Puss helped Whip back to her feet, apparently she'd fallen over. "Sorry Seniorita. I should have warned you."

"No, it's okay. At least now I now I know what I was like in the alternate reality." She said. She thought about all the new memories floating in her mind. Artie was the king of Far Far Away. She'd helped him in both realities. Did he know that? Was that why he wanted to talk to her?

Then there was Star. Whip had thought she had been just like everyone else in the Sky Kingdom. Only her friend because she was a princess. But she was clearly wrong. Star had come with her and helped her all along the way.

Whip started walking away. She would change to flying at some point. "Where are you going?" Puss asked.

Whip spun her head back around. "To see the king. I believe he wishes to speak with me." Puss made a sound like he was trying to say something, but no words came out. Whip had been trying to avoid the king her whole time in Far Far Away so it was only naturel he was surprised. "I should also talk to Star. I have to thank her for something." And with that Whip spun her head back on, lifted her wings, and took to the sky.

(The end!)