And every week, Monday, Thursday and Friday we're going down to the arcade," Francis looked up from his schedule, and leaned out to see the white truck. "And we're coming over to your house every other weekend," Francis added.

"Then it's either the two of you's houses on other weekends." Nate concluded.

"Yeah." The two other boys sighed.

"Well, Godzilla won't be there, Gina either..." Teddy pointed at Gina with his chin, who was talking with Jenny and Artur. Nate didn't care about Mrs. Godfrey or Gina, though he was happy that he'd be free of them.

"But you guys won't be there, and Jefferson kids are a pain."

Francis grinned, and asked, "A pain in where?"

Teddy beamed. "A pain in the a-"

"Boys!" Mrs. Ortiz and Mrs. Pope scolded, each tone the same.

The boys looked down at the ground and muttered "Sorry," which was a total complete lie, for the boys were smiling.

The moving truck had finally came to the house and two workers in blue overalls walked out and started lifting furniture and hauling it to the back of the trunk. It was a quick procedure, and all the furniture and items were stored, it was time for the Wright family to hop in the red family station wagon and drive away.

Nate slid into the car, feeling the soft, tanned cushions. He looked inside the seat pocket and found balls of lint and gum wrappers- nothing exciting there. He looked up through the window, the door still open, and said, "Well, off to Jefferson."

"Nate, just remember don't f-" Francis started, with Teddy outside the car. Wanting to hear what Francis was going to say, Nate leaned closer towards the door, but Ellen pushed Francis with her hand one way and the door shut. Francis shouted something as he was getting pushed back, but the shut of the door clashed in Nate's ears and vibrated for a long time.

Nate tried to turn down the window. He spun the handle of the station wagon's window, but his dad had hopped in the car and locked the windows, Ellen hopping right next to the drivers seat. Nate pounded furiously on the glass, and Ellen turned around from the shotgun seat and snapped, "Stop doing that!"

Nate made a face and crossed his arms as his father drove far, far away from the old Wright house. He pulled the buckle and buckled up his seatbelt.

"Close some doors and open new ones," Nate sighed, and slumped in his seat, glancing out the window out of P.S. 38 area and to bigger houses, knowing that it was the Jefferson ones. Snobby little kids pointed to the beat up station wagon and perfect mothers raised thier perfect little hands to cover the childs eyes.

"It's not fair!" Ellen whined for the thousandth time.

"It sure is. Bigger house, more space, new school, new friends. Open your social circle, Ellen. It's gonna be a great year."

Mr. Wright grinned at his comment, and Ellen did what Nate thought typical teenagers did- she huffed, narrowed her eyebrows and stomped. "But it's still unfair!"

Nate, taking advantage of her frustration, leaned forward and asked, "Would you like a cup of sunshine, sugar?" He sugarcoated his voice so it sounded like a perky worker.

"Shut up."

"Just doing my job," Nate sat back in his seat and put his hands behind his head.

"Is that to be annoying?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I can't do that job. You're working full shift."

"Da-ad!" Ellen screeched, her good-girl image fading, and getting replaced by a stereotypical teenager.

"Kids, be quiet, I'm trying to focus on the road."

Mr. Wright pulled up into a driveway and Nate looked at the house wide-eyed.

"Oh, joy.."