When Jack finally arrived to work after experiencing 'car trouble' Gerry and Brian had still not got anywhere with their plan.

"Jack, how's the motor" Gerry asked knowing that this small talk could lead into them telling Jack about the competition.

"I'm hoping to get it back by the end of the day but the engine failed me twice"

Gerry sucked the air between his teeth "Ah that's gunna set you back"

"And don't I know it" Jack said almost yelling.

"That why you are better off with a bike" Brian boasted.

"Yes, thank you Brain" Jack said as Sandra re-entered the office.

"Right Jack and I will go down to ballistics and see if we can hurry them along in the meantime Gerry and Brian can you find addresses for the way wood son and the school caretaker Barney Knox" she said throwing the case files at Gerry.

"Righto" he replied catching the files in style but not so much with grace.

Brain waited for Sandra to leave before moving in to talk to Gerry about something more interesting than the robbery at a comprehensive school in Bow in 1998.

"Right, Gerry shall we start with the competition entry, how long does it have to be" he beamed.

"No more than a hundred words but it's pointless if she's not going to agree"

"Right, well I was thinking maybe if we don't tell her until it's all arranged and then she will have to go along with it"

"Nah, you know Sandra, Brian she would love to humiliate me in front of the magazine people"

"Yeah your right, we need to put our thinking caps on"

"I could promise to write up all the cases for the next month" he suggested.

"Nah, she wouldn't believe you Gerry and besides it would take a lot more than that"

"Yeah your right, I could get her a month's supply of wine on top"

"Gerry mate your clutching at straws it would cost you a lot to buy her a decent bottle of wine every month, why don't you show her what a gentleman you can be, take her to the west end or better still the opera wine and dine her one evening and prove you are husband material"

Gerry was impressed with Brian's idea it sounded perfect, he had often thought about doing this for Sandra, not the opera part of course he wasn't a posh idiot who had too much money in his hands, he liked shows he could understand. But he didn't want Brian knowing this.

"Brian ya do know I'm not really going to ask her to marry me" mores the pity besides Standing if she won't agree to be your pretend wife she won't agree to be you real one. He thought.

"I know Gerry but it is the best way of proving to her you can be a gentleman and show her that it's not some money making scheme, because I bet she thinks that's what it is".

"I hope your right Brian as I need this cash"

"Gerry when have you ever know me to be wrong"

"Yeah but this is women were are talking about here not some war that happened some 100 years ago in a country no one has heard of"

"Once again Gerry I shall remind you of the fact I am the one that has only been married once and has been for more than thirty years"

"Yeah, yeah shut up and see if she's left her diary behind I'm gunna get this sorted, and then we shall see who will want to be the fourth Mrs Standing" he chucked to himself convinced his, well Brian's plan would work.