(If anyone reads this who didn't read Sickness Spreads I'll be mildly surprised. But it works as a stand alone so whatever. And this is kind of obvious but just so you know, this chapter takes place in the normal reality, so it could be a little confusing, and then switched to the alternate.)

Whip flew toward the swamp. She had promised to help take care of the dronkeys since Donkey and Dragon weren't around. She arrived a little late. Puss came running out of their cave being chased by dronkeys trying to set his tail on fire. "Whip. I was wondering if you'd ever get here."

"Well I'm here now." She flapped over to the dronkeys. "Hi guys!"

Some of them were still interested in Puss, but some of them shouted "Whip!" and flew over running her down. She was getting used to the rough treatment. They were still young after all. She picked up the one closest to her with her wings. She bounced him up and down.

For a little while Puss and Whip worked to keep the dronkeys happy, which was difficult without getting themselves killed in the process. Then Whip felt the uncomfortable feeling she got when someone was staring at her. She tipped her head in the direction of Puss, since she was blind, it was hard to look him directly in the eye. "What is it?"

"Nothing seniorita. It's just . . . I think I saw you in alternate reality." He answered.

"Really?" Whip asked in great interest. She'd always wondered how different she would have been in alternate reality. But to remember it, someone had to tell you an exact event you did so she never knew.

"Yes . . . I remember now. You were in the Poison Apple. And I was questioning you because I didn't think you belonged there and then Fiona came in. And she asked about your extender claws. . ."

At extender claws Whip staggered back as the memories hit her.